January 16, 2021
checklist: town-via-city coronavirus situations in New Hampshire (textual content-simplest)

checklist: town-via-city coronavirus situations in New Hampshire (textual content-simplest)

checklist: town-by using-town coronavirus cases in New Hampshire (text-most effective)

See city-by using-city COVID-19 data for latest, total situations

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>> we’re ON THE AIR WITH BREAKING information. GOVERNOR CHRIS SUNUNU IS A relationship THE STATES CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE. LET’S listen IN. >> OF FULL TRANSMISSION OF today’S most reliable conference should be available. WITH THAT C, WE obtained TO OUR DR. OF PUBLIC health. >> first rate AFTERNOON. a couple of PUBLIC fitness UPDATES FOR these days. FIRST THE NUMBERS. WE are actually SEEING 323 NEW INFECTIONS, NEW individuals clinically determined WITH COVID-19 these days. 270 ARE people WHO validated wonderful through TCR AND 53 by ANTIGEN testing. within the remaining WEEK we now have AVERAGED 240 NEW INFECTIONS ARE DAY STATEWIDE, UP FROM where WE have been ultimate WEEK. currently, THERE ARE 2528 people WITH active infection. THE 14-DAY cost of latest INFECTIONS IS 178 PER 100,000 inhabitants. each THESE NUMBERS ARE an increase FROM final WEEK AS neatly. OUR PCR examine POSITIVITY price IS 2.6%. they’re four NEW people HOSPITALIZED WITH COVID-19. sixty four americans at present HOSPITALIZED STATEWIDE. THERE ARE THREE NEW americans which have DIED FROM COVID-19. ALL THREE individuals had been AND ARE linked to long-time period CARE facilities, BRINGING the whole variety of individuals that have DIED without delay OR related to COVID-19 TO 595. — 495. THIS VIRUS IS NOW widespread IN OUR STATE. THE variety of INFECTIONS IS also increasing, THE HOSPITALIZATIONS ARE increasing, THE examine POSITIVITY fee IS expanding, AND THE variety of americans loss of life IS expanding, WHICH IS mirrored within the changes within the NUMBERS. ALL COUNTIES IN NEW HAMPSHIRE AND THE STATE AS a whole IS NOW AT a considerable stage OF group TRANSMISSION. AND WE recognize THAT AS community TRANSMISSION raises, THE possibility OF COVID-19 TO people, TO schools, TO businesses, TO COMMUNITIES WILL also enhance. I need to STRESS, WE know how to control THE spread OF THIS VIRUS. we’ve viewed OUR community MITIGATION EFFORTS repay, in the FIRST WAVE OF THE PANDEMIC and in the summertime WHEN charges had been LOW. however CONTROLLING unfold OF COVID-19 continues to be A COLLABORATIVE AND COLLECTIVE EFFORT. PUBLIC fitness on my own isn’t in a position to control THE spread OF THIS VIRUS with out THE support FROM individuals AND agencies AND companies AND COMMUNITIES. GIVEN THE larger fees OF neighborhood TRANSMISSION, WE want to ANNOUNCE, and that i AM GOING handy issues OVER TO THE COMMISSIONER IN A MINUTE, but are looking to INTRODUCE THE alternate THAT PUBLIC fitness WILL not BE CONDUCTING CONTACT TRACING INVESTIGATIONS FOR every and each adult clinically determined COVID-19. in its place, WE may be PRIORITIZING WILL WE investigate AND concentrated on OUR PUBLIC health materials TO those people AND cases MOST THAT MADE AND MOST at risk FOR unfold OF COVID-19. WILL even be WORKING WITH AND EMPOWERING OUR native partners, THE people THEMSELVES WITH COVID-19, TO health OF reach AND aid DO one of the most CONTACT INVESTIGATIONS. WE want to STRESS THAT IF individuals DO GET called via PUBLIC health, PLEASE choose UP THE cellphone AND WORK WITH OUR INVESTIGATORS TO help identify americans WHO may additionally were uncovered TO COVID-19. this may proceed TO help entice corporations AND faculties AND neighborhood businesses. however no longer everybody may be GETTING A name GOING forward FROM PUBLIC fitness. SO we’re ASKING individuals WHO were diagnosed, AND WE’RE ASKING OUR health CARE suppliers and native companions TO help WITH THE OUTREACH EFFORT AND help determine shut CONTACTS OF americans clinically determined WITH COVID-19 and provide THEM THE acceptable PUBLIC fitness assistance AND advice. WE will be POSTING more assistance ON OUR web site FOR OUR neighborhood companions. americans CAN GO TO NH.GOV/COVID-19 DEFENDANT extra guidance. WE may still HAVE IT almost immediately — TO discover greater information. WE should HAVE IT almost immediately ON THE WEBPAGE. CONTACT TRACING IS a technique TO support event THE unfold but it surely is just one LAYER OR INTERVENTION. AS group TRANSMISSION increases, IT turns into a list useful method AT deciding on AND BREAKING THE CHAINS OF TRANSMISSION. SO WE need to proceed TO depend ON THE community MITIGATION MEASURES we now have RELIED ON ALL all the way through THE PANDEMIC TO bring THE 2d WAVE OF THE VIRUS below handle IN N HAMPSHIRE. i will HAND things NOW TO THE COMMISSIONER and he or she WILL talk about the details OF THE adjustments in touch TRACING. thanks. >> I suppose we are GOING to move without delay TO THAT after which i will be able to returned UP AN DO IN long-time period CARE replace WHEN i’m carried out talking ABOUT CONTACT TRACING. FOR a number of WEEKS NOW, some of the huge OUSTER CALLS involved TRACING IS accomplishing THE sufferers which have POSITI circumstances. right now we are reaching 40% TO 50% OF OUR COVID cases ON the primary name. on account of THAT, WE need to EQUIP OUR suppliers, OUR PHYSICIANS, NURSE PRACTITIONERS, medical institution group of workers, WITH THE tools TO help every person preserve THEMSELVES AND THEIR COMMUNITIE safe. WE comprehend THAT THE suppliers ARE talking WITH THE sufferers as a result of THEY are sometimes instances supplying THE high-quality COVID check effects TO THE patient, SO WHY they’ve THEM ON THE mobile, we’re going to ASK THEM TO supply THEM basically A O PAGER THAT can be presenting by using PUBLIC health THAT A CYCLIC gives THEM THE ISOLATION credit — in reality offers THEM THE ISOLATION standards. any one in the family, ASKING THEM TO QUARANTINE. so that they can be ARMED WITH all the assistance THEY need to start BREAKING THAT CHAIN OF TRANSMISSION, AS DR. CHAN observed. one of the CASE INVESTIGATIONS THAT we have typically done, we’re GOING beginning PRIORITIZING those CA INVESTIGATIONS. WHAT you’ll SEE ON THIS SLIDE ARE THE americans we’re PRIORITIZING FOR FULL CASE INVESTIGATION. people below 18 YEARS OF AGE. people OVER sixty five YEARS OF AGE. RACIAL AND ETHNI MINORITIES that are BEING DISPROPORTIONATELY IMPACTED through COVID-19. anyone linked to A CLUSTER OR an endemic. CONGREGANTS residing SETTINGS. AND health CARE employees. we can delivery WITH THES instances AS they arrive INTO PUBLIC health. IF WE comprehensive THESE, AS OUR NUMBERS GO DOWN, AS WE comprehensive THEM, WE DON’T cease here, WE continue to move ON AND investigate AS MANY circumstances AS we are able to, but here is GOING TO BE OUR precedence. THE EXPECTATION, IT really HAS BEEN A along, individuals ARE informed they’re wonderful FOR COVID-19 continually by way of THE healthcare professional, that’s the first call THEY GET. except THEY GET A rapid verify and they’re instructed immediately. so that it will still take place. dear providers might be GIVEN THE assistance handy alongside TO THE affected person TO birth THE ISOLATION AND QUARANTINE process. DR. CHAN can be ISSUING A fitness ALERT TO hello company COLLEAGUES the next day WITH THE DIRECTIO across the NEW CONTACT TRACING PLAN. TO lower back UP FOR lengthy-term CARE replace, today, we are saying THREE NEW UP RAKES — OUTBREAKS. THE shut CARNEY sanatorium WIT — COOS COUNTY health facility. the brand new HAMPSHIRE VETERANS domestic WITH 9 RESIDENTS AND TWO group of workers. AND PROSPECT WOODWAR home AT HILLSIDE VILLAGE IN KEENE, WITH AGE RESIDENTS AND TWO personnel. we are CLOSING WHEN OUTBREAK AT BEDFORD HILL middle WHICH CLOSED NOVEMBER 92020. ALL COUNTIES ARE currently AT phase ONE WHEN IT comes to VISITATION. a different PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT i wanted TO MAKE, in the last TWO OR THREE DAYS, WE grew to become aware about 4 cases OF expertise neighborhood EXPOSUR AT POLLING places ON ELECTION DAY. these group EXPOSURES had been AT SO HE CAN excessive faculty, PEMBROKE ACADEMY high college, BELMONT excessive faculty. THESE ARE ALL people THAT identified within the ultimate COUPLE OF DAYS AS HAVING fine COVID-19 exams AND mentioned BEING IN LINE and never BEING able to EX-FOOT SCIOSCIA the gap — SIX-FOOT SOCIALLY DISTANCE whereas IN LINE. anybody THAT turned into AT A POLLING STATION, peculiarly those 4, however truly anybody, in accordance with OUR cost OF community TRANSMISSION presently, in case you have been AT A POLLING STATION ON ELECTION DAY, YOU need to BE MONITORING FOR indicators OF COVID-19. that is ALL I actually have. thanks. >> outstanding. thanks, COMMISSIONER. a few things ON MY conclusion earlier than WE OPEN IT UP FOR QUESTIONS. FIRST, we now have SOME records SLIDES TO deliver people up to velocity AS TO where we’re. YOU ALL know OUR NUMBERS ARE expanding, anything we now have spoke of. WE KNEW IT changed into COMING. here is OUR % POSITIVITY SLIDE. AS DR. CHAN mentioned, OUR % POSITIVITY HAS GON lower back IN EARLY SEPTEMBER somewhere simply below 1%, TO around 2.5% TO THE 3% latitude, ROLLING around THEIR LITTLE BIT. OF VERY important quantity, as a result of THIS NORMALIZES in terms of THE typical group impact USED ON THE number of test we are DOING. WE need to maintain THIS number as little as additionally each however WE must BE functional AND predict THAT AS NUMBERS boost, trying out may additionally boost AS WEL AND likelihood THAT % POSITIVITY WI keep expanding. ALL within A MANAGEABLE latitude at the moment. THE number WE preserve a extremely close EYE ON. additionally we now have — WE started TO demonstrate THIS final WEEK. in view that forty five STATES in the country, very nearly ALL T STATES ARE SEEING VERY considerable raise within the statistics, THIS NORMALIZES all of the NEW ENGLAND STATES. you’re looking on the SEVEN-DAY regular of new circumstances ARE a hundred,000 — PER one hundred,000. it is a SEVEN DAY ROLLING common OF THAT. AS OUR NUMBERS TICKE UP, which you can SEE HOW other STATES ARE taking over. RHODE ISLAND CONTINUES TO HAVE VERY high expense. they’re within the eco-friendly. CONNECTICUT IS in the BLUE. MASSACHUSETTS IS within the YELLOW. they are THE T THREE. you could SEE THE NUMBERS RISING AGGRESSIVELY together with THE other NEW ENGLAND STATES. NEW HAMPSHIRE IS IN MAGENTA, THIS ONE right here, that you could SEE, SO ALL OF OUR NUMBERS proceed TO THE UP. leading AND VERMONT AS WELLE. WE just wish to display folks where we are RELATIVE TO OUR companions in the NEW ENGLAND place. type of ON THAT equal LINE, EARLIE today, NEW HAMPSHIRE JOINED all the different NEW ENGLAND STATES in addition to NEW JERSEY IN PAUSING INTERSTATE HOCKEY COMPETITIONS. THIS DOESN’T PAUSE HOCKEY, IT PAUSES CROSSING THE BORDER FOR games. NEW HAMPSHIRE TOOK a really AGGRESSIVE, data-pushed motion a few WEEKS ago after we temporarily PAUSED HOCKEY. looked at REDOING THE advice, placing mandatory trying out IN area, received HOCKEY GOING once more with a bit of luck WITH A sparkling RESTART. starting THI SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14-DECEMBER 31, at least through the conclusion OF THE CALENDAR year, OUR NEW ENGLAND STATES WILL droop ALL interested COMPETITIONS FOR PUBLIC and private schools AND adolescence HOCKEY in order to stop THE unfold. superb INTERSTATE competition WILL now not impact faculty, skilled, OR THE U.S. national crew HOCKEY activities WHICH continue TO continue to be discipline TO THE PROTOCOLS we’ve PUT IN area ALREADY at the moment IN vicinity. GIVEN THE assist OF THIS settlement FROM OUR REGIONAL NEIGHBORS, I feel NEW HAMPSHIRE MADE a realistic choice TO be a part of the trouble AS all of the STATES were DOING IT AS ONE. WE DO continue to be VERY confident THAT THE NEWLY ISSUED HOCKEY AND courses WILL COME these days TO be sure THE SAF AND a hit HOCKEY SEASON for new HAMPSHIRE gamers. THE SEASON remains VERY MUC ON. IT is simply some of these groups THAT traditionally CRO BORDERS, the entire STATES IN OUR place HAVE AGREED TO suspend THAT FOR NOW. additionally need to convey UP one more replace ON THE STATE’S QUARANTINE requirements. one of the most concerns WE discovered I THAT, especially IN schools AND THE CONGREGANTS SETTINGS, it’s ONE component WHEN just a few individuals GE COVID, it is yet another WHEN 30 OR 40 people need to BE QUARANTINED. it may well SHUT DO lecture rooms, brought about lots of colleges to go quickly remote, not as a result of everybody HAS COVID, however as a result of THEY’RE SUCH a detailed CONTACT IN these companies. I believe OF those agencies ARE DOING a pretty good JOB maintaining THEIR COHORTS SEPARATE. AT SOM point in case you GET a number of circumstances ON A activities team OR something i thought, it’s causing lots of QUARANTINE — anything LIKE THAT, it is causing an awful lot QUARANTINE. OUR SEASONAL travel guidelines remain IN location, THE go back and forth guidelines throughout the SEASON — all and sundry IS considering OF THE holiday SEASON at this time. we are UPDATING WHAT WE’RE CALLING OUR amusement commute tips because the holiday SEASON draws nearer. we have got lots of QUESTIONS round what’s appropriate AND PERMISSIBLE FOR holiday go back and forth, THAT amusement OR recreational shuttle. FIRST, AND we can GO lower back somewhat OF IT TO THE ENCOURAGEMENT MYSELF AND DR. CHAN AND THE COMMISSIONER were GIVING FOR a while, WE inspire ALL GRANITE STATER’S TO BE extraordinarily cautious AND CAUTIOUS regarding SMALL GATHERINGS beyond AND together with immediate family. THE GATHERINGS right now ARE GETTIN ARE nonetheless one of the most big SPREADERS WE’RE SEEING now not simply right here IN NEW HAMPSHIRE but throughout THE nation. OUR STATE’S CONTACT TRACING EFFORTS HAVE confirmed US THAT one of the vital largest pressure IN improved COVID IS those forms of GATHERINGS. considering that, WE want all and sundry TO think cautiously ABOUT IT, ABOUT WHAT THEY will be DOING, AND WHAT SACRIFICES doubtlessly THEY can make realizing THAT here’s a really exciting yr. IT in fact IS up to each CITIZEN TO consider THAT. we are going to replace OUR TRAV counsel THAT provides people touring outside of recent ENGLAND WITH TWO alternatives UPON THEIR RETURN. if you COME returned presently we are HAVING folks QUARANTINE FOR DAYS. we’re AUGMENTING THAT TO enable IS SEVEN-DAY QUARANTINE WITH A verify, websites YOU GET A test AFTER SEVEN DAYS, YOU DON’T need to DO THE 14. which you can DO THE 14 with out verify, or you CAN QUARANTINE SEVEN DAYS WITH A check. THAT BRINGS THAT classification OF travel QUARANTINE RESTRICTIONS extra in response to loads of THE different SURROUNDING STATES we’ve. WE try TO maintain A CAUTIOUS method ON THE INTERSTATE commute, but at the same TIME looking at the chance factors past SEVEN DAYS OF SHEDDING THE VIRUS AFTER POSING IN bad look at various. it is a 0, however IS an awful lot — IT is not ZERO, nevertheless it IS a lot much less, AND THE influences OF THE 14 DAY REQUIREMENT ARE HEAVY. again, TO GET OUR STATE more in accordance with WHAT some of the different STATES ARE DOING. THE elementary commute, whether it be FOR WORK, no matter if it be FOR faculty, these EXEMPTIONS nonetheless stay IN vicinity. they’ve BEEN IN region FOR some time and they’ll continue to be IN vicinity. here’s greater FOR LEISURELY AND break shuttle. A poor COVID examine. before WE OPEN UP FOR QUESTIONS, THE equal TONE we are PUSHING these days and should proceed TO PUSH is simply THE counsel IS a very, definitely vital. THE STATE HAS performed a lot IN placing respectable, sensible tips document collectively no matter if IT HE FOR go back and forth, for your office OR college. WE wish to motivate all and sundry to go again TO OUR site, be certain that you just AND YOUR employees, family, COWORKERS, community IS standard WITH those suggestions documents. they’ve labored VERY neatly UP previously. WE know they could preserve WORKING smartly within the NEST THE total country SEES OUR NUMBERS GOING UP. I consider it’s going to allow US TO BE VERY careful IN WHA — AND WHAT I name SURGICAL ABOUT a brand new RESTRICTIONS WE MAKE no matter if IT, A GEOGRAPHIC OR WITHIB a particular business. these files WORK AND WE just need to be sure individuals ARE refreshing THEM, all the different things you have got completed. ANY GATHERINGS OVER one hundred feet WILL nonetheless REQUIRE A mask. the limitations we now have ON commute outdoor of new ENGLAND. WE simply want americans TO reside VIGILANT, stay ON good OF IT and not BECOM LAX. all of us HAVE COVID FATIGUE, however now is THE TIME, AS WE SEE THE NUMBERS take up, IT remains a really critical challenge AND WE just need all and sundry TO BE ON true OF IT AS WE had been FOR the primary ASK, SEVEN MONTHS OF THIS — SIX, SEVEN MONTHS OF THIS. WITH THAT, WE OPEN IT UP FOR QUESTIONS. REPORTER: YOU had been speakme ABOUT holiday GATHERINGS, DO you have actual concepts ON NUMBERS THAT may still BE GATHERING, AND IF GRANDPARENTS should BE ATTENDING THESE GATHERINGS AS well? GOVERNOR SUNUNU: THE STATE isn’t GOING TO MAKE FORMAL suggestions around WHAT should still happen inside YOUR home together with your immediate household, but obviously WE suggest, AS we have considering that THE starting OF THIS crisis, IF individuals ARE aged, in the event that they HAVE UNDERLYING health situations, THEY deserve to TAKE added PRECAUTIONS, keep SOCIAL DISTANCING. i might STRONGLY suggest any person THAT FALLS under those classes consider TWICE ABOUT ANY GATHERING, WITH immediate FAMI OR in any other case. since the NUMBERS ARE VERY common. THERE is still lots of ASYMPTOMATIC TRANSMISSION obtainable. households should BE VERY CAUTIOUS IN anything THEY DO0 YOU had been talking ABOUT HOW household GATHERINGS, THE CONTACT TRACING that have been achieved IS inflicting extra TRANSMISSION OR’S red. HOW AR — more TRANSMISSION OR spread. could YOU OR DR. CHAN communicate extra ABOUT WHAT GATHERINGS trigger a diffusion. GOVERNOR SUNUNU: GATHERINGS the place americans aren’t wearing THEIR MASS. IT can be a backyard BARBECUE. IT may be observing SUNDAY soccer WITH YOU AND A BUNCH OF pals otherwise you AND simply THE household. THAT SECONDA family unit, could be THE COUSINS OR THE parents COME OVER, OR YOUR NEIGHBORS COME OVER. those forms of regional GATHERINGS IS WHAT WE’ SEEING. IN A GATHERING the place people ARE FEELING TOO at ease and not donning MASKS, not TAKING PRECAUTIONS ABOUT we have BEEN RECOMMENDING ALL along. as a result of WE be aware of THEM, WE retain announcing IT, THE VIRUS doesn’t CARE THAT it’s UNCLE BOB. but make sure to and also you deserve to, to your SAKE AND FOR THAT family member OR whatever thing IS. IT isn’t a particular class OF GATHERING, different THEM although IT were — apart from these where we are FEELING a good deal TOO relaxed AND LOOSENING OUR self-discipline ON THE SOCIAL DISTANCING AND donning O MASKS. IF THERE ARE circumstances the place it is a loved one this is usually no longer in your instant family unit, EVEN for your own residence, yes, YOU OF THAT friend may still BE donning A. YOU must BE smart. we are able to not ship THE mask POLICE IN, WE’RE not DOING MANDATES ABOUT WHAT YOU must DO in your home, but we’re MAKING certain THAT MESSAGE STAYS improved. IT may come in ANY kind. THERE is not any GATHERING EXEMPT FROM THAT, if you know WHAT I mean. REPORTER: HOW are you able to SAY THAT ANY THANKSGIVING GATHERING can be protected? what’s YOUR assistance? GOVERNOR SUNUNU: I believe there’s a risk TO each — each time a gaggle OF individuals COME collectively there’s a possibility. THE chance attending to ZERO isn’t feasible. WE can’t manipulate ZERO risk. THE govt can’t PUT MANDATES IN TO GET TO ZERO. IT is no feasible. seem on the NUMBERS across THE country. THE STATES WITH THE maximum MANDATES, STIPULATIONS AND SHUTDOWNS, THEIR NUMBERS ARE increasing LIKE every person ELSE’S. no longer to claim those issues DON’T WORK, but you could’T manage THE chance down to ZERO. WE aren’t GOING TO tell people they could’T HAVE A family unit GATHERING AT THANKSGIVING, that could no longer BE appropriate FOR THE govt TO BE TELLING individuals THAT. WHAT we will DO IS control OUR CONTROLS, EXPECTATIONS, THE multiplied MESSAGE, above all THE data we are SEEING. AND THE data SAYS family GATHERINGS CAN TRANSMIT THE VIRUS AS a whole lot AS anything. bought TO BE extra CAUTIOUS. good AFTERNOON. 0. >>. >> I even have a question probably YOU OR DR. CHAN otherwise you could reply. feels like we now have lost manage OF THIS VIRUS. WE appear to have HAD IT FOR a couple of MONTHS. GOVERNOR SUNUNU: NO. any person WHO THINKS HE CAN handle a virulent disease, it really is A bad method to define IT. WHAT we can handle OUR THE MITIGATION EFFORTS, THE MESSAGING, THE things WE PUT INTO vicinity TO support control AND MITIGATE THE unfold. I just desire individuals TO be careful. appear across the nation. AS plenty AS ANY executive OR neighborhood TRIES TO control some thing, this is a pandemic AND THERE is only MATHEMATICAL spread THAT is going TO CO INTO PLAY, notably at the present OF THE year. OUR PREDICTI ANALYTICS showed MONTHS in the past THAT here’s THE accurate position THAT WE WE GOING TO BE IN. if you told ME IN APRIL THAT OUR NUMBERS have been GOING TO HIT 350 ON NOVEMBER 12, i might SAY, THAT SOUNDS ABOUT appropriate. and that’s exactly WHAT WE’RE SEEING. THE reason we are able to SAY it truly is as a result of we’ve a way OF HOW A VIRUSES unfold. THIS ONE HAS a unique attack price, it is WHY IT affects CONGREGANT SETTINGS in a different way. THAT WE HAD manage AND THAT we’ve misplaced handle, I DON’T believe it truly is a fair assessment. I consider WE PUT high-quality tips AND ESTABLISHES IN vicinity TO help manipulate THE spread, however I DON’T believe individuals may still BE asserting, lamentably, we now have lost control, AS IF we’ve finished anything incorrect. it’s in reality as much as absolutely everyone TO preserve THAT VIGILANCE. despite the fact that WE DO everything completely, WE comprehend THE VIRUS nonetheless WILL spread AT SOME level. REPORTER: specifically ABOUT NURSING buildings, IT looks TO ME WE were AT a degree a few MONTHS ago where WE best HAD ONE OUTBREAK. NOW, IS THERE ANY reason for WHAT took place? GOVERNOR SUNUNU: i will LET THE COMMISSIONER answer THAT. >> thank you. we’ve SEVEN OUTBREAKS NOW IN lengthy-time period CARE facilities. I suppose WHAT we’ve seen, AND we now have in fact checked out THIS carefully through the SPRING, IS OUR number AND THE SEVERITY OF OUR NURSING home OUTBREAKS definitely concerning THE diploma OF COMMUNI TRANSMISSION. AS WE noticed HILLSBOROUGH AND ROCKINGHAM COUNTY returned IN APRIL and might HAVE bigger charges OF lively situations, WE saw more NURSING buildings IN those AREAS without OUTBREAKS. you can SEE THAT identical CORRELATION right here nowadays. COOS COUNTY FOR THE FIRSOUR ELDE long-term CARE amenities DON’T HAVE THE alternative TO SOCIALLY distant THEMSELVES FROM THE CAREGIVERS. REPORTER: THE question HAS BEEN asked, WE simplest GET A WEEKLY update ON NURSING home NUMBERS. IS IT viable TO expand THAT OUT TO give individuals a stronger knowing of what is occurring, day by day OF THE WEEK? >> WEEKLY IS MOST correct BECAUS WHEN they have a pandemic, they’ve WEEKLY testing completed and that is WHEN usually THE NUMBERS ARE up to date. IF THE C1 >> ARE YOU given that EXTENDING THAT guidance TO ALL iciness activities — BASKETBALL, VOLLEYBALL, INDOOR SOCCER? GOVERNOR SUNUNU: IT HAS BEEN discussed however NOTHING THAT we’re at this time. I think lots of WHAT WE’RE SEEING, the first evaluation we’re DOING IS what number of faculties above all in the STATE ARE no longer HAVING wintry weather sports. lots of SCHOO TRIED ALL sports AND had been a hit. a lot of THEM ARE taking a look at now not EVEN DOING YOU ATHLETICS. we are DOING A SURVEY right now to look who’s when you consider that AND WHO ISN’T. HOCKEY IS definitely more INTERSTATE THAN OTHERS ARE. however things LIKE THAT THE crew sent gold standard THE SKII — but things just like the SKI group — WE are attempting TO BE greater selected ABOUT IT, collected data. REPORTER: ONE different topic, ANY exchange IN information FOR churches, when it comes to locations OF WORSHIP? GOVERNOR SUNUN THE best trade within the advice OF areas OF WORSHI became A CLARIFICATION when it comes to now not WHAT occurs all over a religious CEREMONY, these FLEXIBILITIES ARE nevertheless available. HOW probably the most churches OR non secular functions could HAVE routine before OR AFTER — A CUP OF espresso OR anything AFTER A CHURCH within the BASEMENT. we are REMINDING THEM they could USE THE common PROTOCOLS WE PUT IN area FOR a restaurant, as an example. earlier than-AFTER characteristic activities however once in a while observe. TO carry everybody in line with CONSISTENCY. REPORTER: DOES THE STATE PLAN TO OPEN FLEX HOSPITALS? AND ARE THERE some other RESTRICTIONS ARE SHUTDOWNS DOWN the road? WHY OR WHY now not? GOVERNOR SUNUNU: bound. FLEXED HOSPITALS. WE completely HAVE THE means TO OPEN A FL clinic. ONE element WE be aware WHICH IS basically different nowadays THAN IT become IN MARCH OR APRIL IS THAT HOSPITALS ARE OPEN AND PERFORMING functions. they are DOING IT SAFELY. they have lots of testing capacity. that is a fine TOO TO permit amenities TO retain FUNCTIONING AND TO be certain THE doorways ARE OPEN FOR THE citizens need these services. THAT capacity that might HAVE much less mattress CAP RECIPE available — dangerous CAPACI — mattress means. THE want FOR A FLEX hospital may COME SOONER. THE quantity IS sixty four in the health center nowadays. imagine THAT quantity WILL rise AGGRESSIVELY. we’ve 350 cases these days. in case you ask me IN TWO WEEKS I consider we’re OVER one thousand. it truly is IT. AND we are preparing FOR THAT we are able to OPEN these SURGE HOSPITALS. AT THAT factor YOU may want A SURGE medical institution TO AN. WE could be capable. I think it could BE NAIVE to claim, we are AT 350 and i HOPE IT DOESN’T recover from 500, N. MY JOB IS TO prepare FOR THE WORST, alas. respectable news IS WE DIDN’T reveal THE MORTALITY information AND things LIKE THAT, THE quantity IS all the time GOING UP and that’s unfortunate, but the percent OF cases which are deadly in comparison to where THEY had been in the SPRING IS a good deal lessen. I COULDN’T tell you WHY, maybe DR. CHAN could, I HAVEN’T regarded INTO THE HOWS AND WHYS. WHEN HE saw THE second SURGE within the united states THAT didn’t impact US, IT HAD A a good deal lower rate OF A pill HE — lower rate OF FATALITY THAN OF the primary ONE DID. THE aspect IS THE NUMBERS WILL increase AGGRESSIVELY. in case you SEE THESE SURGES occur , THEY DON’T take place for two WEEKS, THEY take place extra in the 4-8 WEEK range, whatever LIKE THAT. ALL we can DO IS prepare FOR THE WORST AND KNO THAT IF WE need to OPEN further facilities, we will do that. however the PLAN is not to shut DOWN HOSPITALS. WE DON’T wish to GO BACKWARDS TO THAT stage. WE had to WIN WE needed to, however not one of the facts suggests we are EVEN REMOTELY THE enviornment AT. folks CAN still GO IN for his or her MRIS THEIR BIOPSIES, consult with THE HOSPITALS FOR instant wants. there is such a terrible factor TO SHUTTING THAT DOWN in terms of POPULATIO health AND THE opportunity FOR IT. REPORTER: DR. FAUCI advised ABC information THAT THE CAVALRY IS COMING, that there’s HOPE FOR A VACCINE, AND GAVE type of A rough TIMELINE. TRISH today additionally GAVE MEMBE form of a top level view — IT changed into LIKE A priority, type of A TRIAGE — WHO WILL GET FIRST, NO SO a great deal A TIMELINE however HOW WE were GOING TO ROLL THIS OUT. i used to be wondering if you might evaluation THAT FOR US and provides US an idea OF how it WOULD alternate FROM the rest THAT THE CDC talked about. GOVERNOR SUNUNU: HOW we’re ROLLING OUT THE VACCINE IS IN dissimilar levels. VERY specified. THE crew HAS PUT together A GREA PLAN. now not TO avoid THE reply, however possibly on the next PRESS conference we will end a bit time beyond regulation. THE VACCINE isn’t GOING TO BE equipped until probably JANUARY. I DON’T offer you A HALF answer, possibly flow WILL evaluate where we are WITH THE VACCINATION PLAN and strategies. WE simply acquired information again THAT MODERNA IS — they’re going to BE looking positive for their VACCINE, WHICH IS arising. I think THERE’S IS additionally A TWO-SHOT VACCINE. folks ARE EXCITED concerning the PFIZER news last WEEK. i’m not an authority AS SOME of these individuals ARE, however I consider WE had been bowled over when we saw THE idea OF 90% EFFECTI VACCINE, THAT’S a really big number. IF THAT have been THE CASE, that would BE extraordinary. we can DO a much bigger PRESENTATION ON THAT subsequent WEEK. REPORTER: IF 4-6 WEEK LOCKDOWN OR SHUT DOWN, — >> I DON’T SEE a need FOR THAT. we are distant FROM THAT. i am not saying WOULD certainly not DO IT however the condition WOULD basically ought to BECO beyond, EVEN THE administration AND PROTOCOLS WE PUT INT vicinity, we’d need to LOSE manage OF those. SO WE aren’t searching. AT additional AGGRESSIVE RESTRICTIONS at the moment. THE NEGATI influences OF THAT type of LOCKDOWN AND STAYING home WHICH WE had to DO within the SPRING, IT became THE appropriate aspect TO DO as a result of WE DIDN’T HAVE trying out and contact TRACING AND ALL THESE different issues. yr learning in regards to the VIRUS AND developing THE PLAYBOOK AS WE WENT. THE bad affects FROM A fitness STANDPOINT, WE NOW understand and that i think WE SUSPECTED on the TIME but WE know FOR bound, THE mental fitness considerations, THE ISOLATION, THE SHUTDOWN OF faculties, THE considerations ABOUT SUBSTANCE ABUSE, ALL those GET tremendously EXACERBATED. WE DON’T HAVE A FEDERAL STIPEND RIGH NOW. SO A FREEWARE to close everything DOWN and everybody GOES ON UNEMPLOYMENT, THERE is no $600 every week assess COMING OUR method, unless CONGRESS DECIDES anything diverse, and there is no signal OF THAT at the moment. ALL these ARE VARIABL, THAT COME INTO PLAY AND appropriate N IT isn’t anything WE’RE via ANY capability. REPORTER: you’re talking ABOUT improved cases probably GOING OVER 1000. here is A a lot greater variety of cases. we are additionally speaking ABOUT keeping UP CONTA TRACING. you are announcing THE difference BETWEEN NOW AND MARCH WILL depend upon the provision OF checking out? GOVERNOR SUNUNU: the availability OF various things IN OUR TOOLBOX — LET ME reply THE question — the basics are not THE same, they are diverse. it is testing, it is CONTACT TRACING, understanding HOW THE VIRUS moves, OUR knowing OF CONGREGANT SETTINGS. we can SEE schools AND CONGREGATE SETTINGS LIKE UNIVERSITIES OPENING without THE big OUTBREAKS WE HAD envisioned. SO WE be aware of first rate PROTOCOLS THERE CAN aid control THE VIRUS. there’s THE economic consequences which might be VERY distinctive these days THAN it could had been in the SPRING. loads of VARIABLES THAT GO INTO PLAY. are you able to GO back TO THE p.c tremendous? UH, LET ME reveal YOU another primary difference right here. THERE WE GO. the place NO ARE POSITIVITY turned into someplace around 15%, maybe EVEN WENT UP 25%, bear in mind THE variety of individuals WHO had been now not EVEN checking out? WE had been TELLING individuals, if you’re young AND suit, GO domestic AND WRITE IT OUT — ride IT OUT. WE GET people who are ASYMPTOMATIC AND suit TO GET verified NOW. once we HAD 100 situations here, believe OF all of the cases WE HAD had been now not TESTI as a result of WE DIDN’T HAVE THE capacity. SO IT UNKNOWN. WE feel LIKE we’re capturing A a whole lot bigger percent OF THE true cases nowadays THAN WE had been THEN. WE might have been suggested one hundred circumstances because it really is ALL WE KNEW, however there were SO MANY folks THAT were under no circumstances EVEN tested THAT likely should still HAVE, but the testing DID NO EXIST. in case you informed ME WE HAD 1000 instances PER DAY ON some thing THAT was basically 10 times WHAT IT became, it’s challenging to know REPORTER: I bet THE question IS, IF NOW we have lots better tips AND a good deal better NUMBERS, SHOULDN’T TH C1 be aware OUR RESPONSE IS a large a part of OUR RESPONSE IS the way it OVERLOADS THE health CARE device. SO WE GO lower back TO THE magnitude OF HOSPITALIZATIONS. actually, I WE DIDN’T display UP THIS WEEK, however next WEEK next WEEK. WE’LL exhibit DO A HOSPITALIZATION number. WE realize it’S sixty four nowadays, but WE’LL are trying TO GET AN replace IF we will ON THE exact means OF BEDS TO supply individuals a sense OF HOW tons ability we have. SO each person THAT’S a big huge part of IT. THE concern turned into IS THAT THIS may HAVE simply ON THIS DATE. WE thought THIS have been SKYROCKETING FOR THE subsequent. YOU be aware of FOR THE total yr, WE simply DIDN’T know in order that’S WHY WE PULLED returned ON HOSPITALS and make sure each mattress became attainable. WE understand and also you SEE THESE numerous SURGES WE understand THESE SURGES DO HAVE A PARABOLIC shape THESE SURGEONS DO COME AND GO and that they end but THEY can also be VERY VERY huge. SO THE the way it affects THE health CARE gadget IN specific IS an additional huge VARIABLE AND WE just comprehend greater we will have the capacity to IT. we can SEE WHAT OUR NUMBERS ARE in case you be aware AT THIS factor, WE needed to GET OUR peak factor OUT OF a hundred TWENTY five individuals IN HOSPITALS. I suppose IT AT ITS peak at the moment we’ve HALF OF THAT. in order that DOESN’T suggest THAT’S A ONE-TO-ONE CORRELATION PER SE. THERE’S a lot of different issues THAT could come in are available AND DOESN’T suggest we now have HALF THE variety of TWO circumstances. WE understand HOSPITALIZATIONS LAG THE CASE number, but I’M occurring WITH THIS answer since it’S in fact crucial. THE CASE quantity IS A IT’S no longer AN UNIMPORTANT PIECE OF statistics. IT’S VERY critical, however we are able to GET tons more IMPACTFUL assistance AT THIS aspect, WHICH IS THE percent POSITIVITY because WE’RE DOING SO DOING SO a whole lot extra checking out THE HOSPITALIZATION quantity. WE DON’T are looking to crush THE system THE MORTALITY price in response to THE number of cases AND positive situations THAT we’ve both in the neighborhood AND NATIONALLY appears LIKE THAT quantity IS fairly constant area TO vicinity FOR probably the most part, however those ARE THE sort of NUMBERS THAT were looking at since it’S ALL ABOUT MAKING sure THAT understanding THAT people ARE GOING TO GET COVID. regrettably. SOME cases might be extra severe. WE are looking to be sure THAT we’ve THE elements FOR these MOST severe circumstances AND THAT’S basically WHAT this is ALL ABOUT. THE CASE number DOESN’T inform THAT whole STORY is just A SMALL PIECE OF IT. I think those other tiers OF records THAT WE just KNO SO a good deal extra ABO NO, THERE’S now not A SINGLE quantity. THERE’S no longer A SINGLE statistics element OR VARIABLE. IT’S ALL THESE moving pieces THAT WE’VE BEEN DISCUSSING. appropriate? SO LET’S SAY you have got 10 different VARIABLES AND moving items. THEY might be relocating GEOGRAPHICALLY meaning ROCKINGHAM AND HILLSBORO could SEE those NUMBERS VERY differently THAN GRAFTON OR OR COHAS AND so that WOULD take into account. THEY could circulate within AN business. SO probably WE’RE SEEING big OUTBREAKS OR influence AND a faculty OR A clinic OR whatever thing LIKE THAT AND WE could make in opposition t different STIPULATIONS OR DOWNS ARE RESTRICTIONS in keeping with those AREAS we are able to VOUCH FOR SURGICAL ABOUT IT AS opposed TO THE vast BRUSH across THE STATE. every thing simply HAS TO shut. I believe WE simply HAVE SO an awful lot extra information were SO lots SMARTER ABOUT IT. we can manage more suitable and because OF THAT we can assure THE gold standard net improvement fitness population fitness advantages TO something choices THAT WE MAKE GOING forward. THAT MAKES experience AND IT’S just a believe OF ALL THESE relocating PUZZLE items, however THEY’RE at all times moving right and also you perpetually I imply just about ON AN HOUR-TO-HOUR foundation THE crew’S putting THEM collectively AND SEEIN WHAT IT seems like and notice these PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS appear to be both GEOGRAPHICALLY inside those INDUSTRIES. IT’S A problem. IT’S a whole lot. hi THE question IS THERE ARE lots of faculties THAT aren’t DOING THEIR own CONTACT TRACING. I feel THAT’S fantastic. I feel IT’S astounding. WE’VE TRIED TO supply lots of THE resources AND practising AND things OF THAT NATURE TO those. appears AT wish to DO THEIR personal CONTACT TRACING MAKE MANCHESTER AND NASHUA for instance had been DOING THEIR own ALL along more and more DISTRICTS ARE beginning to do this, WHICH IS great. IT TAKES THE theory OF THAT. WE’RE ALL THIS CONTACT TRACING is just GOING TO BE during this ONE CENTRALIZED vicinity TAKES THE BURDEN OFF OF THAT a bit BIT every person nonetheless COMMUNICATES THEIR facts AND suggestions, WHICH IS probably the most critical part so that you can consider YOU comprehend, the place whatever thing can be occurring OR WHAT now not, but YOU just HAVE greater greater fingers ON DECK THE undeniable fact that I consider here’s an excellent thought because the CONTACT TRACING DEMAND GROWS. GROWS AND GROWS AND GROWS THE incontrovertible fact that WE’RE GOING TO basically LEAN ON AND WORK WITH suppliers which might be FRANK probably the most finest COMMUNICATORS when it comes to someone’S fitness in terms of YOU be aware of right here THE PRECAUTIONS THAT deserve to BE TAKEN in case your content if you’RE COVID high quality here’s what QUARANTINING feels like THAT THAT TADA allow them to even be a part of THAT conversation device. SO I consider IT’S awesome THE extra we will DECENTRALIZE THAT WITH THE CONSISTENCY that you just need when it comes to preserving THE information points, however no matter if IT’S extra DISTRICTS DOIN CONTACT TRACING greater providers IN doctors THEMSELVES simply BEING a part of OUR communique MECHANISM because THAT’S WHAT CONTRACTOR TRACING THIS ONE probably the most important materials. IT’S GETTING THE facts, however’S also communicating THE EXPECTATIONS THE PROTOCOLS WHAT THEY should still BE trying to find. YOU be aware of, THAT’S a big part of IT. SO ANY THE extra fingers we have HAVE ON DECK THE more suitable. now not necessarily. I suggest, I consider THAT’S HELPED DON’T I DON’T DON’T MISUNDERSTAND ME. THERE’S little question MASS. basically support TRANSMIT. THE VIRUS IS EVEN statistics displaying THAT MASS assist US WE evade US FROM RECEIVING THE VIRUS to a few a definite EXTENT WHICH WASN’T definitely commonly used a number of MONTHS in the past. so that’S ALL decent information. not most effective in the neighborhood. are you able to study HOW native MASS MANDATES might possibly be happening? I’D SAY analyze NATIONALLY, right THE fact they have 35 STATES WITH MASKS MANDATES THEIR NUMBERS A nevertheless SKYROCKETING. I think THE grasp aid. likely manage those NUMBERS FROM GOING EVEN higher however where THERE’S THE highest prevalence OF COVID FOR probably the most half lots of COMMUNITIES ARE TAKING these MASS MANDATES and they’RE relocating forward WITH THEM. WE support THAT IF individuals want to do this AT a native level, but THEY DON’T feel THERE’S ANY ANY facts TO exhibit THAT OH, AND PUT IN A MASS MANDATE AND THEIR NUMBERS ARE losing OR the rest LIKE THAT CCC TO think THAT circulate actual NUMBERS DOWN. any one’S IGNORING THAT in case you informed ME THAT if you IF THE conception is that if WE just DO A MASS MANDATE OU NUMBERS WILL GO DOWN. completely. THAT’S no longer true in any respect. IT’S likely A VARIABLE within the PUZZLE. NOW. i do know very few people THAT stroll OUT OF THEIR house. THEY DON’T HAVE A mask in their lower back POCKET. I I suggest because THERE’S very few stores YOU may GO INTO ADAM asked THIS PERFORMING a wedding THIS AFTERNOON AND IT turned into GOING TO BE wearing A masks. SO THERE’S just THERE’S movements far and wide the place americans ARE TAKING THE masks wearing VERY VERY significantly. AND IF anything I consider VENUE AND place OF company schools, THEY’RE TAKING IT a bit extra CAUTIOUS NOW, THEY’RE SEEING THE spread GO INTO areas LIKE COAS AND GRAFTON. THEY be mindful RURAL COMMUNITIES CAN GET IT just AS easily AS anyplace ELSE. THEY in fact CAN. THERE’S BEEN A prolong THERE, WHICH IS a good element, but YOU’RE SEEING these these OUTBREAKS IN those NUMBE circulate VERY AGGRESSIVELY SO MASS OR HORTON THAT THE MESSAGE has to be THERE THEY HELPED US little doubt however an idea THAT A MASS MANDATE IS GOI TO solve THE difficulty. THAT’S A THAT’S A comfort level THAT I DON’T consider THE information BEARS OUT at this time. I even have a query OF I’D want to GET a little BIT extra guidance in regards to the POLLING places AND instances OF DAY in all probability OR GIV individuals greater assistance ON YOU comprehend, what number of individuals ARE involved IN THESE SO i might SAY WE recognize OF ABOUT greater POLLING locations NOW, however WHAT WE DON’T are looking to DO IS SAY THESE four areas ARE ALL YOU must agonize ABOUT OUR sense IS THERE was greater VOTERS available THAN EVER earlier than AND OUR stage OF COVID-19. VERY VERY YOU be aware of bigger THAN IT HAS BEEN during the past THE I believe THE MESSAGE essential a part of THE MESSAGES. every person should ACT LIKE THEY might HAVE are available CONTACT WITH SOME probably WITH somebody WITH COVID AND just believe ABOUT had been able to retain DISTANCE AND hold a watch ON ANY expertise signs that you just could HAVE and you know respond thus respond thus AND if you need to GO GET A examine AND suppose like you need to GET A examine by way of ALL capability GO GET proven AND AND keep IT expanded. however I’D SAY THAT THESE have been for people AND FOR individual areas, however I suppose THE THE prevalent MESSAGE I wish to definitely EMPHASIZE IS IT might HAVE THIS might have been A situation almost anywhere and that i consider W need the entire residents TO recognize THAT, YOU be aware of GOING TO VOTE in case you WEREN’T donning A masks OR OR could HAVE are available VERY shut CONTACT WITH someone YOU DON’T understand AND HAVE ANY symptoms FOLLOWING, YO TAKE IT seriously. address THIS earlier than YOU noted IT, but NOW THAT THE NUMBERS ARE GOING UP. I’M bound YOU’RE aware THAT THERE’S still THIS OPINION accessible THAT here is ALL AN OVER response TO THE VIRUS. SOME individuals nevertheless simply no longer REFUSING TO TAKE IT. critically. WHAT’S YOUR MESSAGE? YEAH, IT’S comparable to WHAT i used to be CLOSED WITH a little BIT ON MY preliminary STATEMENTS. it’s so crucial that you just GO lower back and consider THE assistance documents REFRESH yourself WITH THE accepted suggestions THE information files to your place of work THE assistance files IN school THE EXPECTATIONS FOR large GATHERINGS. anything IT might possibly be YOUR area OUR WORSHIP tips files. IT became completed VERY carefully. THEY labored there is COVID FATIGUE available on the end OF THE DAY THE government CAN PUT ALL THESE guidelines AND RESTRICTIONS AND WE’VE done a great JOB WITH THAT, however each person HAS TO TAKE THEM seriously AND HAS TO observe THEM the entire method via YOU bought TO PLAY AS invoice BELICHICK SAYS YOU bought TO PLAY 60 MINUTES. I guess THE PAGES realized THAT THE difficult means more often THAN no longer NOW THAN before, however YOU received TO PLAY THIS thing all the method via AND we are WE’RE no longer near THE YET WE’RE GETTING THERE, but WE nevertheless HAVE reasonably SOME MONTHS to go. IT’S GOING TO BE a while earlier than THE VACCINE IS thoroughly carried out WITH JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH IT’LL delivery however MY SENSES may be well INTO THE SPRING before WE really HAVE a way OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE VACCINE. IT’S proper AVAILABILITY TO citizens. and then once WE GET TO a point, I mean, I suppose we all HOPE THAT WE GET TO some extent where in case you wanted THE VACCINE YOU might HAVE THE VACCINE those that HAVE MADE THAT option FOR THEMSELVES THEY were able to accomplish that IF folks DIDN’T want to MAKE THAT alternative FOR THEMSELVES THAT’S THEIR alternative AS well A AND WITH THAT COMES extra FLEXIBILITY as a result of be aware ALL THESE STIPULATIONS ARE searching now not just for OURSELVES, but FOR OTHERS IT’S always ABOUT OTHERS WHEN MANAGING COVID AND SO IF OTHERS HAVE THE option NOW TO BE VACCINATED AT A high expense OF SUCCESS THAN THAT undoubtedly WILL supply all and sundry a lot more FLEXIBILITY AND WHAT they could DO and you recognize THE COVID FATIGUE. I DON’T consider could be AS big OF a concern but we’re NOWHERE close THAT right now. i know we’ve SOME ON THE phone SO W STICK THAT COMES FROM KATHY. WHEN THE associated PRESS KATHY, PLEASE G forward together with your query. QUESTIONS concerning ELECTION DAY SO JOE BIDEN IS THE PRESIDENT-elect. THERE’S NO INDICATION OF frequent VOTER FRAUD right here IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. i will’T speak TO other STATES. I just DON’T know every person’S each STATE DOES IT distinct, but i will be able to let you know IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. THERE’S NO facts OF frequent VOTER FRAUD folks VOTED AT AN astonishing rate and they THEY THEY WE obtained THE outcomes THAT nighttime WE COUNTED AND IT looks decent IF THERE ARE individual cases the place GOING TO seem INTO these AND THE attorney widely wide-spread’S workplace HAS BEEN VERY good ABOUT THAT AND NO no person FROM THE by way of THE ADMINISTRATION HAS CONTACTED MY workplace YET. ROBERT I’M HOPING I’M GETTING IT correct THE ultimate exhibit FROM THE CALEDONIAN list ROBERT, PLEASE GO forward along with your question. thank you. YOU desire know LIKE YOUR half query here. DOES any person recognize changed into THERE ANY selected adventure THAT? TO THE OUTBREAK at the COUNTY health center. I’M GOING to show IT a little BIT OVER TO computing device transport. I DON’T be aware of IF THERE’S ANY SINGLE event THAT outline. thanks FOR THE query NO adventure specially IN COHAS COUNTY THAT RESULTED IN LIKE an excellent SPREADER adventure OR the rest LIKE THAT. COHAS COUNTY NURSING domestic OR COHAS COUNTY medical institution IN WEST STEWARTSTOWN IS BEING SUPPORTED LIKE each different NURSING domestic OUTBREAK THAT WE’VE HAD via THIS PANDEMIC. I’VE BEEN in touch WITH THE ADMINISTRATOR. WE’VE REACHED OUT TO MAKE SUR THE STAFFING IS okay TO DO infection manage digital SURVEYS. I suggest, WE’RE always available. we have A CONTRACT FOR STAFFING THAT WE’VE UTILIZED WE’RE EXPLORING other CONTRACTS as a result of not everyone CAN find OUR agencies CAN’T locate americans IN every corner OF THE STATE TO WORK after we want THEM TO WORK IN THAT TENDS TO BE more challenging in the NORTH nation. GOVERNOR OUR subsequent question COMES FROM DONNA JORDAN on the CHRONICLE DONNA. PLEASE GO TO THIS VIRUS. FOR everyone AND WOULD probably consider greater in case you could HAVE a normal WORKDAY once more, though. I GUES WE’LL BE ages. I DO wish to point out FIRST OF THE VACCINE. I TALKED WITH OUR NORTH nation INCIDENT COMMAND got here THIS WEEK and that they’RE definitely BACKING UP THE info YOU’RE featuring WHICH IS THAT IT probably close to TWO YEARS before THE VACCINE IS attainable TO all and sundry but THEY’RE PUSHING all of the identical SPECS OF here is YOU wearing MASKS. THERE ARE 65 RESIDENTS at the COLLETTES COUNTY NURSING hospital OF WHI 28 HAVE confirmed positive. THERE are actually 26 because TO handed AWAY past THIS WEEK. THERE ARE 33 personnel which are fantastic who are OUT of labor AS YOU outlined prior THE medical institution. THEY became THEIR entire THIRD floor TO THE fantastic UNIT WITH THE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS nowadays spoke of HER want FOR THE further NURSING workforce THE N95 masks AND SMALL AND MEDIUM GLOVES. THE COMMISSIONERS have been normally ON THE cellphone all over THE meeting AND GATHERING GLOVES UNBOX GLOVES ON OPEN membership FROM all of the towns in the enviornment. AND 95 MACMASTER actually ARRIVING WITH THE country wide safeguard ANY MINUTE NOW, but the NURSING check with CONTINUES to induce THAT THEY have been advised by using THE organization. I wager YOU GUYS ARE CONTRACTING WITH THAT. THERE is not any NURSING personnel attainable FOR THIS area. SO I’M simply wondering IF THERE’S another method that you could GET THEM THE further NURSING CARE THAT THEY THANK NO. thanks FOR THE question. and i mean YOU’VE HIT THE one in all OUR largest considerations THAT WE’RE dealing with correct ON the top and that is NURSING group of workers. THE entire country IS facing A scarcity OF THIS almost. NO STATE THAT THAT ISN’T coping with THIS problem IN SOME degree particularly IN RURAL AREAS as a result of AS COMMISSIONER SHIP AND IT simply stated IT’S VERY difficult TO GET folks INTO those AREAS. IT’S simply THEY DON’T HAVE THE population DENSITY TO assist TH TURNOVER OF NURSES that you unfortunately want IT’S no longer just people who HAVE COVID IT’S those who ARE QUARANTINE on account of different situations. i know that you just understand in lots of of those cases IF folks ARE ASYMPTOMATIC, however THEY’RE fantastic THEY’RE WORKING WITH THE THE different tremendous individuals WITH THE RESIDENTS inside a few of those facilities WHEN they can AND THAT’S THAT’S A GOD BLESS HIM FOR DOING THAT AND FOR retaining COMING INTO WORK TO support provide THAT crucial CARE THAT is required FOR those. JULES outside STAFFING capabilities OF THERE’S a pair different issues THAT have been taking a look at. THERE ISN’T A SINGLE answer right here. IT ISN’T like you can you comprehend always pick UP THE PHONEE THE EVEN TO yet another STATE at this time AND SAY ship US some of YOUR NURSES as a result of practically every person’S GOING throughout the identical difficulty AND THE identical CRUNCH on the equal TIME additionally WITH THE what’s EXACERBATING THIS concern a bit BIT IS THE incontrovertible fact that a few of OUR programs in reality SHUT DOWN correct all of the practicing classes AND things OF THAT NATURE. WE’RE SHUTTING DOWN in the SPRING. SO one of the most CERTIFICATIONS OR THE folks THAT had been IN those classes THEM these individuals BEING in a position to COME OUT OF these courses AND INTO those amenities TO BE a part of THAT WORK drive THAT’S BEEN DELAYED TO a point. SO WE’RE TURNING OVER each STONE. WE truly ARE AND THIS SOME resourceful ideas accessible, however anything THAT THAT individuals CAN DO TO BE part of THAT answer, without doubt, WE’RE WE’RE WE’RE broad OPEN WITH ideas, but WE know it’S a huge subject and should TO BE likely THE some of the SINGLE greatest just concerns EVEN ABOVE THE variety of circumstances. WE readily SEE one of the vital SINGLE largest issues IS once more MANAGING THE health CARE team of workers MAKING certain THAT health CARE equipment does not GET OVERWHELMED, but an aspect OF it is really THE body of workers THAT’S vital TO deliver IT. WE DO HAVE an extra question ON THE mobilephone THIS ONE COMES FROM CAROL ROTO WITH MANCHESTER INKLING OF CAROL, PLEASE GO forward with your question. thanks VERY much. MY QUESTIO ARE STATE extensive attitude. expenses AT THIS moment WITH OVER 300 OR greater americans residing OUT within the rough. THE STATE HAS become involved WITH PROPERTY OWNED with the aid of THE STATE OF THE COURTHOUSE, WHICH i do know YOU’RE conscious. THAT FINDS were POSTED ultimate WEEK FOR THAT VACATED through forty PLUS THERE. as far as I have in mind THE STATE so far as WHO might be disposing of any one WHO doesn’t VACATE THE PROPERTY AND the place THEY will be 2 SO, THAT’S MY FIRST QUESTIO can also be ADDRESSED as far as THE PLAY. THE a hundred and seventy people WHO M BE residing IN SHELTERS situations which have VERY essential problem, however I ask for forgiveness. may YOU just REPHRASE THE question point OF IT? WHAT’S THE I simply want to make certain THE exact query. those people MAKING certain THAT THEY’RE mindful. OF THE capabilities AND opportunities THAT are available TO THEM THEIR alternate options where THEY may GO whether IT’S IN MANCHESTER ARE other constituents OF THE STATE perhaps FOR some of THEM now not ALL OF THEM ARE necessarily FROM MANCHESTER firstly AND so that’S THAT’S essentially the most important COORDINATION IS THE COORDINATION WITH these people turned into THEIR second question. thanks FOR THE query. we have AN OUTREACH team THAT HAS BEEN WORKING WITH each individual A BLADES for those that ARE ON THE COURTHOUSE lawn after which EVEN for those who ARE within the different ENCAMPMENTS AND WE’VE MET WITH THE metropolis OF MANCHESTER a couple of instances additionally due to the fact THE PANDEMIC started TO focus on HOMELESSNESS AND when we after they FIRST installation ENCAMPMENTS DOWN ON CANAL highway, WE PUT capabilities IN area together with PORTA-POTTIES AND cleaning features AND things LIKE THAT SIN that time WE’VE HAD OUTREACH groups GOING TO THE ENCAMPMENTS fairly a lot every day. AND at this time WE’VE RAMPED UP these functions making an attempt TO vicinity THE americans at the COURTHOUSE ENCAMPMENT INTO HOUSING throughout THE STATE NOW. THERE’S a few VERY crucial materials there is THAT WE offer those features AND WE offer those who HOUSING IT doesn’t imply THAT each client is going TO accept those presents and that i and that i think this is it really is THE change THAT WE DO HAVE groups going in AND making an attempt TO reach THESE individuals. however now not ALL OF THEM ARE OPEN OR RECEPTIVE TO RECEIVING these features at the moment. i know AND AS A follow-UP IF i could AS a bit OF A REMINDER, YOU be aware of IN THAT LETTER THAT WE THAT WE DID receive AND WE’LL WE’RE GOING TO reply to IT TO MAKE ONE element I are attempting TO DO when I reply to THESE LETTERS ISN’T just to ship A hiya, thank you FOR THE LETTER. WE try TO respond WITH all of the data AND FIGURES AND THE statistics THAT kinfolk OF surround THE subject THE amount of cash THAT PUT against THE HOMELESS issue FROM THE STATE standpoint INTO native COMMUNITIES ALL throughout THE STATE IS fully exceptional. IT’S integral THAT THE CITIES THEMSELVES no matter if THE city OF MANCHESTER THEY need to COORDINATE WITH THEIR issuer neighborhood THAT providers ARE THERE THE HOMELESSNESS crisis THAT isn’t completely limited TO MANCHESTER. IT ISN’T solely confined TO THE STATE of new HAMPSHIRE. YOU be aware of, WE must appreciate THAT while we have the lowest POVERTY price within the nation. there’s a HOMELESSNESS difficulty right here. IT has to be ADDRESSED. SO ONE issue THAT probably the most vital aspect THE STATE CAN DO IS give those components supply THAT realizing IN practicing MAKING sure these COMMUNITIES ARE CONNECTING WITH THEIR providers. in order that THEIR citizens HAVE THE HAVE THAT CONNECTION THAT abilities BASE THAT chance YOU THE idea so that you can drive A CITIZEN TO TAKE A carrier. NO, YOU simply you could’T do this alas, AND WE should still BE DOING THAT. DON’T GET ME wrong, however YOU bought TO make certain they are aware about all the different items THAT can be found. THEM AND THERE ARE lots of WRAPAROUND features AT HALF THAT GO INTO THAT even if it be mental health capabilities S UD functions, THERE may well be numerous concerns OR plenty of features THAT encompass these people AND so that’S WHY OUR teams have been ON THE floor IN MANCHESTER every single day day-after-day FOR THE metropolis OF MANCHESTER to claim THAT THEY’RE N — IS fully FALSE. OF course THEY know we are THERE because we’re talking THEM essentially daily. WE offered THE money, THE MANPOWER. we are MAKING bound THAT THE supplies ARE THERE. I are living in the city IN NEWFIELDS. it’s some thing THAT WE ought to BE VERY aware of principally WITH wintry weather COMING. YOU’VE obtained TO make sure THAT THE people ARE related TO THE alternatives. I believe we now have achieved, I believe THE STATE HAS long past UP — HAS long gone OVER AND ABOVE. — THEN AT any other TIME in the STATE background. THE possibility IS THERE FOR THESE people, however it TAKES A PARTNERSHIP to come together TO be sure THAT we have THAT level OF SUCCESS THAT WE are expecting. GOVERNOR, OUR remaining AND remaining cellphone query. MY query IS related to POLLING places. — THERE might were TRANSMISSION OF COVID-19. GOV. SUNUN I consider THE particular person IN question changed into THERE a good deal LATER BETWEEN 12:00 A 1230 — AND 12:30 P.M. it is a STATEWIDE subject. if you HAV signs, considerations GET established. observe THE PROTOCOLS THAT we’ve PUT INTO area. >> we are ALL SET THERE — we’re ALL SET here. WHAT kind of SESSION THEY MIGH HAVE. WOUL YOU believe THE choice TO — GOV. SUNUNU: NO. it will BE a nasty theory TO HAVE four hundred REPRESENTATIVES, usual AGE IS 50, 60, ALL BE IN a good SPACED ROOM LIKE THAT. it’s exactly WHAT WE DON’T are looking to turn up. that would BE a nasty idea. >> ALL OF TH HEARINGS HAVE essentially NO AIR CIRCULATION. IS THE STATE WORKING WITH management TO discover an answer? GOV. SUNUN I believe there is a whole lot of alternate options they’re taking a look at. you possibly can have to talk TO THEM principally. we are always THERE TO deliver alternatives and recommendations when it comes to WHAT THEY can also OR can also now not BE considering. I actually have mentioned IT WITH FUTUR, each concord AND MANCHESTER. VENUES LIKE THAT, it may completed. WHEN IT comes to THE HEARINGS, which you could even have A HYBRID OF SOME IN grownup and some ZOOM. IT’S SO critical THAT T PUBLIC enter occurs. it truly is THE issue WITH THE closing SESSION. THEY DIDN’T GET a good SHOT AT A PUBLIC listening to. >> THE variety of expenses that are GOING TO BE handed SEVERELY reduced. GOING INTO THE SESSION, DO YOU consider THERE has to be an analogous reduction AND a reduction IN HOW frequently THEY MEET AND reduction and the way much THEY center of attention ON? GOV. SUNUN so long as they’re meeting IN a secure AND PRODUCTIVE approach, and they’re DOING THE appropriate things ABOUT HOW THEY MEET, I DON’T understand THAT THE number of instances THEY MEET WITH count. — MEET WOULD remember. >> WOULD YOU advocate reduce GOV. SUNUNU: I even have a lot more self assurance THAT THEY could be capable of control THE expenses, THE REDUNDANCY OF bills. YOU DON’T need every bill TO BE REPEATED IN both THE house AND THE SENATE. I THI those individuals may have THE event TO manage THE process TO make sure things ARE HEARD IN A well timed trend. they’ve THEIR role TO PLAY. I actually have MINE. in regards T CONTRACT — CONTACT TRACING, americans GETTING TASTED — validated in the event that they ARE IN THAT neighborhood. GOV. SUNUNU: I think IF individuals ARE SYMPTOMATIC, IT’S FEW and far BETWEEN THAT I suppose americans don’t seem to be asserting THEY may still GET IT — GET A test. we have most effective HAD 40%, 50% PICKED UP ON the first call. YOU CONNECTION GET an even more advantageous variety of individuals INTERACTING and might EVEN SEEING a far better percent OF SUCCESS. I observe IT’S TO 12:00 P.M. WHICH capability frequent clinic HAS began. IF WE DON’T end THIS quickly, I’M GOING TO GET loads of negative EMAILS. ANY less QUESTIONS? >> YOU talked about that you just appreciate JOE BIDEN as the PRESIDE decide on. I wish to ASK YOUR comments ON THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION. DO YOU STAND with the aid of these feedback? GOV. SUNUNU: DO I STAN by THE comments query MARK i might SAY THIS, IF THERE ARE voting IRREGULARITIES and they’re GOING TO challenge these IN courtroom daily THAT GOES B. THAT’S just THE truth OF IT. THAT’S THEIR correct TO problem IT. JOE BIDEN IS THE PRESIDENT select. I TALKED TO a number of americans THAT tested POSITIV. >> we are able to be sure — GOV. sun


record: town-by-town coronavirus situations in New Hampshire (text-best)

See city-by way of-city COVID-19 statistics for latest, complete circumstances

right here is a text-best, city-by way of-city listing of COVID-19 instances in New Hampshire. The numbers of complete circumstances and latest cases will be in parentheses. Fewer than 5 total or current cases are being stated via health officials as “1-4,” and case data for cities with below a hundred residents will no longer be said. cities that haven’t had any circumstances of COVID-19 validated through state health officers over the course of the pandemic don’t seem to be listed.Acworth: 0 active; 1-4 totalAlbany: 0 lively; 1-four totalAlexandria: 1-4 active; 1-four totalAllenstown: sixteen energetic; fifty three totalAlstead: 0 active; 1-four totalAlton: 19 active; 57 totalAmherst: 21 energetic; seventy four totalAndover: 1-4 active; eight totalAntrim: 6 active; 26 totalAshland: 1-four energetic; 6 totalAtkinson: sixteen lively; sixty eight totalAuburn: 18 active; 78 totalBarnstead: 7 lively; 20 totalBarrington: 12 lively; seventy six totalBartlett: 1-4 energetic; 10 totalBath: 0 active; 1-four totalBedford: 57 energetic; 531 totalBelmont: 23 active; 56 totalBennington: 1-four lively; 5 totalBerlin: 19 active; sixty three totalBethlehem: 1-four energetic; 7 totalBoscawen: 1-four energetic; 22 totalBow: 14 lively; 66 totalBradford: 1-four lively; 11 totalBrentwood: 6 lively; fifty one totalBridgewater: 1-4 active; 1-4 totalBristol: 6 energetic; 19 totalBrookfield: 1-four energetic; 13 totalBrookline: 7 active; 29 totalCampton: 14 energetic; 36 totalCanaan: 8 energetic; 17 totalCandia: 5 energetic; 38 totalCanterbury: 1-4 active; 15 totalCarroll: 1-four energetic; 1-4 totalCenter Harbor: 1-4 lively; eleven totalCharlestown: 12 active; 19 totalChatham: 0 energetic; 1-4 totalChester: 7 energetic; fifty two totalChesterfield: 9 active; 16 totalChichester: 0 active; eight totalClaremont: 11 lively; 34 totalClarksville: 7 energetic; 11 totalColebrook: 24 energetic; fifty five totalColumbia: 1-4 energetic; 1-4 totalConcord: 79 energetic; 389 totalConway: 11 energetic; 52 totalDalton: 1-four energetic; 1-four totalDanbury: 1-four energetic; 1-four totalDanville: 12 energetic; 36 totalDeerfield: 6 energetic; 31 totalDeering: 0 energetic; 7 totalDerry: 83 lively; 581 totalDorchester: 1-4 energetic; 1-four totalDover: 88 lively; 341 totalDublin: 5 energetic; 9 totalDummer: 0 lively; 1-four totalDunbarton: 5 active; 27 totalDurham: 137 active; 333 totalEast Kingston: 1-4 active; 21 totalEaston: 1-four active; 1-4 totalEffingham: 1-4 energetic; 7 totalEnfield: 1-four energetic; 13 totalEpping: 19 active; seventy seven totalEpsom: 1-4 energetic; 36 totalErrol: 1-four energetic; 1-4 totalExeter: 30 active; 129 totalFarmington: 20 active; 63 totalFitzwilliam: 1-4 energetic; eleven totalFrancestown: 0 active; 1-4 totalFranconia: 0 active; 1-4 totalFranklin: 18 active; 108 totalFreedom: 1-4 lively; 9 totalFremont: 10 lively; 51 totalGilford: 14 lively; forty four totalGilmanton: 7 lively; 22 totalGilsum: 1-four active; 1-four totalGoffstown: 50 active; 375 totalGorham: 1-4 lively; 6 totalGoshen: 1-four active; 1-4 totalGrafton: 0 lively; 1-four totalGrantham: 1-four lively; 13 totalGreenfield: 0 energetic; 7 totalGreenland: 1-4 energetic; 37 totalGreenville: 1-four active; 22 totalHales vicinity: 0 energetic; 1-four totalHampstead: 21 active; a hundred and one totalHampton: 48 energetic; 167 totalHampton Falls: 1-four active; 21 totalHancock: 1-4 active; 6 totalHanover: 19 energetic; 58 totalHarrisville: 0 lively; 1-4 totalHaverhill: 1-four lively; 10 totalHebron: 1-four energetic; 1-4 totalHenniker: 9 lively; 49 totalHill: 1-4 lively; 5 totalHillsborough: 12 active; 53 totalHinsdale: 7 active; 18 totalHolderness: 1-four active; 10 totalHollis: 7 energetic; forty one totalHooksett: 50 active; 202 totalHopkinton: 19 active; forty five totalHudson: eighty one active; 336 totalJaffrey: 13 active; 38 totalJefferson: 1-four energetic; 1-four totalKeene: 35 lively; 102 totalKensington: 1-four energetic; 7 totalKingston: 13 energetic; forty eight totalLaconia: forty six active; 122 totalLancaster: 0 lively; 8 totalLandaff: 1-4 energetic; 1-4 totalLangdon: 0 active; 1-4 totalLebanon: 13 energetic; 55 totalLee: 1-four energetic; 35 totalLempster: 1-4 active; 5 totalLincoln: 1-4 energetic; 9 totalLisbon: 1-four lively; 1-four totalLitchfield: 24 energetic; 87 totalLittleton: 13 active; 21 totalLondonderry: sixty one energetic; 337 totalLoudon: 14 lively; forty three totalLyme: 1-4 lively; eight totalLyndeborough: 1-four lively; 17 totalMadbury: 5 lively; 15 totalMadison: 1-4 lively; 10 totalManchester: 446 energetic; 2958 totalMarlborough: 1-four energetic; 13 totalMarlow: 0 active; 1-four totalMason: 1-4 energetic; eight totalMeredith: 23 energetic; forty six totalMerrimack: fifty seven energetic; 282 totalMiddleton: 1-four active; sixteen totalMilan: 0 energetic; 5 totalMilford: 25 lively; 189 totalMilton: 11 energetic; 24 totalMonroe: 0 energetic; 1-4 totalMont Vernon: 1-4 lively; 19 totalMoultonborough: 7 lively; 31 totalNashua: 391 active; 1660 totalNelson: 1-4 active; 1-four totalNew Boston: eleven active; 50 totalNew fort: 1-4 lively; 6 totalNew Durham: 7 energetic; 22 totalNew Hampton: 1-four active; 15 totalNew Ipswich: 15 active; 50 totalNew London: 6 active; 19 totalNewbury: 1-4 lively; 17 totalNewfields: 1-four energetic; 12 totalNewington: 0 lively; 1-4 totalNewmarket: 18 active; 61 totalNewport: forty three energetic; 59 totalNewton: 10 lively; forty five totalNorth Hampton: 5 lively; forty six totalNorthfield: 6 lively; 14 totalNorthumberland: 1-four active; 5 totalNorthwood: 5 lively; 26 totalNottingham: sixteen energetic; forty totalOrange: 0 energetic; 1-4 totalOrford: 0 energetic; 1-four totalOssipee: 7 energetic; 28 totalPelham: 37 active; 182 totalPembroke: 18 energetic; 81 totalPeterborough: 9 lively; 36 totalPiermont: 1-4 lively; 1-4 totalPittsburg: 7 lively; 13 totalPittsfield: 12 lively; 24 totalPlainfield: 1-four active; eleven totalPlaistow: 19 lively; 114 totalPlymouth: 52 active; 102 totalPortsmouth: seventy three energetic; 280 totalRandolph: 0 energetic; 1-4 totalRaymond: forty four lively; 132 totalRichmond: 1-4 active; 1-four totalRindge: 36 active; 89 totalRochester: 60 active; 244 totalRollinsford: 1-four lively; eleven totalRumney: 1-4 lively; 6 totalRye: 10 energetic; 47 totalSalem: 123 active; 568 totalSalisbury: 1-four lively; 1-four totalSanbornton: eight lively; 22 totalSandown: 27 lively; one hundred totalSandwich: 1-four energetic; 9 totalSeabrook: 25 active; 102 totalShelburne: 0 active; 1-4 totalSomersworth: 18 lively; 77 totalSouth Hampton: 0 energetic; 1-4 totalSpringfield: 0 active; 1-4 totalStark: 0 lively; 1-4 totalStewartstown: fifty three active; 65 totalStoddard: 1-four lively; 1-4 totalStrafford: 1-4 lively; sixteen totalStratford: 1-4 energetic; 1-four totalStratham: 10 energetic; 45 totalSugar Hill: 0 lively; 1-four totalSullivan: 1-four energetic; 1-4 totalSunapee: 5 lively; 20 totalSurry: 0 energetic; 1-four totalSutton: 1-four energetic; 1-4 totalSwanzey: 7 energetic; 23 totalTamworth: 1-4 active; eight totalTemple: 0 energetic; 5 totalThornton: 6 active; 14 totalTilton: 27 lively; forty six totalTroy: 1-four energetic; 1-four totalTuftonboro: 1-four active; 5 totalUnity: 1-four lively; 1-4 totalWakefield: 10 energetic; 24 totalWalpole: 1-four active; 1-four totalWarner: forty four lively; 66 totalWarren: 0 active; 1-four totalWashington: 1-four energetic; 7 totalWaterville Valley: 0 lively; 5 totalWeare: 20 energetic; 98 totalWebster: 1-four lively; 12 totalWestmoreland: 1-4 energetic; 13 totalWhitefield: 1-four active; 7 totalWilmot: 1-4 energetic; 1-4 totalWilton: 5 active; 21 totalWinchester: 1-4 lively; 13 totalWindham: forty five lively; 209 totalWolfeboro: 19 lively; forty two totalWoodstock: 1-4 lively; 1-four totalRELATED: Interactive map | newest coronavirus coverage | vital assistance^^ in the video above, see probably the most contemporary (Nov. 12) COVID-19 briefing held by means of state officials