January 19, 2021

have you ever Skipped rent Or mortgage payments during the Pandemic?

Congress has ordered banks to permit most owners damage financially in the pandemic to bypass personal loan payments. Some renters are covered by way of eviction protections.

if you are soliciting for this variety of aid, NPR desires to hear from you.

We need to know the way all of this is playing out. Are banks and other lenders following the suggestions and working to assist you? when you are a renter, is your landlord being bendy whether it really is required beneath the law or no longer? We wish to hear your experiences.

In March, we heard from hundreds of you about issues with personal loan forbearances. Lenders have been telling owners things that have been now not true — as an example, that if a homeowner skipped payments, they’d deserve to make those up with a big balloon or lump-sum price that they couldn’t have enough money. The guidelines don’t allow that. The studies we did in response helped push federal regulators to crack down on groups to get them to observe the rules. Now we’re accomplishing out to you once more to find out how issues are working many months later.

Sharing your adventure will assist newshounds take note what’s going on in the core of this crisis. as an instance, are lenders permitting you to put your overlooked mortgage funds on the lower back of the personal loan term as they should be so your monthly charge doesn’t go up in case you find work and can beginning paying once more? if you appoint, how are you being handled through your landlord? We might also contact you to peer if you’d like to do an interview for a narrative.

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