January 19, 2021
NH COVID updates: New suggestions, statistics

NH COVID updates: New suggestions, statistics

NH COVID updates: New information, facts

officers aspect variety of COVID-19 cases

AFTERNOON, we now have BREAKING news. GOV. SUNUNU: we are statistics AND THE number of people touring final WEEK turned into DOWN. THE ROADS have been pretty CLEAR WHICH gives US A SIGH OF aid THAT individuals had been HEATING THE WARNING AND keeping THANKSGIVING GATHERINGS SMALLER. IT changed into A SACRIFICE. IT WASN’T tremendous. IF the rest, IT supposed much less DISHES AND greater LEFTOVERS, however IS A SACRIFICE AND IT WIL AS WE strategy DECEMBER. earlier than WE GET INTO IT, LET’S KICK IT OVER TO DR. CHEN FOR AN replace FROM PUBLIC fitness. DR. CHEN: thanks, GOVERNOR. I actually have THREE UPDATES T provide. i will be able to supply THE universal PUBLIC fitness spoil — and then i will be able to SAY a few phrases in regards to the liberate OF CDC’S NEW QUARANTINE assistance the day before today and how WE PLAN ON ADOPTING THAT IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. we have BEEN GETTING a number of questions on THAT. however FIRST THE NUMBERS. we are asserting 625 NEW individuals diagnosed WITH COVID-19 IN NEW HAMPSHIRE these days. 470 of these A verified by using PCR AND a hundred and fifty five through ANTIGEN trying out. we’ve BEEN AVERAGING ABOUT 500 TO 600 NEW INFECTIONS PER DAY STATEWIDE over the past WEEK, AND THE existing lively number of INFECTIONS STANDS AT 4342 americans WITH active COVID-19. OUR PCR check POSITIVITY fee IS NOW AVERAGING THE remaining a few DAYS round 6.5%. THE GOVERNOR might be announcing SOME UPDATES TO OUR statistics DASHBOARD THAT includes ANTIGEN AND PCR trying out information. when we element within the ANTIGEN testing facts together with THE PCR checks, THE POSITIVITY OF ALL exams is barely OVER 7%, SO we are 6% TO 7% OF assessments that are nice FOR COVID-19. we have one hundred fifty six americans HOSPITALIZED WITH COVID-19 STATEWIDE. here’s UP FROM WEEKS ago the place THAT quantity changed into below one hundred. alas, SEVEN NEW DEATHS TO ANNOUNCE nowadays. ALL SEVEN were linked to long-time period CARE facilities, BRINGING the whole number of people WHO HAV DIED TO 544. in the last TWO DAYS, sixteen individuals HAVE DIED FROM COVID-19, the majority RESIDENTS OF long-time period CARE facilities. I want to PAUSE AND in brief remark THAT WE continue to hear americans comparing COVID-19 TO INFLUENZA, AND whereas THE indicators ARE VERY equivalent, IF not THE same IN MOST situations, THE consequences AN affect ON OUR neighborhood FROM COVID-19 IS a whole lot MORTHE number O COVID-19 in comparison to THE people WHO DIE OF INFLUENZA. WE regular 40 TO 50 people every year THAT DIE FROM SEASONAL INFLUENZA. THE variety of DEATHS FROM COVID-19 to this point throughout THIS PANDEMIC IS 544, SO TH DEATHS FROM COVID-19 OVER THE final nine MONTHS OF THIS PANDEMIC IN NEW HAMPSHIRE ARE at the least 10 times bigger THAN THE number of INFLUENZA DEATHS every 12 months. THIS occurs WHEN we have a new VIRUS, whether it’s a NOVEL INFLUENZA VIRUS OR A NOVEL CORONAVIRUS delivered right into a inhabitants WITH LITTLE IMMUNITY. THE influence ON susceptible POPULATIONS IS extreme and significant. COVID-19 CONTINUES TO show A excessive unfold AND AS TRANSMISSION CONTINUES, THE chance TO OUR chums, families, schools, AND organizations WILL enhance, AND MITIGATION MEASURES, SOCIAL DISTANCING, FACE MASKS, decent HAND HYGIENE continues to be the way WE should control THE PANDEMIC unless we now have widespread supply OF A VACCINE. LET ME TRANSITION OUT TO focus on INSTITUTIONAL OUTBREAKS. here is THE replace THE COMMISSIONER continually provides. WE haven’t any NEW OUTBREAKS CLOSED TO ANNOUNCE. we now have SEVEN NEW INSTITUTIONAL OUTBREAKS we are REPORTING. GRACE residence IN WINDHAM HAS THREE RESIDENTS AND 5 group of workers associated with THEIR INSTITUTIONAL OUTBREAK. — HAS THREE RESIDENTS AND TWO workforce. HANOVER HILL HAS 15 RESIDENTS AND TWO group of workers. HANOVER TERRACE HAS 21 RESIDENTS AND 15 personnel. NASHUA CROSSINGS HAS 14 RESIDENTS AND 14 group of workers. THE branch OF CORRECTIONS relaxed PSYCHIATRIC UNIT HAS A CLUSTER WITH 10 RESIDENTS AND THREE body of workers. at last, SAINT JOSEPH’S IN MANCHESTER HAS 5 RESIDENTS AND THREE staff associated with an establishment OUTBREAK. a total OF SEVEN NEW INSTITUTIONAL OUTBREAKS we’re saying, AND NO NEW OUTBREAKS ARE CLOSED. ultimately, i wished TO supply SOME short UPDATES ON QUARANTINE. just a quick TERMINOLOGY, DEFINITION here, WE talk about ISOLATION IN QUARANTINE AND USE those phrases VERY intentionally. ISOLATION REFERS TO people infected WITH COVID-19 desiring TO live home AND QUARANTINE AS americans probably uncovered AND in danger FOR constructing disease, AND THE want FOR THEM TO dwell domestic. UP except today, the two TIME periods FOR ISOLATION AND QUARANTINE were distinct, however we’re reducing the mandatory QUARANTINE period FOR americans who’ve doubtlessly BEEN uncovered TO COVID-19 FROM THE recommended 14 DAYS TO 10 DAYS. NOW THESE TWO TIME FRAMES WILL ALIGN and typically WE recommend at the least 10 DAYS OF ISOLATION FOR a person infected WITH COVID-19. WE A expanding — decreasing THE QUARANTINE period TO 10 DAYS, based on the new guidance THAT CDC released the previous day AND announced PUBLICLY. i will SAY THE CDC also OUTLINED A verify OUT OF QUARANTINE choice FOR americans exposed TO COVID-19, AND we are picking out not TO adopt THAT IN NEW HAMPSHIRE FOR a couple of causes. THE testing components AND components should BE centered TO these MOST IN need, individuals WHO could be developing signs OF COVID-19 and wish trying out. LOGISTICALLY, THE skill TO test each person exposed to 20 — TO COVID-19 is limited, however the factor IS, WITH each and every of these DECREASES within the QUARANTINE length IS associated with AN expanded possibility OF TRANSMISSION, SO WE believe we can SAFELY flow FROM A 14 DAY QUARANTINE TO 10 DAYS, WITH a really MINIMAL risk OF forward TRANSMISSION, AS is outlined in the CDC assistance. but when WE had been TO delivery enforcing A examine OUT OF QUARANTINE alternative, THE chance OF missing somebody WITH COVID-19 AND SPREADING IT further inside OUR COMMUNITIES raises EVEN further, and that is now not acceptable AT THIS point IN TIME. THERE ARE SOME CAVEATS. WE launched A health network MESSAGE ABOUT THIS. THERE ARE instances, corporations, OR institutions the place WE continue TO suggest THEY hold A 14 DAY QUARANTINE as the MOST protecting MEASURE. THIS comprises places LIKE JAILS AND PRISONS AND long-term CARE facilities where WE nevertheless trust A 14 DAY QUARANTINE IS MOST protecting, but FOR THE frequent PUBLIC, WE wish to decrease THE BURDEN OF QUARANTINE WITH MINIMAL elevated risk by way of moving THE QUARANTINE period TO 10 DAYS. WE are not ADOPTING THE look at various OUT OF QUARANTINE alternate options THE CDC RECOMMENDS. FOR those traveling, trip advice remains IN impact AND THERE continues to be A test OUT OF trip QUARANTINE choice, however WE aren’t DOING THAT at the moment. i’ll HAND things lower back OVER TO THE GOVERNOR. GOV. SUNUNU: THANK, doctor. THREE things WE desire cowl AND we are able to OPEN IT UP FOR QUESTIONS. just to BE a little BIT REPETITIVE OVER THE last SIX TO EIGHT MONTHS, you have got HEARD US speaking about the anticipated rise IN situations, and that’s the SURGE we are IN at the moment. WE is often in the search for THE subsequent THREE WEEKS, confidently no longer except CHRISTMAS, but it surely could be, AND WE should PLAN THAT may be THE CASE. WE A prepared, without a doubt, no matter if it’s trying out capability WITH THE PPE we’ve, further THERAPEUTICS TO deal with individuals, WE know THE expense OF HOSPITALIZATION THIS TIME round IS reduce. THAT’S a very good aspect, but YOU nevertheless HAVE OVER a hundred and fifty people IN HOSPITALS combating COVID. WE have to be certain these substances AND components ARE THERE. WE are looking to REMIND folks no matter if it’s the masks MANDATE, THE information files WE PUT IN region for their groups, TO TAKE THEM VERY seriously. REFRESH YOUR competencies OF THEM since it can make THE difference OF NOTCHES someone in your household BEING AFFECTED DOES infected, however requested — contaminated, but INFECTING a person ELSE. THE DOMINO effect becomes challenging in terms of RETURNING TO WORK and school. YOU GET THIS real DOMINO impact. IT GOES without asserting to clean HER fingers, keep SOCIAL DISTANCING, wear OUR mask. with a bit of luck WE are getting close THE conclusion, but WE are not close THE end — WE are not at the conclusion. WHEN THE VACCINE ARRIVES, and should BE ARRIVING shortly IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, however here’s no longer OVER. IT received’T BE OVER WHEN THE VACCINE ARRIVES OR ON JANUARY 1 just since it IS the new year. WE still HAVE a few MONTHS to go before THE VACCINE IS utterly applied across the STATE, before every person WHO needs you’ll GET A VACCINE. it’s going to give US a far better assessment OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE VACCINE, WHICH appears VERY first rate, however WE need to GET THERE. DON’T count THE CHICKENS before THEY’RE HATCHED. WE should stay DISCIPLINED. ON THE VACCINE as the yr comes to a close, in the next COUPLE OF WEEKS we can GET the primary round OF THE VACCINE. THE PFIZER VACCINE will be the first to reach IN NEW HAMPSHIRE , doubtless within the THIRD WEEK OF DECEMBER, WITH THE MODERNA VACCINE to arrive in the FOURTH WEEK OF be aware — DECEMBER, so you might SEE 20 MILLION DOSES IN NEW HAMPSHIRE inside the following few WEEKS. WE live IN constant CONTACT WITH OUR companions IN WASHINGTON, D.C. THE situations on the lengthy-term CARE amenities, MOST HAVE AGREEMENTS WITH CVS AND WALGREENS, AND THAT PARTNERSHIP pushed through THE FEDERAL govt WILL be sure those people who’re one of the crucial FIRST ONES TO GET THE VACCINE, THAT THEY might be handled through THAT manner. WE want to REMIND individuals THAT THE vast MAJORITY OF people WILL GET THERE VACCINE through THEIR medical professional OR with a bit of luck AS convenient AND historically AS GETTING A FLU SHOT. WE ought to PRIORITIZE WHO receives IT, however it is the ease WITH WHICH WE are looking to BE capable of do this. we can HAVE A RESERVATION equipment, variety of LIKE trying out. we are able to A — WE will be capable of DO a great deal IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE STATE. lengthy-term CARE amenities WORKING WITH CVS, the usage of THE country wide defend FOR PUBLIC facilities OF VACCINATION AS more VACCINE turns into attainable TO US, I believe we now have a good PLAN IN area. we’re TWEAKING IT, MAKING certain WHEN THE VACCINE HITS THE floor THAT we are going to BE equipped. WE DO HAVE a new DASHBOARD when it comes to facts. everything WE DO IS pushed AROU statistics, AND we are always UPDATING THAT SO folks can not just GET SOME statistics, but the MOST primary information THAT we are taking a look at ON a relentless groundwork TO MAKE ASSESSMENTS in terms of where we’re. THE DASHBOARD IS NH.GOV/COVID-19 . THAT’S THE web site we’re taking a look at AND SHARING nowadays. here IS ON OF — A a bit of distinctive seem TO OUR DASHBOARD. I simply need to CO-WASHABLE — show a couple SLIDES. there is a TON OF information AND it is INTERACTIVE when it comes to THE MAPS AND THE statistics which you could SEE. right here you’re going to SEE OUR leading BAR ON THE OVERVIEW page. you will SEE OUR complete NUMBERS, complete number of cases given that MARCH, complete HOSPITALIZATIONS, total RECOVERED, 17,000. ON THE second LINE, you’re going to SEE the place we are these days, lively cases, CURRE HOSPITALIZATIONS, existing lively day by day exams — i’m SORRY, standard day by day assessments. total number of DEATHS we’re SEEING. THE second LINE IS quite PERTINENT as a result of IS RELATIVE TO WHAT we’re SEEING these days. we will break things OUT through AGE, via FATALITY if you desired to look at THAT, daily traits for brand spanking new circumstances. ON THE correct facet, you will SEE one of the most AREAS that are bigger IMPACTED during the last WEEK, SEVEN TO 14 DAYS. BELKNAP COUNTY IS SEEING long-term CARE facilities WITH larger costs, MANCHESTER IN THAT latitude. — used to be just about ZERO however they are IMPACTED, reduce THAN THE leisure OF THE STATE, but THAT records still IS THERE. we’re NORMALIZING everything. you’re going to SEE lots of OUR NUMBERS the place it’s going to SAY situations PER a hundred,000. it is a knowledge point we now have BEEN speaking ABOUT somewhat just a little. THAT NORMALIZES these NEW circumstances PER 100,000 people. THAT means, you’re ACCOUNTING FOR population DENSITY adjustments. THIS SLIDE IS pretty unique. you can MAP issues OUT by means of COUNTY, PUBLIC health place, OR YOUR city. ON THE other site, there’s a WHOL SET, 20, 25 different things TO analyze, pieces OF data, whether it is the CUMULATIVE ANTIGEN AND PCR look at various on your city AND region, THE number of energetic assessments — circumstances for your city AND vicinity. WE TRIED TO MAKE IT INTERACTIVE so that you CAN DRI DOWN AND HAVE THAT UP-TO-THE-MINUTE records just like WE DO here, FOR TRANSPARENCY SAKE. ultimately, there is a couple different SCREENSHOTS WITH colleges, and i wanted to demonstrate ONE — this is one of the most greater active AREAS OF OUR DASHBOARD. WE desired to make sure THAT fogeys OR folks IN OUR community CAN SEE what’s going on WITH THEIR college AT ANY GIVEN TIME, SO click on to your faculty identify TO examine lively cases, RECOVERED situations, IF there’s CLUSTERS OR OUTBREAKS, THE remaining reported CASE, where THEY can be found. THIS MAP IS showing ON THE LEFT WHICH faculties ARE HYBRID, absolutely far flung, AND absolutely IN adult, so you GET a superb sense of what’s happening in your community AT ANY GIVEN TIME. faculties ARE a local we have BEEN staring at VERY carefully. HATS OFF TO THE lecturers and fogeys AND administrators which are IN person. they are DOING a ravishing JOB, one among OUR brilliant SUCCESS experiences within the STATE. college students ARE DOING a pretty good JOB AND displaying THAT EVEN WHEN OUR NUMBERS rise, we can HAVE SOME experience OF management OF OUTBREAKS AND CLUSTERS EVEN IN a school surroundings where kids will be IN nearer CONTACT. I guess WITH THAT — YEAH, AS A REMINDER to move TO THE site, there is much more THERE, pretty much a whole bunch OF PAGES TO examine AND hundreds OF tips on how to seem to be on the information, SO GO in case you want to understand what’s occurring AT ANY GIVEN TIME on your town OR school, it is right THERE. HATS OFF TO THE crew, BETH DALEY AND HER crew DOING THE CONTACT TRACING. it’s amazing THE amount OF CONTACT TRACING THAT gives THIS information IN a real-TIME way SO WE can also be correct AND SPOT ON FOR ALL OF YOU, AND all of us staring at THIS. WE still HAVE tips on how to GO and wish TO make certain we’ve THE tools purchasable. we will OPEN IT UP FOR SOME QUESTIONS. are you able to DESCRIBE WHO may be GETTING THE VACCINE FIRST WHEN the first PFIZER DOSES ARRIVE? FIRST RESPONDERS? GOV. SUNUN WHEN the primary PFIZER DOSES ARRIVE, basically THEY can be GOING TO HOSPITALS AND THE docs AND NURSES ON THE front traces IN some of OUR maximum risk SETTINGS. AS a part of THAT, I think WE call 1A, we’ve 1A AND 1B, individuals IN CONGREGATE SETTINGS, elderly, AND FIRST RESPONDERS. WE DON’T know the way tons WE are becoming. i’m going TO guess somewhere BETWEEN ten thousand AND 15,000 OF PFIZER AND 15,000 TO 25,000 OF MODERNA. WE are not sure, but this is THE BALLPARK latitude WE think assured , and that’s a pleasant range when it comes to THAT COVERS lots of high-risk people. for those who ARE speakme ABOUT long-time period CARE facilities AND CONGREGATE SETTINGS here AND throughout THE country, THE OUTBREAKS have become really dangerous. realizing THAT in the next few MONTHS we will GET the primary ADMINISTRATION OF THE VACCINE, understanding that you need to WAIT 21 to 28 DAYS TO GET THE BOOSTER, so that you are not OUT OF THE WOODS by CHRISTMAS. IT isn’t unless MID TO LATE JANUARY THAT WE suppose comfy folks that bought IT HAD THEIR 2nd SHOT. >> greater VACCINE RESERVE — the overall quantity in case you GET 30,000, DOES THAT mean 15,000 WILL GET VACCINATED OR WILL YOU provide every SHOT? GOV. SUNUNU: it is a bit funny. when I SAY 15,000, be sure to BE DOUBLING THAT number. >> IT is two pictures. GOV. SUNUNU: we can under no circumstances count number VACCINE IF WE should not have THE 2d DOSE WITH IT. we are able to at all times HAVE IT AS part of OUR combine. >> GOVERNOR, can you inform ME WHAT YOU think — in case you feel THE next WAVE could be when it comes to THE TIMEFRAME OR WHAT THE dimension can be AND WHEN THE commonplace person could be expected TO GET THE VACCINE? GOV. SUNUNU: MY sense IS THAT — WE DON’T understand how a whole lot and how fast it’s going to are available however it WILL seemingly are available in ON A WEEKLY foundation FROM PFIZER AND MODERNA. WE PUT AN ORDER IN on the end OF THE WEEK, tell THEM WHAT WE need AND WE GET OUR PROPORTIONATE SHARE, AND DISTRIBUTE THAT SHA exactly AS OUR VACCINE PLAN PRIORITIZES IT. HOW much WE GET every WEEK IS VARIABLE NOW. IT may be 10,000 OR 20,000 OR 30,000. WE DON’T understand how many we will GET. AS YOU go through those POPULATIONS, MY SENSES — AND here is just a wager, TO BE sincere — but the ordinary inhabitants, healthy ADULTS below THE AGE OF 60 with out UNDERLYING fitness circumstances, as a result of with a bit of luck you have got looked after those folks by means of THEN, within the MARCH/APRIL latitude IS viable. IT could be in some unspecified time in the future, but WE should HAVE SOME persistence before WE GET TO THE sense that you are really attending to 60% TO 70% OF individuals WHO had been in a position to TAKE THE VACCINE. WE don’t seem to be MANDATING A VACCINE at the STATE degree. THERE should be A excessive DEMAND FOR IT understanding ITS EFFICACY, but it surely IS a brand new VACCINE AND THERE might possibly be SOME HESITATION. DO YOU believe IT will be tough TO GET americans TO TAKE THE VACCINE OR no longer, AND DO you intend A marketing campaign FOR WHAT TO predict? GOV. SUNUNU: I DON’T SUSPECT IT should be complicated TO GET americans TO TAKE THE VACCINE, however THERE might be a powerful PSA INFORMATIONAL equipment. THE ASIP. WHICH I believe it is known as, before THE VACCINE COMES OUT, THE CDC WILL UNVEIL THE dangers AND side outcomes, ALL those kinds of things, and that is the place it is CODIFIED IN STONE WHAT THIS VACCINE IS FOR someone. TO be sure we are walking HAND IN HAND WITH THAT advice, with a purpose to DO AT a native stage MAKING certain people take into account that, WHAT ARE THE hazards, what is the EFFICACY? we are able to construct AN INFORMATIONAL campaign primarily based OFF OF THAT. all and sundry is aware of THE VACCINE IS OUR choicest opportunity TO GET through THIS AS individuals AND AS A group. MY sense IS you are going to SEE lots of people LINING UP AND asserting, THIS WORKS, THE FDA DID THEIR JOB, IT WENT quickly however WASN’T RUSHED. it really is THE distinction. OPERATION WARP speed become extraordinary. no person HAS executed the rest LIKE THIS. STEPS were now not SKIPPED, THEY had been just speedy TRACKED. THEY PUT every amount OF EFFORT THEY might TO GET THE statistics SO WHEN IT DID COME OUT IT may be completed RELIABLY AND SAFELY. TO YOUR second query ABOUT when we could SEE — WILL WE SEE a different SURGE, sure, YOU bet we will. THE STRONGEST SURGE that you’ll SEE, I think we are IN IT. MY sense IS you’re going to SEE one more SURGE LATE wintry weather/EARLY SPRING. WILL it’s AS huge AND severe AS NOW? with a bit of luck no longer. optimistically we can HAVE probably the most excessive-risk people VACCINATED by THEN, a good way to in the reduction of HOSPITALIZATION AND THE MORTALITY AND THE death rate WILL in the reduction of THAT BURDEN ON THE gadget. we can now not GET COVID 20 PER SE, IF EVER, however in reality under A more MANAGEABLE condition by using SPRINGTIME. THERE might be other SURGES in the future. >> a pretty commonplace OUTBREAK at the VETERANS home, WILL YOU handle WHAT you plan TO DO with reference TO THAT? GIVEN THE accelerated number of OUTBREAKS IN LAWNCARE — lengthy-time period CARE, ARE YOU since RESTRICTIONS? GOV. SUNUNU: THE OUTBREAKS IN lengthy-time period CARE facilities ARE always OF situation, at all times A possibility, AND we are placing THE maximum value OF OUR ASSAY — property. we are IN communication WITH THE VETERANS home AND long-term CARE amenities. anyone HAVING a controversy, WE MAKE THEM A precedence because the dangers ARE SO excessive WHEN an epidemic happens. PEGULA BRECK AND HER personnel HAVE carried out a wonderful JOB on the VETERANS home. FOR EIGHT AND A HALF MONTHS, they’d NO COVID, WHICH IS spectacular. THEY labored TIRELESSLY using PPE AND trying out, nonetheless it just TAKES ONE OR TWO instances TO GET INTO alongside came — an extended-time period CARE FACILITY AND it could actually become RAMPANT. THE V.A. offered greater STAFFING. we’ve AN an infection group exactly THAT HOWS AND WHYS, WHY is that this OUTBREAK WORSE THAN OTHERS? they have got THE team THEY want and that is WHY WEAVING — WHY CONTACT WITH THE COMMANDANT IS SO vital. AS WITH MANY long-term facilities, THEIR highest difficulty IS STAFFING, OUT, QUARANTINED, anything. they are DOING a very good JOB but are not interesting. long-term CARE AND fitness facilities ARE brief ON staff. that’s where we are placing AS a good deal power AS we can TO GET AS an awful lot STAFFING support AS we can. as a result of they are part of a larger FEDERAL equipment, we’ve HAD tips. we will continue placing each aid TO THE VETERANS domestic. ANY lengthy-term CARE FACILITY THAT wants help AND tips, WE can be THERE. can you update US ON sanatorium CAPACITIES? DR. CHAN: sure. I DON’T HAVE MANY NUMBERS principally TO SHARE. AS we’ve considered IN different international locations AND STATES, whilst group TRANSMISSION raises , THE pressure ON OUR organizations AND colleges however also THE health CARE equipment WILL GO UP. THAT capability dealing with STAFFING SHORTAGES, as the GOVERNOR mentioned, coping with extra americans HOSPITALIZED WITH COVID-19 AND THE considerable large — IMPLICATIONS WITH the use of PPE AND other elements. i’m not privy to ANY HOSPITALS BEING AT SURGE potential. AT ANY GIVEN TIME, we have BETWEEN 3000 TO 3500 BEDS STATEWIDE obtainable, AND WE are not — have not REACHED potential AT THAT level YET. IF AND WHEN HOSPITALS — hospital means DOES enhance, HOSPITALS HAVE interior SURGE PLANS TO raise THEIR capacity extra. AND THE STATE HAS THE alternative OF STANDING UP ALTERNATE CARE sites TO assist OFFLOAD THE BURDEN ON THE sanatorium. THIS is still A DYNAMIC area WITH NUMBERS altering AND fitness CARE companies dealing with STAFFING SHORTAGES, WHICH might also restrict potential. we can proceed TO WORK WITH HOSPITALS TO GET THEM THE integral elements THEY need. i am not aware of ANY health facility presently BEING AT SURGE, in an effort to speak, OR ABOVE capacity. >> what’s the existing fee? IN a couple of WEEKS, WILL HE continue? DR. CHAN it is challenging to say, but GIVEN WHAT we’ve had to SAY — WHAT we now have seen IN different STATES, IT continues to be A possibility. WE proceed to emphasize THE value OF THE group MITIGATION MEASURES, SOCIAL DISTANCING, FACE mask USE, HAND HYGIENE, avoiding SOCIAL GATHERINGS mainly INDOORS. these ARE nonetheless THE basic methods to control THE unfold OF THIS VIRUS and produce THE NUMBERS DOWN. IF W DON’T, fully OUR possibility may GO UP, including HOSPITALIZATION NUMBERS, AND WE can be taking a look at a different picture WEEKS FROM NOW. i am not aware of ANY HOSPITALS BEING AT SURGE capacity. >> specific HOSPITALS that are involved, specially IN HILLSBORO and maybe ROCKINGHAM COUNTY the place THE PCR price goes UP AS high AS 10%. DR. CHAN: ALL COMMUNITIES ARE in danger. each COUNTY IN NEW HAMPSHIRE HAS HAD a substantial OR excessive degree OF community TRANSMISSION. fitness CARE resources VERY area by way of region, however the AREAS that have THE highest BURDEN, SOUTHERN AND SOUTHEASTERN components OF THE STATE ARE GOING to look THE improved variety of situations, so that you can PUT pressure ON THE health CARE equipment. >> just TWO information facets. basically wonderful TO note THAT THE skill definitely moves, AND THE explanation for it is — TECHNICALLY in the starting OF OCTOBER, WE HAD much less potential THAN we now have today. HOW IS THAT? IN OCTOBER, THE potential was ABOUT 70%. — we’ve UTILIZED ABOUT 70% OF THE BEDS. these days we have UTILIZED ABOUT 65% in spite of the fact that THERE ARE extra individuals WITH COVID within the clinic. either less individuals ARE entering into FOR optional things, THE grownup THAT wants THE bed FOR A KNEE surgery IS OPTING no longer to go IN. THERE may be PULLED returned FROM HOSPITALS ON DOING procedures because of STAFFING SHORTAGES THAT they had. IN EARLY OCTOBER, WE HAD UTILIZED ABOUT 70% OF THE BEDS AND AS OF remaining WEEK IT became ABOUT sixty five%. IF TWO OR THREE WEEKS FROM NOW OUR NUMBERS SPIKE, HOSPITALS might AND WOULD birth PULLING again ON not obligatory processes AND functions THAT might probably movement THE skill number AS WE increase. means may boost AS neatly. we’re capable AND IF WE have to HIT THAT SURGE means, we can provide THAT classification OF CARE, extra HOSPITALS. no longer best DOES HILLSBORO HAVE THE optimum cost OF COVID, however the highest price OF people COMING FROM MASSACHUSETTS using these clinic BEDS. each once IN a while, FOR a while WE had been announcing four extra americans were HOSPITALIZED but the complete number may HAVE long gone UP SEVEN OR EIGHT. those four have been the brand new HAMPSHIRE citizens, however BEDS may additionally had been TAKING — TAKEN FROM OUT-OF-STATE COVID sufferers. NOW WE speak in regards to the ordinary HOSPITALIZATION quantity, THE SENSES OF COVID. — CENSUS OF COVID. >> DO you have ANY thought how many OUT-OF-STATE people ARE here? GOV. SUNUNU: THERE is not AN exact quantity because every now and then people HAVE 2d buildings here. THEY could not BE FULL-TIME citizens but they are 2nd buildings. THEY may HAVE USED THE clinic mattress FOR an evening OR TWO before GOING domestic, AND bought TRANSPORTED TO A medical institution OR ARE STAYING. IT strikes a great deal AND it is tough TO tell. it is challenging TO PINPOINT. THE big MAJORITY OF individuals ARE FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE. I DON’T need everyone TO suppose ALL OF OUR COVID cases ARE FROM people OUT OF THE STATE. 10% to twenty% could doubtlessly BE OUT-OF-STATE. >> IF OUR means IS GETTING SO excessive, might WE ASK THEM to move TO VERMONT? GOV. SUNUN there’s THE responsibility TO provide CARE. WE DON’T shy away — THEY DON’T turn americans AWAY. undoubtedly, MOST individuals want CARE of their personal neighborhood FOR the most half, SO IF we can provide THAT probability TO supply returned TO THE community IN A hospital OR FACILITY that may care for THEIR COVID condition of their personal neighborhood, THAT’S doubtless foremost. IF somebody WALKS within the DOOR and desires CARE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, medical doctors should be THERE TO supply IT. question ABOUT checking out IN schools. the day past, THERE was SOME FRUSTRATION VOICED among faculty partners that they’re PLANNING to move TO THE faculties. IS THE anything else TO enhance THE entry? GOV. SUNUN THE playing cards have been across the concept OF colleges. I recognize THE faculties’ FRUSTRATION AND we have HAD DISCUSSIONS TO make sure these suppliers ARE PRIORITIZING lecturers AND college students, SYMPTOMATIC AND ASYMPTOMATIC, AS THEY have been DESIGNED TO DO. WE HEARD THEM LOUD AND CLEAR AND ARE PUSHING AS hard AS we can TO be certain THAT these DOING THE assessments ARE MAKING bound they are part — PRIORITIZED. THE suppliers which have IT PRIORITIZE students AND workforce, but THERE isn’t any PLAN TO HAVE college NURSES DOING THESE checks? GOV. SUNUNU: no longer at the moment. IF HE received into a JAM, WE may GO THAT ROUTE. LET ME TAKE THE useful. TO ME GOES — TIM GOES TO THE NURSES workplace, HE gets A COVID verify, I need to name YOUR parents. it is traumatic FOR a child and that’s what WE wish to steer clear of. IF there’s methods to do that IN bigger faculties that have THE CERTIFICATIONS TO deliver THE test, now not ALL schools CAN supply IT and not ALL NURSES WOULD HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO do this, however WE could DO IT DOWN THE road. WE are attempting TO evade those situations, and since THE with the aid of next playing cards ARE IN pretty much every area within the STATE, we are DIRECTING parents TO DIRECT these. >> a short COUPLE OF QUESTIONS. ON THE CDC exchange IN recommendations BETWEEN THE QUARANTINE ISOLATION AND QUARANTINE, can you provide US THE READER’S DIGEST edition OF WHAT THAT ability? DR. CHAN SO THE CDC information launched the day before today GAVE native AND STATE PUBLIC health JURISDICTIONS SOME alternatives for how TO lower THE BURDEN OF QUARANTINE. AS COVID-19 CIRCULATES extra extensively, more individuals ARE BEING diagnosed AND remoted, AND extra people ARE BEING diagnosed AS CLOSED — shut CONTAC AND ARE BEING REQUIRED TO QUARANTINE. there is general interest TO cut back THE affect AND BURDEN THAT QUARANTIN HAS FOR somebody WITH close CONTACT TO a person WITH COVID-19, SO THE CDC HIGHLIGHTED SOME options. NOTHING HAS changed WITH THIS NOVEL CORONAVIRUS. WE nonetheless believe IF a person IS exposed TO COVID-19, they could boost OR COU boost THE infection THEMSELVES, COVID-19 disease, any place FROM TWO TO 14 DAYS AFTER AN exposure. it really is THE reason there has been A 14 DAY QUARANTINE. NOTHING HAS changed. THERE remains THE probability someone could advance COVID-19 BETWEEN TWO TO 14 DAYS AFTER publicity. what is the risk OF reducing THE QUARANTINE duration, HAVING TO dwell AT domestic FOR 14 DAYS VERSUS GOING all the way down to 10 DAYS OR SEVEN DAYS IF somebody gets A test? THE CDC DID SOME MODELING AND looked at a number of alternate options TO determine THE possibility OF put up QUARANTI TRANSMISSION, SO THE risk THAT someone WOULD GO ON AND unfold IT TO different people if they ENDED THE QUARANTINE THAT 10 DAYS VERSUS SEVEN DAYS WITH A look at various OUT alternative. WITH each and every STEP DOWN IN QUARANTINE TIME length, THERE is some extended chance IN a person WITH COVID-19 SPREADING IT TO OTHERS, however THAT risk is comparatively MINIMAL if you focus on GOING FROM A 14 DAY TO 10 DAY QUARANTINE. THE risk GOES UP extra when you are taking a look at A SEVEN DAY QUARANTINE, although there’s a test. GIVEN THE unfold OF COVID-19, GIVEN THE hazards involved, GIVEN THE testing elements AT HAN, THE most suitable alternative WE FELT TO are attempting AND balance THE risk benefits OF QUARANTINE became to head FROM A 14 DAY TO 10 DAY QUARANTINE duration. THERE ARE nevertheless POPULATIONS AND community facilities THAT seemingly should still stick to THE 14 whats up QUARANTINE — 14 DAY QUARANTINE length LIKE lengthy-term amenities. >> there has been blended suggestions COMING FROM VETTER US — a lot of FEDER executive S. THEY stated don’t wear A mask, NOW they say put on A masks. ARE YOU confident 10 DAYS IS good FOR US? GOV. SUNUNU: THERE isn’t any REQUIREMENT NEW HAMPSHIRE undertake THESE diverse concepts. WE ASSESSED THE tips AND facts THE CDC PUT OUT. we now have basically BEEN DISCUSSING — we have BEEN privy to THIS counsel have been every week OR TWO, a bit OVER per week, SO PUBLIC fitness businesses around the country have been DISCUSSING THIS PLAN AND assistance ROLLOUT WITH THE CDC FOR THE ultimate WEEK, AND had been EXPRESSING OUR considerations AND GETTING CLARIFICATIONS ON HOW THE CDC got here to these NUMBERS. americans CAN GO IN appear at the CDC information THEMSELVES, however in spite of the fact that THERE can be SMALL increased chance FROM A 14 DAY QUARANTINE TO a 10 DAY QUARANTINE, THE universal improvement OF cutting back THE BURDEN OF QUARANTINE ON individuals changed into FAVORABLE. can i ASK YOU A observe-UP query? THERE changed into a lot of BROUHAHA made of THE indisputable fact that there have been REPUBLICAN LEADERS WHO demonstrated effective curiously before THEIR management assembly ON NOVEMBER 20. GOV. SUNUNU: THEY tested nice I agree with AFTER THE assembly. >> THE perception is they were contaminated earlier than THE adventure, in order that they had been well inside the TWO WEEK period TIME. the public HAS BEEN announcing THIS HAS BEEN POLITICIZED AND WE HOPED AFTER THE ELECTION it would not BE POLITICIZED. the previous day, YOU S ACTIVISTS YELLING AT americans, RECORDING THEM no longer wearing A masks strolling backyard in case you do not have TO put on A masks jogging backyard. WHAT can you DO AS OUR exact leader in the STATE to say, LET’S stop POLITICIZING THIS. we have records that you DON’T need to BE isolated FOR 14 DAYS precisely. LET’S move ON. THE ELECTION IS OVER. GOV. SUNUNU: it’s a troublesome question. HOW HAS THE right ELECTED — because the TO ELECTED baby-kisser DO I DEPOLITICIZE THE condition? it’s where WE want to GO actually. ONE thing I’VE TRIED TO DO is not allow POLITICS TO are available in. AS any individual WHO HAS WATCHED THESE BRIEFINGS is aware of, through leading by way of illustration, trying TO exhibit statistics THAT indicates WHY we’re DOING IT, SO WE PUT A mask ORDER IN location AND HAD THE statistics TO again IT UP. americans SAY, you place UP A masks ORDER however HAVEN’T shown US a little bit OF facts. there’s SO a lot facts and very certain facts THAT WE defined THAT DROVE THE masks ORDER OR DRIVES THE regulations OR when we augment laws. WE are attempting TO BE statistics pushed. IF people ARE SO cussed — and that i DON’T CARE WHAT celebration you are FROM, THE VIRUS DOESN’T CARE — if you’re GOING TO BE stubborn and never control AND BE in charge, yes, people WILL GET contaminated AND we now have seen THAT. IT in reality is set personal accountability. here’s THE live in your DIES STATE WHICH capability THAT while WE are attempting TO limit THE size AND OVERREACH OF executive, WE also take on AS people THAT accountability FOR OURSELVES AND FOR OUR group AND households, AND THE GATHERINGS WE should be would becould very well be concerned IN. it’s so important TO TAKE THAT accountability. when we put on A masks AND hold SOCIAL DISTANCING, we’re DOING IT FOR OTHERS, no longer OURSELVES. it is THE better first rate. THERE is not any POLITICS at the back of THAT. i am stunned, TO YOUR point, THAT THE POLITICAL ACRIMONY HASN’T DISSIPATED quicker AFTER THE ELECTION. definite SPARKS ARE FIRING UP much more. at the end OF THE DAY, MY JOB is barely TO manage, BE transparent IN HOW AND WHY we’re DOING IT within the AREAS WE are trying TO current. IF individuals need to POLITICIZE facets OF THIS COVID disaster, it really is SHAMEFUL. THERE isn’t any place FOR IT and that i are trying to steer by means of example. >> when we had been right here earlier than THANKSGIVING, YOU HAD noted that you just had been no longer — WOULD no longer BE drawn to LOCKING DOWN THE STATE FOR four to six WEEKS as the INCOMING BIDEN ADMINISTRATION HAS BEEN FLOATING. THE WHITE house task force currently GAVE GOVERNOR BAKER A suggestion TO put into effect CURFEWS AND different things WHICH appears TO MAKE IT WORSE. YOU shut THE LIQUOR save TWO HOURS EARLY, THERE might be greater individuals within the LIQUOR shop. THE question IS — THE WHITE house project force IS TELLING GOVERNOR BAKER now not TO REOPEN AND TO dwell the place they are, AND NOW THERE ARE SOME negative COMMUNITIES here considering possibly THEY may still put into effect KURDS — CURFEWS ON THEIR companies. GOV. SUNUNU: I HAVEN’T TALKED TO A WHITE apartment assignment drive, BE IT PRESIDENT TRUMP OR VICE — OR PRESIDENT-elect BIDEN OR HIS team ABOUT THIS. WE MAKE choices based on OUR records. parts OF THE country ARE CLAMPING DOWN. CALIFORNIA IS AN example, THEY preserve CLAMPING tougher AND tougher AND THEIR NUMBERS retain SKYROCKETING. IT DOESN’T mean THERE isn’t SOME benefit, but YOU ought to WEIGH THE poor facets OF if you SHUT DOWN AND financial system, pressure THE ISOLATIO considerations, force THE terrible health results OF THAT. WE needed to DO IT IN MARCH AND APRIL, little doubt. THAT changed into a special TIME. we have extra supplies available no matter if it’s checking out AND PPE AND tips files. there is essentially NO where within the country where NUMBERS ARE SKYROCKETING. THE price THAT we’ve IS HAVING THAT balance THAT we have BEEN capable of preserve, HAVING a robust economy THAT CREATES a lot of financial activity AND fitness CARE opportunities, maintains people OFF UNEMPLOYMENT AND MEDICAID, keeps americans IN private health CARE capabilities with a purpose to GET respectable health CARE. which you could GO ON ALL DAY in regards to the positive advantages OF not SHUTTING every little thing DOWN in the event you DON’T need to. I consider we have STRUCK a very good balance. it’s all ABOUT no longer OVERWHELMING THE health CARE gadget. we’ve means, in spite of the fact that we have 5, 6 times extra instances ON A GIVEN DAY OR might be WITH THE energetic situations, 4000, anything LIKE THAT, simply OVER 4000 lively cases. THE optimum WE EVER bought become maybe 2000, something LIKE THAT, IN MARCH AND APRIL, YET OUR HOSPITALIZATION rate IS 20% bigger. THE rate OF HOSPITALIZATION, MY element BEING, however THE CASE NUMBERS ARE greater, we are MANAGING IT an awful lot greater so that you DON’T should CRUNCH every thing DOWN, AND THE negative outcomes could be DIRE. i am not announcing IT couldn’t occur, but we’re NOWHERE close THAT and there’s no PLANS FOR THAT as a result of THE poor effects. >> can i ASK a question TO THE medical professional in regards to the total number of lively circumstances IN lengthy-time period CARE facilities, AND is that this THE WORST we now have seen? DR. CHAN: I DON’T HAVE an answer FOR YOU. we will are trying TO discover THAT AFTERWARDS. THE query IS, WHAT’S the whole variety of circumstances IN long-time period CARE amenities and how DOES THAT compare WITH previous within the PANDEMIC? the primary WAVE OF THE PANDEMIC heavily IMPACTED OUR long-term CARE facilities AND the majority of people contaminated WITH COVID-19 IN APRIL AND MARCH were linked to lengthy-term CARE FACILITY OUTBREAKS THE ultimate COUPLE OF MONTHS, the vast majority of americans infected WITH COVID-19 haven’t BEEN linked to long-term CARE FACILITY OUTBREAKS, but we’re SEEING AS group TRANSITION gets TOO excessive tiers, THE chance OF IT BEING REINTRODUCED INTO long CARE facilities is going UP. we are considering the fact that mirrored in the NUMBERS — I DON’T HAVE actual NUMBERS FOR YOU. there were SEVEN NEW INSTITUTIONAL OUTBREAKS nowadays, AND ONE PIECE OF suggestions I deserve to suitable, MY NOTES had been wrong SO this is A TANGENT, MY NOTES were improper when it comes to THE NUMBERS OF a brand new INSTITUTIONAL OUTBREAK. green MOUNTAIN center IN EFFINGHAM, NEW HAMPSHIRE, I mentioned HAD THREE affected person cases AND TWO body of workers instances. IT was 13 patient INFECTIO AND 14 STAPH INFECTIONS. I DON’T HAVE — workforce INFECTIONS. we have considered SEVEN DEATHS these days. have been all of them lengthy-time period CARE? GOV. SUNUNU: THEY had been. — DR. CHAN: THEY were. >> we’re SEEING a lot of death. DR. CHAN: I HIGHLIGHTED THAT, SEVEN individuals linked lengthy-term CARE amenities AND nine the day before today, SEVEN OF which were associated with long-term CARE facilities. I think THAT HIGHLIGHTS WHAT i used to be speaking ABOUT, WHICH IS AS community TRANSMISSION raises, THE possibility TO prone POPULATIONS WILL increase. GOV. SUNUNU: actual short. DIDN’T they have A previous INSTITUTIONAL OUTBREAK? DR. CHAN: i am getting THE NODS OF yes. >> so you have no thought WHY notwithstanding THEY PUT IN all the PROTOCOLS? DR. CHAN WHY ARE lengthy-term CARE amenities EXPERIENCING NEW OUTBREAKS OR REEXPERIENCING OUTBREAKS? we have BEEN WORKING radically THE last variety of MONTHS WITH lengthy automobile FOR — long-time period CARE amenities TO avoid THE INTRODUCTION OF COVID-19 AND in the reduction of unfold. THE lengthy-term CARE FACILITY group of workers AND administrators have been below a huge volume OF force, AND HAVE finished a ravishing JOB enforcing checking out AND MITIGATION MEASURES. once more, IT REQUIRES distinct LAYER’S OF insurance policy TO avoid COVID-19 FROM BEING delivered, however IN excessive-possibility SETTINGS where there is standard close CONTACT, health CARE VISITATION FROM RESIDENTIAL SETTINGS, it could possibly spread VERY without problems BETWEEN individuals and that’s what we’ve viewed for many MONTHS. lengthy-term CARE amenities have been a hit IN BRINGING OUTBREAKS under control, but AS community TRANSMISSION gets TO such a excessive degree, IT gets difficult TO evade ANY CLUSTERS OR SPREADING OF COVID-19 IN amenities. >> IS IT YOUR sense — maybe CHIEF daily HAS CONTEXT ON THIS as a result of CONTACT TRACING — THESE OUTBREAKS took place FROM friends TO THE amenities OR worker’s WHO introduced THE TRANSMISSION IN? because the GOVERNOR pointed out, there were NO concerns AND impulsively IT BLOWS UP. SPECIFICS AND a lot of times WE DON’T all the time understand how COVID-19 IS brought into a FACILITY the place INTO a long-term CARE FACILITY, but certainly when you have RESIDENTS THERE THAT aren’t GOING OUT AND INTERACTING WITH anybody. IT must be brought IN somehow and you comprehend doubtless it’s generally via group of workers OR OR friends and that’s the place WE goal lots of THE group MITIGATION MEASURES TO steer clear of THAT type OF INTRODUCTION, YOU comprehend, either, YOU know PPE. U personal defensive equipment FOR group of workers, YOU know, THE SCREENING procedures THAT THE testing THAT’S BEING within the THAT’S BEING carried out, YOU be aware of LIMITING friends TO THE EXTENT viable. however, YOU be aware of, WE renowned THAT RESIDENTS OF lengthy-term CARE amenities deserve to HAVE SOCIAL VISITATION AS a part of THEIR usual fitness AND smartly-BEING. SO WE are trying AND MAKE THAT viable but the THE aim IS TO are trying AND minimize THE possibility OF INTRODUCTION but THERE’S NOTHING THAT’S AT combating COVID-19. introduced notably WHEN IT’S unfold SO simply, notably WHEN IT’S unfold FROM people which are probably might be FEELING first-class AND aren’t HAVING ANY SYMPTO OF sickness. thanks. wondering in case you’RE similar to lecturers OR worker’s that have selected D industry THAT ON A SQUEEZE TO THE front OF the road AND if so, HOW ARE YOU managing THAT O ARE YOU just playing? AND FIRST reply what number of people ROUGHLY? bound. SO the first query IS IS OUR individuals attempting TO SQUEEZE TO THE front OF the line. NO. NO, WE’RE I basically HAVEN’T HEARD FROM any one corporations OR other BE academics OR WHAT not asserting. OH NO, YOU have to PUT US FIRST FRANKLY. I think THAT’S A testomony TO THE VACCINATION PLAN THAT WE’VE PUT forward. WE’VE MADE a really PUBLIC and that i consider individuals take into account the place THE maximum risk ARE and they understand where they’re IN LINE. so that you could SAY and i suppose IT’S a good PLAN. IT MEETS THE wants within the PRIORITIES OF THE STA AND SO IT’S BEEN received. VERY VERY POSITIVELY FROM THAT admire in terms of the full number of individuals that are IN priority community 1A. I’M GOING TO be cautious as a result of I DON’T HAVE A directly IN front OF ME. I want to SAY IT’S approximately 35 TO 40,000 whatever OF THAT. WHY YOU COME ON UP BETH possibly BETH is aware of. hello BETH, every day, SO when it comes to OUR PLANNING FOR section ONE A THERE ARE likely around one hundred,000 individuals who’re GOING TO FALL INTO THAT community. LOOTING all of the fitness CARE employees THAT WE wish to GET TO WE WE are not GOING TO HAVE ample VACCINE TO DO them all definitely the first WEEK AND SO there’s a PRIORITIZATION EVEN inside ONE A where WE’RE GOING TO target those high-possibility medical examiners WORKING IN HOSPITALS THEN moving TO AMBULATORY CARE SETTINGS AND other SETTINGS AS neatly OUR home fitness CARE providers. SO THERE’S A absolutely a lot of people WHO WORK IN fitness CARE AND WE need to GET TO THEM. WE even have THE lengthy-term CARE FACILITY RESIDENTS THAT WE are looking to GET TO AS well as the the first RESPONDERS. AS YOU HEARD THE GOVERNOR DESCRIBE WE’RE GOING TO GET ALLOCATIONS OF VACCINE ON A WEEKLY foundation AND THAT may be provided TO these companies AS at once AS possible AND we are definitely GOING TO GET THEM TO THE long-time period CARE amenities AS right away AS viable TO simply FOLLOWING UP TYING THAT INTO OUR PRIOR conversation. WE just HAD SO comprehend THE preliminary VACCINE THAT WE’RE GETTING isn’t enough automatically. IT’S GOING TO TAKE MANY WEEKS FOR US TO BE capable of VACCINATE everybody IN section 1 A WHICH IS WHY YOU HEARD THE GOVERNOR ESTIMATE THAT WE’RE no longer GOI TO BE in a position to GET TO conventional inhabitants. ELATION until likely MARCH OR APRIL first rate. thanks BETH. DR. OUR next query COMES FROM MICHAEL GRAHAM at the NEW HAMPSHIRE JOURNAL MICHAEL, PLEASE G forward together with your question. HOW BADLY do you want THE funds at the moment? AND WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO COMMUNITIES LIKE those ARE where THEY’RE ALREADY looking at CETERA ET CETERA TO take care of WITH earnings issues THAT THEY battle WITH because can charge OF COVID-19 AND no matter if OR not THEY need THIS cash to come back certain SO THERE’S no doubt THAT ECONOMICALLY NEW HAMPSHIRE’S THAN MOST THE nation without a doubt WE’VE I suppose WE’VE MANAGED VERY well. I believe WE WITH THAT. IT’S crucial THAT WASHINGTON DO something. i do know THEY’VE PROPOSED THIS 9 HUNDRED BILLION dollar invoice. I DON’T understand whether IT in reality involves FRUITION OUT OR THERE’S SOME class OF core-OF-THE-road contract. THE good news IS IT appears like you have got sufficient BIPARTISAN support TO GET whatever thing completed, WHICH IS first-rate. IT’LL likely are available THE kind AS I think AS lots of US HAVE read no longer simply STATE support, but STIMULUS support perhaps EVEN SOME UNEMPLOYMENT assist probably THE STATES THAT THAT in fact SO IT ISN’T after which most significantly SOME further dollars FOR VACCINE DISTRIBUTION AND FOR YOU understand, checking out AND PPE. LET’S now not neglect. WE’RE nevertheless GOING TO BE within the administration side in case you WILL OF THE COVID disaster, not just THE VACCINE DISTRIBUTION, but the variety of more THE ordinary can charge OF COVID ARE nevertheless GOING TO EXIST FOR US FOR quite SOME MANY greater MONTHS simply AND SO HAVING a few of those more average money that you just noticed IT concerning THE CARES ACT MAKING these available could be wonderful FOR THE STATE. WE need IT. WE expected TO BE here IN SOME kind. I’M not GOING TO comment TOO much ON WHAT WOULD like to SEE or you recognize, WE’VE achieved loads of THAT AT THIS point. I’LL TAKE A WILL TAKE simply some thing GET some thing completed FOR GOODNESS SAKES AND YEAH, and that i DON’T CARE no matter if REPUBLICANS VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS VOTE FOR all of it one hundred VOTE FOR SENATORS WROTE citadel just somebody provide ME FIFTY ONE VOTES AND AND GET SOME reduction. i hope also was THAT THERE would be SUBSEQUENT programs and i think THERE’S A belief THE THERE that you know WITH PRESIDENT. DIDN’T YOU recognize INCOMING PRESIDENT BIDEN? BIDEN’S ADMINISTRATION, they would likely PUSH FOR a different equipment even if it’s STIMULUS OR financial aid, but WE’RE IN respectable shape. THERE isn’t any DOUBT. WE’RE IN VERY first rate form AND we can manipulate despite the fact that NOTHING were to return but the reality IS something goes to come AND IT’S whatever THAT we can USE and make sure THAT WE just provides a bit extra financial FLEXIBILITY no longer just on the STATE stage AND at the metropolis and city stage however in reality FOR THE private SECTOR AND THE health CA that are MANAGING THIS THE GOVERNOR OUR next query COMES FROM JORDAN HAME WITH THE HAMPSHIRE PUBLIC RADIO JORDAN, PLEASE GO ahead WITH YOU. hello, I have a question related to VACCINES. YOU WROTE A LETTER TO THE ADMINISTRATION a number of WEEKS ago announcing THE country wide shelter would be important IN DISTRIBUTING THE STUFF equipment purchasable. i was questioning IF THAT’S GOING TO BE important within the FIRST FEW WEEKS OF DISTRIBUTION GETTING OUT OF HEALTHCARE worker’s AND IF IT’S now not feasible FOR IOWA’S homes, DOUBLE OUR national safeguard PRESENCE, however IS THERE SOME form of BACKUP PLAN TO make certain THAT we’ve sufficient americans ON THE ground TO MAK bound THE VACCINE IS dispensed. SO in the FIRST FEW WEEKS, SO simply to in reality TWO solutions THERE. yes, WE might be using THE country wide safeguard doubtless no longer in the FIRST COUPLE OF WEEKS. we’ve A AN INFRASTRUCTURE IN place FOR THE FOR the first data OF VACCINE TO GET IT OUT TO THE suppliers OUT TO THE LUNGS THE lengthy-term CARE facilities WORKING at once WITH CVS AND WALGREENS WITH THEIR DISTRIBUTION network. so that you seemingly THE national shelter WILL COME INTO PLAY, however YOU’RE doubtless now not until WE’RE actually INTO extra into a manner OF THE well-known PUBLIC. WE’RE WITH THE GOD WILL assist US rise up AND LOGISTICALLY control VACCINATION core similar to WHAT THEY DID WITH OUR trying out websites throughout THE STATE. THEY’LL help US control VACCINATIONS sites across THE STATE, however THAT is probably going greater YOU GET INTO THE FEBRUARY MARCH TIME body some thing LIKE that after in case you simply HAVE, YOU be aware of extra OF THE generic inhabitants PUSHING ahead AND confidently extra OF THE VACCINE attainable, SO NOTHING in the FIRST COMING WEEKS, however sooner or later, sure, LAID ALL THAT OUT WITH THE national THEY’RE able to GO. THEY’VE BEEN top notch partners nowadays and that they’RE GOING TO continue TO BE A a must-have ASSET AS WE stream ahead. we’re ALL SET ON THE telephones. THAT’S terrific. YOU HAD a lot of individuals. THERE ARE understanding. IS THERE loads of THAT have been REFUSING and never wearing MASS. YOU HAD THEM attempting TO SOCIALLY DISTANCE but YET AN OPEN BUFFET AS smartly. AND after we I imply, IT turned into a little BIT RUMOR MILL as a result of once more, that you may’T SAY WHO AND WHEN SO IT became a bit BIT RUMOR ABOUT WHO HAD IT and the way MANY cases there have been I consider IS FOR general cases AT THIS factor IN TIME. THEY could be greater DOWN THE road. yes, OF path, THEY should still HAVE REACHED OUT, but THAT’S actually THE LEGISLATE THE LEGISLATURE’S function THERE. IT WASN’T an epidemic. IT WASN’T whatever THAT I feel they’d executed. CAN’T THEY PUBLIC health IS executed CONTACT TRACING they had THERE turned into A LETTER THAT WENT OUT TO these participants. SO THERE become first rate verbal exchange AMONGST THAT MEMBERSHIP. THERE WASN’T A BROADER possibility TO the public PER SE but YOU understand AS issues MOVED ahead THE communique basically should still have been happening BETWEEN each events both our bodies WITH IN THERE AND MAKING bound THAT all and sundry UNDERSTOOD AND KNEW THE dangers AND THE RAMIFICATIONS OF THE I DON’T know how THAT suggestions TRANSPIRED BETWEEN REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS TO organization DAY PER SE MINE ARE saying IS IT WASN’T decent. IT WASN’T complete IS MY realizing, however WE’RE I’M in fact not worried IN THAT PIECE OF IT. but NOW IT became IT changed into BADLY MANAGED FROM THE starting AND communique should still were a great deal stronger. AND in the precedence record in case you GOI TO GET YOUR VACCINE, I DON’T in reality HAVE my very own forty six 47. I simply HAD MY BIRTHDAY and that i SWEAR TO GOD, I’M FORGETTING. NO 46, appropriate? YEAH, forty six became BORN IN seventy four TOOK ME A 2d THERE NOW 46 relatively match. I’M within the mix WITH likely the majority OF THE familiar population, but in case you IT’S TIME TO VACCINATED I’LL BE satisfied TO BE THE FIR ONE UP THERE. fully. THERE’S lots of VERY critical I suppose crucial americans WITH a very good ROLES AND duties. we all ARE SURROUNDED OURSELVES WITH excellent teams TO SO GOD FORBID both I should still GET ill OR THE COMMISSIONER gets sick once again. I suppose THE usual health dangers TO US AS people AS fairly match. AND younger people I suppose COMMISSIONER should examine that is a whole lot a good deal more youthful THAN MYSELF, but YOU be aware of, WE’RE within the risk swimming pools WITH all and sundry ELSE THAT just since you’RE AN ELECTED official or you’RE driving THE BOAT UP right here a bit BIT ON THE VACCINE DISTRIBUTION DOESN’T PUT US extra ahead IN LINE because anytime YOU know IF WE PUT OURSELVES forward IN LINE, THAT’S ONE other grownup that’s OF bigger risk. THAT ISN’T GETTING THE VACCINE. so you ought to at all times hold THAT IN intellect TO make sure but it surely looks SO removed from WHAT I’VE seen THAT THE VACCINE goes TO BE IT’S GOING TO BE safe. IT’S GOING TO BE legit. AND FOR a person LIKE MYSELF TO BE NO purpose no longer TO GET certainly GIVEN I actually have children, YOU understand, I actually have OLDER parents. SO, YOU understand it just MAKES experience. okay. smartly that would that might allow I lost THE guess ON THAT ONE today. i believed THAT turned into GOING TO BE a brief ONE, but curiously not SO WE appreciate all and sundry BEING patient. there’s a AS WE keep announcing there is a light-weight at the conclusion OF THE TUNNEL. IT’S GETTING closer AND nearer. THE team HAS accomplished a ravishing JOB making ready FOR THE VACCINE IT ARRIVES and i feel within the night in the FEW WEEKS here. WE’RE GOING TO HAVE the primary individuals ARE RECEIVING THEIR FIRST DOSE OF THE VACCINE AND AND however once again EXPECTATION is this DOESN’T GO AWAY ON JANUARY 1ST. i can’T SAY IT ample. WE need to live DISCIPLINED FOR at the least THE following couple of MONTHS INTO THE iciness winter can be a bit hard nevertheless IN here is GOING TO REQUIRE a couple of more SACRIFICES, but NOTHING we are able to’T have the capacity to GET THROU


NH COVID updates: New assistance, information

officials aspect number of COVID-19 cases

greater than 24,000 Granite Staters have confirmed advantageous for coronavirus ailment COVID-19, which became first detected ultimate 12 months in Wuhan metropolis, China. The outbreak turned into labeled a virus by the area fitness firm in mid-March.>> download the FREE WMUR app | *Full press convention in the video above became held Dec. three, 2020* New Hampshire information:variety of people clinically determined with COVID-19: 24,138Most-recent day by day PCR examine positivity price (records launched 12/5): 5.5% variety of deaths attributed to COVID-19: 559Number of lively cases: 4,545Number of patients who have recovered: 19,034Number of existing hospitalizations: 146Number of individuals who have been hospitalized: 847 number of complete PCR checks for COVID-19: 437,553 variety of complete antibody tests: 33,528Number of MIS-C cases: 1 ** city-through-city COVID-19 case information **>> latest worldwide coronavirus facts | Interactive map from Johns Hopkins college | CDC guidelines on coronavirus 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** city-with the aid of-city COVID-19 case facts **fresh possible community EXPOSURESThe following is a listing of recent knowledge community exposures to COVID-19 within the state:Stumble lodge Bar and Grill in Londonderry — Nov. eleven-23Filotimo on line casino & DraftKings Sportsbook — Nov. 19-29MacDougall’s Tavern in Keene — Nov. 20-24Chop shop Pub in Seabrook — Nov. 21>> DHHS tips: Coronavirus in New Hampshire | Volunteering opportunities | the way to donate PPEsACTIVE OUTBREAKS AT facilities IN STATEThe following facilities have seen established circumstances in residents and/or group of workers in fresh days or perhaps weeks, in response to officials: Benchmark Senior dwelling at Nashua Crossings in NashuaColonial Poplin Nursing & Rehabilitation Coos County Nursing health facility in West StewartstownGrace house of Windham in WindhamGreen Mountain treatment center in EffinghamHanover Hill health Care in ManchesterHanover Terrace health and Rehabilitation center in Hanover Maple Leaf Healthcare center Mount Prospect Academy in PlymouthNew Hampshire Veterans home in TiltonOceanside core – Genesis Prospect-Woodward home in KeeneRidgewood Genesis BedfordThe relaxed Psychiatric Unit at the branch of Corrections St. Ann Rehabilitation and Nursing middle in DoverSt. Joseph house in Manchester St. Teresa Rehabilitation and Nursing core in ManchesterStudley domestic Assisted residing Facility Rochester Woodlawn Care middle in Newport KEY DATESOn Nov. 19, the governor announced a statewide mask mandate, valuable Nov. 20. any one over the age of 5 in a public area, indoors or outside, who can not physically distance from others no longer in their own family unit shall put on a mask, based on the emergency order.On Nov. 12, the state introduced that each one interstate adolescence hockey competitions in New England and New Jersey had been suspended except Dec. 31 on the earliest. Plus, because of an increase in cases, state officers pointed out they’re going to now not conduct contact tracing for every single case and in its place will center of attention on definite populations. On Oct. 23, the state launched new information for indoor hockey and ice rink activities that contains obligatory checking out for all those worried.On Oct. 15, the governor announced that every one indoor hockey actions would be paused for two weeks after officials referred to elevated neighborhood transmission that is probably going linked to hockey.On Oct. 2, fitness officials begun adding antigen examine effects to the totals because the fast tests are getting more primary. That resulted in an apparent spike in high quality circumstances, as effective antigen checks from over the course of the pandemic have been delivered. One further loss of life and five hospitalizations involving fine antigen tests had been additionally delivered.On Sept. 24, the governor talked about that all restaurants can move tables nearer than 6 ft as long as there’s a shielding divider in place between tables.On Aug. 21, the governor introduced that all New Hampshire restaurants could open at a hundred% capacity, notwithstanding they still ought to following distancing and masks guidelines.On Aug. 11, the governor announced that masks can be required in any respect scheduled gatherings of one hundred or extra individuals.On July 14, officials introduced the plan to reopen colleges within the fall.On June 15, the live-at-home order expired and changed into replaced by a safer-at-home advisory. A key change is that the requirement that each one corporations need to be fewer than 10 americans is not any longer in place.On can also 22, officials announced the state’s first case of MIS-C in a baby.On March 23, officials introduced the state’s first dying of a patient clinically determined with COVID-19.On March 13, the governor first declared a state of emergency, which ensures substances can be equipped so the state is in a position to respond directly, as needed. This has been renewed and is presently lively. It must be renewed each three weeks whereas an emergency is ongoing with the intention to remain lively.KEY native assistance>> latest coronavirus insurance from WMURInformation about coronavirus testingUnemployment informationGuidelines about wearing fabric masks in public SYMPTOMSOfficials noted signs could appear in as few as two days or provided that 14 days after exposure.symptoms consist of:Fever or chillsCoughDifficulty respiratory or shortness of breathFatigueMuscle or physique achesNew loss of taste or smellSore throatCongestion or runny noseNausea or vomitingDiarrhea in keeping with the CDC, emergency warning signals for COVID-19 consist of:issue breathing or shortness of breathPersistent pain or power within the chestNew confusionInability to wake or reside awakeBluish lips or face keeping YOURSELFThe premiere way to prevent sickness is to prevent being uncovered to the virus, officials spoke of.listed below are easy methods to provide yourself with protection:accepted hand-washing with cleaning soap and water (or hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol) for as a minimum 20 secondsAvoid close contact through social distancing (at least 6 feet from somebody)dwell homePREVENTING THE SPREADThere are steps that can also be taken to stay away from spreading coronavirus:covering coughs and sneezes after which washing hands afterwardStay home and steer clear of public places when sickAvoid being within 6 ft of an individual when sickDisinfect generally touched surfacesAvoid sharing drinks, smoking/vaping instruments or other utensils or objects that may additionally transmit saliva put on material face coverings when close other americans in public latest trying out techniques>> extra assistance about trying out << trying out is available for lively COVID-19 infections and for antibodies, which would point out evidence of past infection.All Granite Staters, no matter if they have signs or now not, are allowed to get proven and are being encouraged to achieve this. visit this hyperlink to be trained extra. UNEMPLOYMENTTens of thousands of Granite Staters have filed for unemployment, and hundreds of millions of bucks had been paid out. how to follow: visit https://www.nhes.nh.gov/ — Claims will also be filed 24/7File an initial claim: https://www.unemploymentbenefits.nh.gov/file-my-preliminary-claimFile a weekly persevered declare: https://www.unemploymentbenefits.nh.gov/file-my-weekly-persisted-claimCheck existing declare repute: https://www.unemploymentbenefits.nh.gov/determine-my-present-claim-statusOr call 603-271-7700 — Hotline open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday via Friday and 9 a.m. to five p.m. on Saturday and SundayThe state has launched a domain to reply unemployment-related questions. talk over with https://www.unemploymentbenefits.nh.gov/.fresh coverage** See the latest headlines at this hyperlink. **you are also encouraged to subscribe to the daily coronavirus publication to get the newest updates to your inbox. countrywide UPDATESMore than 13.three million people within the country had been contaminated with the virus and more than 266,000 americans have died, in keeping with statistics from Johns Hopkins university.The nation’s excellent infectious ailment skilled stated Sunday that the U.S. may see a “surge upon a surge” of the coronavirus over the coming weeks, and he does not expect current strategies around social distancing to be comfy before Christmas.Pharmaceutical company Moderna intends to follow Monday to the U.S. meals and Drug Administration for authorization of its COVID-19 vaccine. The business will ask the FDA to evaluate an accelerated information set showing the vaccine is ninety four.1% advantageous at preventing COVID-19 and one hundred% advantageous at combating severe circumstances of the sickness.The U.S. surpassed 80,000 each day hospitalizations on Nov. 19 and set new facts frequently for 17 days straight via Friday, in line with the COVID tracking task. Then on Saturday, the quantity reached ninety one,635.

greater than 24,000 Granite Staters have verified positive for coronavirus disease COVID-19, which turned into first detected last 12 months in Wuhan city, China. The outbreak become labeled an epidemic by way of the world fitness organization in mid-March.

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New Hampshire statistics:

  • number of individuals clinically determined with COVID-19: 24,138
  • Most-recent daily PCR check positivity price (information launched 12/5): 5.5%
  • variety of deaths attributed to COVID-19: 559
  • variety of lively instances: four,545
  • number of patients who’ve recovered: 19,034
  • variety of current hospitalizations: 146
  • number of americans who have been hospitalized: 847
  • number of total PCR exams for COVID-19: 437,553
  • number of total antibody checks: 33,528
  • variety of MIS-C circumstances: 1

** town-by using-town COVID-19 case statistics **

>> latest international coronavirus records | Interactive map from Johns Hopkins university | CDC instructions on coronavirus

** town-by way of-city COVID-19 case statistics **

fresh possible group EXPOSURES

here is an inventory of contemporary knowledge group exposures to COVID-19 in the state:

>> DHHS suggestions: Coronavirus in New Hampshire | Volunteering alternatives | a way to donate PPEs

active OUTBREAKS AT facilities IN STATE

the following amenities have seen tested circumstances in residents and/or workforce in fresh days or even weeks, according to officials:

  • Benchmark Senior living at Nashua Crossings in Nashua
  • Colonial Poplin Nursing & Rehabilitation
  • Coos County Nursing clinic in West Stewartstown
  • Grace residence of Windham in Windham
  • eco-friendly Mountain medication middle in Effingham
  • Hanover Hill fitness Care in Manchester
  • Hanover Terrace fitness and Rehabilitation core in Hanover
  • Maple Leaf Healthcare center
  • Mount Prospect Academy in Plymouth
  • New Hampshire Veterans home in Tilton
  • Oceanside middle – Genesis
  • Prospect-Woodward home in Keene
  • Ridgewood Genesis Bedford
  • The relaxed Psychiatric Unit at the branch of Corrections
  • St. Ann Rehabilitation and Nursing middle in Dover
  • St. Joseph house in Manchester
  • St. Teresa Rehabilitation and Nursing core in Manchester
  • Studley domestic Assisted residing Facility Rochester
  • Woodlawn Care core in Newport


  • On Nov. 19, the governor announced a statewide mask mandate, positive Nov. 20. any person over the age of 5 in a public space, indoors or outdoors, who can’t bodily distance from others now not in their personal household shall wear a masks, in line with the emergency order.
  • On Nov. 12, the state introduced that every one interstate formative years hockey competitions in New England and New Jersey have been suspended except Dec. 31 at the earliest. Plus, due to an increase in circumstances, state officials noted they are going to not conduct contact tracing for every single case and in its place will focal point on certain populations.
  • On Oct. 23, the state launched new information for indoor hockey and ice rink actions that contains mandatory testing for all those concerned.
  • On Oct. 15, the governor introduced that all indoor hockey activities can be paused for two weeks after officials stated accelerated group transmission that is probably going related to hockey.
  • On Oct. 2, fitness officers all started adding antigen check results to the totals since the speedy checks have become more usual. That resulted in an apparent spike in wonderful cases, as effective antigen assessments from over the course of the pandemic had been brought. One further dying and 5 hospitalizations involving fine antigen assessments have been also delivered.
  • On Sept. 24, the governor referred to that every one restaurants can move tables closer than 6 ft so long as there’s a protecting divider in region between tables.
  • On Aug. 21, the governor announced that each one New Hampshire restaurants may open at one hundred% capacity, though they nonetheless ought to following distancing and mask instructions.
  • On Aug. eleven, the governor announced that masks can be required in any respect scheduled gatherings of a hundred or greater americans.
  • On July 14, officers introduced the plan to reopen faculties in the fall.
  • On June 15, the reside-at-home order expired and changed into replaced by using a safer-at-home advisory. A key difference is that the requirement that each one organizations must be fewer than 10 people isn’t any longer in place.
  • On can also 22, officials announced the state’s first case of MIS-C in a baby.
  • On March 23, officials introduced the state’s first demise of a affected person clinically determined with COVID-19.
  • On March 13, the governor first declared a state of emergency, which ensures substances might be capable so the state is able to respond quickly, as essential. This has been renewed and is at the moment lively. It has to be renewed each three weeks while an emergency is ongoing as a way to stay energetic.

KEY native suggestions

>> newest coronavirus coverage from WMUR


officials talked about signs may seem in as few as two days or provided that 14 days after exposure.

symptoms include:

  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • problem breathing or shortness of breath
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or physique aches
  • New lack of taste or scent
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nostril
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

in response to the CDC, emergency warning indications for COVID-19 encompass:

  • problem breathing or shortness of breath
  • Persistent ache or force within the chest
  • New confusion
  • inability to wake or dwell awake
  • Bluish lips or face

holding your self

The top-quality approach to steer clear of sickness is to evade being exposed to the virus, officials talked about.

listed below are how to protect yourself:

  • customary hand-washing with soap and water (or hand sanitizer with at the least 60% alcohol) for as a minimum 20 seconds
  • keep away from close contact through social distancing (as a minimum 6 feet from someone)
  • reside home

combating THE unfold

There are steps that can be taken to prevent spreading coronavirus:

  • masking coughs and sneezes and then washing arms in a while
  • stay home and stay away from public locations when ill
  • keep away from being within 6 ft of an individual when ailing
  • Disinfect commonly touched surfaces
  • prevent sharing drinks, smoking/vaping gadgets or different utensils or objects that may additionally transmit saliva
  • wear fabric face coverings when near different individuals in public

latest testing processes

>> greater guidance about trying out <<

trying out is attainable for energetic COVID-19 infections and for antibodies, which might indicate proof of previous an infection.

All Granite Staters, even if they’ve symptoms or now not, are allowed to get demonstrated and are being inspired to do so. visit this link to be trained extra.


Tens of thousands of Granite Staters have filed for unemployment, and hundreds of hundreds of thousands of bucks have been paid out.

a way to follow:

The state has launched a site to answer unemployment-linked questions. talk over with https://www.unemploymentbenefits.nh.gov/.

contemporary insurance

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country wide UPDATES

greater than 13.3 million americans in the country have been contaminated with the virus and greater than 266,000 people have died, in keeping with facts from Johns Hopkins tuition.

The nation’s top infectious sickness professional talked about Sunday that the U.S. may additionally see a “surge upon a surge” of the coronavirus over the arriving weeks, and he does not expect present recommendations around social distancing to be relaxed before Christmas.

Pharmaceutical business Moderna intends to apply Monday to the U.S. food and Drug Administration for authorization of its COVID-19 vaccine. The company will ask the FDA to review an extended facts set showing the vaccine is 94.1% beneficial at combating COVID-19 and one hundred% advantageous at fighting extreme instances of the ailment.

The U.S. surpassed 80,000 day by day hospitalizations on Nov. 19 and set new information continuously for 17 days straight via Friday, in line with the COVID tracking venture. Then on Saturday, the number reached 91,635.