January 16, 2021
COVID-19 in NH: city-by using-town coronavirus cases

COVID-19 in NH: city-by using-town coronavirus cases

COVID-19 in NH: town-with the aid of-town coronavirus cases

See town-with the aid of-city COVID-19 information for latest, complete cases

news. GOVERNOR SUNUNU IS UPDATING THE STAPLES THE CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE. LET’S listen IN — THE STATE’S CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE. LET’S pay attention IN. GOV. SUNUNU: definitely, WE want to birth WITH THE highly sad information announced last night, residence SPEAKER DICK HINCH DID circulate AWAY all at once the previous day, AND we are able to appreciate THE disappointment THAT HIS wife, PAT, AND HIS little ones should believe nowadays. DICK become an extremely close pal, no longer just OF MINE, however I suppose he is an in depth chum OF probably a lot of individuals in this ROOM, AND surprising recommend FOR HIS group, AND he’ll certainly BE VERY SORELY overlooked. earlier THIS AFTERNOON, THE attorney normal’S workplace DID ANNOUNCE THAT talk HINCH’S explanation for DEA became FROM COVID-19 AND definitely A STARK REMINDER, regrettably, THAT THIS REMINDER DOES — THIS VIRUS doesn’t CARE if you are IN an extended-term CARE FACILITY OR AN ELECTED professional, nobody IS IMMUNE. it’s SPREADING IN OUR COMMUNITIES. IT is not only have an effect on THE elderly, IT affects everyone, all over, AND WE ought to reside VIGILANT, not handiest FOR OURSELVES, but ESPECIALL these YOU might also are available CONTACT WITH, OUR households, COWORKERS, some thing THE circumstance may well be, we all dangle THAT accountability AND ought to MAINTA IT. AS a lot AS COVID SA FATIGUE IS surroundings IN WITH lots of individuals, NOW greater than EVER, WE understand THAT A VACCINE IS ON the manner, but WE can’t TAKE OUR FOOT OFF THE PEDAL. WE should STA VIGILANT. it will possibly HAVE tremendously terrible effects, unfortunately, AS WE additionally the day before today. before WE GO right into a PUBLIC health replace, wish to supply AN replace right into a condition on the NEW HAMPSHIRE VETERANS home AND THE MULTIAGENCY EFFORT THAT HAS BEEN happening IN assist OF THE domestic AND THE VETERANS THEMSELVES at the VETERANS home UP IN TILTON. it’s astonishing THAT the primary EIGHT MONTHS OF THIS PANDEMIC, WE saw OUTBREAKS IN lengthy-term CARE amenities AND RESIDENTI amenities throughout THE STATE. HATS OFF TO PE PEGGY LEBREK AND HER workforce WHO DID a ravishing JOB preserving COVID OUT OF THAT FACILITY, AND AS WE understand, IT simply TAKES ONE CASE OF COVID TO GET INTO the facility. IT occurs. it will possibly take place IN a whole lot of alternative ways, AND THE attack price ON THIS VIRUS IS SO extreme AND SO AGGRESSIVE, WE recognize we will HAVE incredibly terrible outcomes. AS soon as the VETERANS domestic identified the primary CASE, not EVEN A MONTH in the past, ON NOVEMBER 10 , YOU be aware of, all of us GATHERED together. THE STATE TOOK instant action. the first element WE DID became REQUEST guidance FROM THE FEDERAL VETERANS ADMINISTRATION WHO despatched 17 clinical PERSONNEL, together with THE countrywide handle crew, FROM THE FEDERAL V.A. have been DISPATCHED right here IN NEW HAMPSHIRE TO aid. MY workplace AND THE STATE remains IN DIRECT CONTACT WIT COMMANDANT LABRECQUE TO deliver everything THEY need, whether it’s PPE, N95’S, cleansing materials, anything IT may be, we are THERE, had been THERE, AND proceed TO BE THERE FOR THEM as well as all the different long-term CARE amenities, anyone GOING via a similar OUTBREAK. we now have somewhere in the neighborhood OF 25, 30 OUTBREAKS. we can GET AN update FROM COMMISSIONER SHIBINETTE, IN various kinds of CONGRESS GET dwelling SETTINGS. we’re THERE FOR ALL OF THEM. HATS OFF TO THE crew A PUBLIC fitness we now have an entire team committed TO THAT and dealing WITH ON an everyday basis TO be certain that they’ve WHAT THEY want. one of the most greatest issues THAT WE FACE AND THAT THE total nation FACES ON A NATIONWIDE degree IS STAFFING, THE STAFFING SHORTAGES THAT we now have seen ALL throughout THIS nation, AND, lamentably, the brand new HAMPSHIRE VETERANS house is not resistant to THAT, STAFFING SHORTAGES, no longer just on account of COVID effective situations but SUBSEQUENT QUARANTINING OF individuals THAT frequently HAS TO happen IN THESE cases. WE DID CONTACT THE FEDERAL V.A., AND we now have requested THEM — and that they HAVE AGREED — TO enable THEIR body of workers THAT THEY offered TO US TO dwell a little LONGER, WHICH goes TO BE a lot of assist. THE countrywide GUAR HAS STEPPED UP, presenting more ADMINISTRATIVE services, SO FULL-TIME personnel could be ON THE entrance LINE WITH THE sufferers. IT in reality HAS BEEN AN ALL arms ON DECK method. loads of other individuals across THE STATE providing THEIR TIME, offering TO VOLUNTEER THEIR TIME AND features TO aid THE situation on the NEW HAMPSHIRE VETERANS domestic. we can continue to be ON appropriate OF THE circumstance, now not just COME again, WITH THEM, WITH ALL OF OUR long-term CARE amenities. COMMISSIONER SHIBINETTE AND HER team labored hard organising fairly A STOCKPILE OF PPE. WE PLAY IT virtually each day WITH PPE, WE dependent a really mighty STOCKPILE, SO something individuals need, WE could make IT attainable ON A moment’S observe. one of the vital CARES ACT FUNDING, THESE concerns don’t appear to be FUNDING pushed AS lots THE rapid ANTIGEN verify became MADE attainable TO the new HAMPSHIRE VETERANS home, so they can live correct ON suitable OF THEIR checking out WITH THE group of workers AND RESIDENTS AT A moment’S be aware, AND we will proceed TO MAKE similar lodgings FOR any individual GOING in the course of the OUTBREAKS. ALL throughout THE nation, THE NUMBERS ARE SKYROCKETING. WE know THAT. maybe no longer AS an awful lot IN NEW HAMPSHIRE AS IN other constituents OF THE country, however they are still incredibly high. we’re SEEING five MY sixty seven instances THE variety of COVID CASE nowadays — 5, 6, SEVEN times THE number of COVID instances today THAT WE DID lower back IN APRIL. DOUBLE THE quantity THAT WE saw originally returned IN SPRING. we can nevertheless be able to HIM WORKING WITH THE HOSPITALS IN a number of methods. we will focus on THAT a bit BIT later on in this PRESS convention, however, YOU comprehend, we are able to manage, AND THE NUMBERS ARE high, but it truly DOES TAKE THE ALL arms ON DECK EFFORT, AND we will reside ON precise OF IT. WITH THAT, i’ll turn IT OVER TO DR. CHAN. DR. CHAN: amazing. thank you VERY an awful lot, AND decent AFTERNOON, everyone. THE NUMBERS update at the STATE stage, we’re announcing 695 NEW individuals which have been clinically determined WITH COVID-19 IN OUR NUMBERS today, 382 of these people proven wonderful via PCR, AND 313 by ANTIGEN testing. within the ultimate WEEK, we have general round 750 TO 800 NEW INFECTIONS PER DAY STATEWIDE AND THE number of americans WIT energetic INFECTIONS at the moment IN OUR STATE STANDS AT 6303, a rise OF just about 2000 individuals FROM a week ago AT THIS equal TIME. OUR verify POSITIVELY price, once again, NOW including ANTIGEN AND PCR tests mixed, THE basic verify POSITIVELY cost IS AVERAGING ABOUT 9%. once more, it truly is UP FROM ABOUT a week in the past after we have been round 7%, SO THE testing facts IS DEMONSTRATING increasing neighborhood TRANSMISSION. because the GOVERNOR ELUDED TO, we’re — ALLUDED TO, we are AT 214 people at the moment HOSPITALIZE STATEWIDE, notably UP FROM per week ago. lamentably, 14 NE people that have DIED FROM COVID-19 within the STATE, 13 OF WHOM ARE associated with lengthy-term CARE facilities. THIS BRINGS the total number of individuals who have DIED IN NEW HAMPSHIRE throughout THIS PANDEMIC TO 584 individuals. in the final WEEK, THERE have been A TOT OF 40 americans which have DIED FROM COVID-19 IN NEW HAMPSHIRE by myself in the remaining WEEK. WE comprehend THAT group TRANSMISSION CONTINUES TO raise, AND with no high degree OF COMPLIANCE FOR masks USE, SOCIAL DISTANCING, averting SOCIAL GATHERINGS, heading off shuttle, in particular across the vacation trips, THE rates OF an infection it really is spread around OUR COMMUNITIES WILL doubtless boost. keep IN MD THAT probably under 5% OF THE population IN NEW HAMPSHIRE HAS BEEN exposed TO THE VIRUS AND HAS IMMUNITY OR coverage, in order that LEAVES a big share OF OUR RESIDENTS IN NEW HAMPSHIRE which are at risk of an infection, SO without high COMPLIANCE TO THE MITIGATION MEASURES, THE NUMBERS ARE prone to continue to move UP AT A CONCERNIN rate. AND WHEN community TRANSMISSION IS SO high, WE comprehend THAT WITH long-term CARE amenities AND companies, OUR schools in danger FOR INTRODUCTION AND spread OF COVID-19, AND SO IT is still THE COLLECTIVE responsibility OF people, businesses, COMMUNITIES TO offer protection to OUR INSTITUTIO AND TO give protection to THE susceptible people IN OUR STATE. i will HAND issues OVER TO THE COMMISSIONER NOW. thanks. COMMR. SHIBINETTE: thanks, AND respectable AFTERNOON. nowadays, we are saying, FOR OUR lengthy-term CARE replace, we have THREE TO close, MOUNT PROSPECT ACADEMY, SAINT THERESE’S, AND WOODLAWN CARE core, ALL CLOSING THERE OUTBREAK fame. we now have 14 NEW OUTBREAKS TO ANNOUNCE these days. THE CORYVILLE advert BEDFORD, CARLO vicinity, CRESTWOOD center IN MILFORD, the new HAMPSHIRE STATE penal complex, THE guys STATE PERSIAN, SOME health CARE IN EPSOM, HACKETT HILL IN MANCHESTER, THE hotel AT FAIRVIEW IN HUDSON, LAKES VIEW FAIRVIEW home IN LACONIA, MERRIMACK COUNTY NURSING home IN BOSCAWEN, HEINZ NEW MARKET pleasant VIEW NURSING home, RIVERSIDE relaxation home, AND WARD fitness AND REHABILITATION home, SO these ARE ALL NEW lengthy-time period CARE OR CONGREGANT residing OUTBREAKS, AND we are able to release OUR commonplace CHART each and every WEEK WITH a number of circumstances in preference to go through every individual. it truly is ALL I actually have. thank you. GOV. SUNUNU: thank you, COMMISSIONER. TWO extra items, and then we can OPEN IT UP FOR QUESTIONS. ONE, once more, IS REITERATION clinic means. THE clinic means is still A DRIVER when it comes to WHAT FOCUSES OUR EFFORTS. WE at all times need to make sure THAT we’re growing — HAVING capability IN OUR fitness CARE equipment, creating ability the place we can WORKING WITH THE HOSPITALS in particular HAS BEEN, I believe, FRUITFUL OVER THE closing COUPLE OF WEEKS. COMMISSIONER SHIBINETTE AND HER team HAS BEEN well-nigh ON A every day foundation WITH THE HOSPITALS AND THE hospital association AS A HOPE you’re OUR MESSAGE WITH THEM IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THEM HAS BEEN VERY CLEAR, AND something they can DO TO support manage one of the vital ability concerns which are TIGHTER in the SOUTHERN a part of THE STATE, possibly utilising probably the most BEDS IN other HOSPITALS AND one more — in the NORTHERN a part of THE STATE. WE want to THANK THEM FOR WORKING collectively FOR THIS average potential solution. one of the vital HOSPITALS HAVE started to drag lower back a bit BIT ON SOME optional surgical procedures AND approaches, we have HEARD over the last WEEK, AND WE COMMEND THEM FOR DOING THAT, it is a tricky choice however a call THAT really needs to be MADE, AND WE without doubt STAND on the in a position on the STATE degree TWO OPEN UP ANY OF OUR SURGE amenities. we have five locations WE might OPEN UP inside ABOUT 48 HOURS, IF WE in reality vital TO, FROM SOUTHERN TIE the entire way to LITTLETON, TO KEENE, SO we now have THE minimum OF THE national look after TO OPEN these SURGE amenities. WE DO STAND on the ready IN CASE THE SURGE INTO OUR medical institution gadget were TO DEEM IT imperative. and then finally, definitely, I need to touch UPON THE VACCINE, a extremely colossal role effect OF THE preliminary ROLLOUT OF THE VACCINE. WE count on RECEIVING simply OVER 12,000 DOSES IN OUR FIRST WEEKLY shipment. that is anticipated to reach in the COMING DAYS, VERY possible in the WEEK, IF no longer SOONER, and as the STATE WORKS TO ROLL OUT what is going to ultimately BE one of the biggest LOGISTICAL UNDERTAKINGS IN contemporary heritage, WE HAV TAPPED a very familiar FACE TO assist COORDINATE all of the EFFORTS AT THEIR STATE level, no longer just fitness AND HUMAN functions however the country wide guard, attorney regularly occurring’S workplace, the entire companies THAT ought to COME collectively TO MAKE A LOGISTIC conducting SO important. you have received TO DO every thing which you can TO GET IT right, SIU requested a well-known FACE, PERRY PLUMMER, TO REJOIN US ON at the least A SEMI-transient lengthy-term groundwork. we are able to SEE HOW lengthy IT TAKES TO GET THE VACCINE OUT. PERRY it is AN ABSOLUTE GENIUS WHEN IT involves LOGISTICAL organization and simply GETTING STUFF done. AND knowing we are coming into THE winter SEASON as a way to enable one of the vital other team of workers members within the EMERGENCY functions, THE department OF PUBLIC fitness, safeguard, THE legal professional established’S workplace, THE country wide look after, some of those folks CAN center of attention ON some of THEIR CORE MISSION AND features, because THERE’S a lot of NECESSITY THERE. but HAVING PERRY on the domestic gives — HELM offers individuals lots of confidence, knowing THAT THERE ARE always HICCUPS AND BUMPS within the highway YOU don’t anticipate, however HAVING A HN ALL-palms-ON-DEC EFFORT IS really useful. we have HAD folks name MY workplace TO help OUT WITH VACCINE DISTRIBUTIONAL IN numerous approaches. we have DENTISTS who have VOLUNTEERED THEIR TIME to administer THE VACCINE, things LIKE THAT. THERE may be a need TO seem TO be certain, even if it is ON INTERPRETERS OR individuals that can support ON THE ADMINISTRATOR side, americans WHO CAN help WITH TRANSPORTATIONS OR TO AND FROM A VACCINE center, for people. I.T. assist, protection help, LOGISTICS aid, whatever IT should be would becould very well be, loads of individuals want to STEP UP AND BE a part of THAT answer, and that’s simply marvelous. it is everything WE are looking to SEE WITH THE SPIRIT OF THE GRANITE STATE, SO WE DO HAVE a website, WHICH IS INH RESPONDS.ORG, AND individuals CAN GO AND check in IN a whole lot of methods, which you can SEE here, security STAF manage, any one WHO desires to STEP UP AND BE part of THAT solution, WE just consider it is excellent, SO NH RESPONDS.ORG IS where to move. WITH THAT, we are able to OPEN IT UP FOR SOME QUESTIONS. >> have you ever considered ANY form of outdoor overview THAT HAS came about at the NEW HAMPSHIRE VETERANS home? AND AT ANY point, DID YOU agree with RELOCATING ANY OF THE sufferers TO other amenities, TO deliver more care for THEM? GOV. SUNUNU: bound. TO THE 2nd a part of YOUR question, DID WE agree with moving ANY OF THE patients TO different amenities, NO, that can in fact cause unfold OF THE VIRUS. we have viewed THAT ACTIVELY determine VERY NEGATIVELY IN different STATES, unluckily, SO NO. and that they CAN GET extremely good CARE. THE VETERANS home HAS a very good personnel, notable CARE, they’ve, YOU know, WHAT THEY want, AND PEGGY simply PICKS UP THE cellphone AND ASKS. they’ve WHAT THEY call NEIGHBORHOODS, it is LIKE they’re WINGS, in case you WELCOME AND THIS changed into primarily isolated INTO OF THE NEIGHBORHOODS. IT HAS long past OFF TWO OF these NEIGHBORHOODS a bit BIT, SO I consider THEY DID a fine looking first rate JOB setting apart IT, IT is simply unlucky THE attack cost HAS BEEN SO AGGRESSIVE THERE. in terms of an out of doors evaluation, THE FEDERAL BA, THEIR an infection manage group WILL DO a part of THAT backyard — V.A., THEIR infection control team WILL DO part of THAT outside evaluate. COVID CAN GET right into a FACILITY IN ANY variety of techniques, nevertheless it is only MAKING bound we have THE correct procedure AND techniques INTERNALLY, YOU recognize, WE think VERY confident THAT TH process AND tactics which have been PUT IN place EARLY ON, WE comprehend THEY were, as a result of THEY DIDN’T WORK, AND SO long, THEY labored — THEY DID WORK, for so long, THEY labored remarkable well OVER THE summer. we can TAKE ANY suggestions TH FEDERAL V.A. may are looking to give. GIVEN THE proven fact that we are in the center OF THE OUTBREAK, THERE ARE folks FROM THE outside so one can TAKE a glance AT IT, AND we are able to always, AS WE always DO, TAKEN AFTER evaluation AS smartly. >> the place ARE THE americans WHO have been within the VETERANS home NOW, AND THE variety of people WHO had been in poor health AND RECOVERED, IS THERE ANY facts? GOV. SUNUNU: WE may HAVE SOME detail. COMMR. SHIBINETTE: WE wouldn’t have healing NUMBERS, but I DO HAVE, LIKE, THE newest NUMBERS, THE TOTALS, SO 87 RESIDENTS WITH COVID-19, eighty one personnel, 168 complete, AND 27 DEATHS. >> so that you should not have THE percentage variety of the full inhabitants THERE? COMMR. SHIBINETTE: NO, SO WHAT you are taking a look at IS THE attack fee OF THE normal population. we will actually GET THAT by finding out WHAT THEIR skill IS. SO i will be able to HAVE COMMANDANT LABRECQUE follow-UP and give YOU THAT tips. DOES IT appear adore it goes UP OR COMING DOWN NOW? ARE WE DECLINING WITH NEW situations, OR ARE things starting to GET — COMMR. SHIBINETTE: I suppose things live relatively lively FOR a number of WEEKS. once you have a deadly disease, SO think THIS OUTBREAK on the VETERANS domestic appears VERY corresponding to one of the crucial different OUTBREAKS we have seen, SO IT remains energetic. >> simply a question, COMMISSIONER, when you’RE UP THERE, THE GOVERNOR mentioned THAT THE VIRUS CAN GET INTO THESE long-term CARE facilities IN a few techniques. YOU introduced a good looking large variety of NEW OUTBREAKS AT lengthy-term CARE amenities. IS IT because of neighborhood TRANSMISSION? someone will also be ASYMPTOMATIC. HOW IS IT carrying on with TO GET INTO THESE facilities? COMMR. SHIBINETTE: SO, YOU be aware of, WHAT WE HA seen, no longer simply IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, but throughout THE country, IS AS YOU SEE neighborhood TRANSMISSION enhance, THE risk GOES UP. I have observed THIS before, lengthy-term CARE RESIDENTS, THEY would not have the liberty OF SOCIALLY DISTANCING away from THEIR CAREGIVERS, SO IF THEIR CAREGIVERS ARE contaminated AND A SYMPTOMATICALLY there is a high risk OF exposure AND unfold THERE, EVEN WITH, YOU be aware of, PPE AND all the PRECAUTIONS WE PUT IN place, NOTHING IS best the entire TIME, appropriate? often times you will SEE youngsters, enhanced IN faculty HAVE parents WHO WORK IN NURSING homes, and you’ve got SPOUSES OF americans WHO WORK IN NURSING homes, you’ve got family THAT GOING discuss with, RESIDENTS THAT GO TO THE health center, NEW RESIDENTS THAT COME INTO the power, they are ALL POTENTIALS, appropriate? WE in no way be aware of exactly how it received INTO THE constructing TO start WITH, and that i DON’T know, YOU comprehend, returned IN MARCH, i would always SAY THE premiere region TO cease COVID IS OUT THE front DOOR. once HE receives IN, it’s next TO impossible TO music and try TO determine how it IS SPREADING, because it SPREADS SO speedy AND SO INSIDIOUS, as a result of there’s ASYMPTOMATIC unfold. can we comprehend the way it gets IN? NO. it’s more probably THAN no longer THAT IN ASYMPTOMATIC personnel MEMBER brought IT IN UNKNOWINGLY, nevertheless it also may well be AN ASYMPTOMATI visitor while AT A medical institution OR medical professional’S APPOINTMENT OR whatever LIKE THAT. true quick, ON an information, CLERICAL query, considering that THANKSGIVING, THERE appears TO BE A extend within the EXPEDIENCY OF REPORTING THE daily CASE COUNTS, TO THE aspect that you are HAVING TO FILTER THEM OUT ON numerous DAYS. is this A CONTACT TRACING subject, otherwise you’RE not DOING 50 OR a hundred ANYMORE, YOU’RE DOING 500 OR seven-hundred OR 800? are you able to walk US via, as a result of there is lots of CONFUSION within the group, and i recognize we are ALL trying TO — WE recognize the way YOU are attempting TO determine all of it OUT — COMMR. SHIBINETTE: WE try TO spoil all of it OUT in order that THE DATE — it’s distributed TO THE DAY THAT it is going to BE disbursed TO. so that you saw OUR NUMBERS BALLOONED VERY instantly, SO WE need TIME WITH DHHS TO circulation OPERATIONALLY, TO FLEX OUR personnel UP. WE DID THAT remaining WEEK, WITH relocating several staff OVER INTO sort of THE CASE INVESTIGATION, LINE list statistics REPORTING part, in order that WE were in a position to method the entire advantageous situations COMING IN, but YOU DO HAVE A BACKUP. THANKSGIVING DAY, besides the fact that you’ve got A gradual DAY, correct, you’ve got THAT MANY more instances TO trap UP ON day after today. AND SO we now have done THAT. i am assured THAT — and you will SEE THE NUMBERS ARE SLOWLY SHRINKING WITH the days PRIOR, right, so that WE could be coming up in the COMING DAYS. >> might also I comply with-UP? AND FOR each OF YOU, THERE had been teachers, a few teacher UNIONS, group SUPPORTERS that have both BEEN PRIVATELY AND PUBLICLY ACCUSING THE STATE OF SPREADING FALSE assistance ABOUT CORONAVIRUS IN faculty SETTINGS. they say NEITHER THE STATE NOR faculty DISTRICT — I should SAY, FALSE assistance, QUOTE, UNQUOTE, these ARE THE key words I have HEARD FROM a couple of people, they say DISTRICTS in the STATE don’t actually be aware of what’s happening IN one of the colleges. they are asking for more funds. THEY desire every day trying out for college students AND/OR entirely far off gaining knowledge of. FIRST, TO YOU, COMMISSIONER SHIBINETTE, WHAT are you able to AND US TO DO TO conclusion THE MYSTIQUE OF OR CONFUSION THAT CORONAVIRUS isn’t SPREADING within the college environment, THAT THE facts that they are REPORTING OUT FROM faculties IS correct? COMMR. SHIBINETTE: neatly, we now have a daily DASHBOARD FOR THE colleges. it really is updated every day. I don’t know HOW much greater clear that you would be able to GET, WHEN each day we’re UPDATING THE NUMBERS in the schools. SO, YOU recognize, we now have PRIORITIZED CASE INVESTIGATION, CONTACT TRACING FOR all and sundry beneath THE AGE OF 18, TO make certain ALL youngsters have become THEIR FULL CASE INVESTIGATION, CONTACT TRACING, SO i’m not sure the place THEY are becoming that there is a FALSE record TO OUR NUMBERS GO FROM a positive look at various INTO OUR LINE list FOR infection control right TO THE DASHBOARD, SO THERE’S NO FUDGING OF THE records. it’s WHAT it’s. >> can i ASK a query ABOUT CONTACT TRACING? COMMR. SHIBINETTE: certain. >> WITH respect TO consultant HINCH’S dying. WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR CONTACT TRACING, AND in case you may give US ANY suggestions? COMMR. SHIBINETTE: bound. we will DO A FULL CASE INVESTIGATION, AS WE DO FOR any one it really is wonderful OF COVID-19, AND certainly one of OUR PRIORITIZED categories, we will DO CONTACT TRACING in accordance with WHAT WE find FROM THAT CASE INVESTIGATION. past THAT, THE advice THAT gets SHARED PUBLICLY IS in line with the general public’S deserve to comprehend, SO IF there’s AN experience ATTENDED THAT WE had been now not in a position to establish the entire close CONTACTS, THEN we might DO A PUBLIC NOTIFICATION, but it goes TO PROCEED LIKE an everyday INVESTIGATION and contact TRACING CASE. WITH recognize TO firm DAY. COMMR. SHIBINETTE: YEP. WILL YOU GO again TO organization DAY AND all the CONTACTS THAT THERE changed into AND ASK? COMMR. SHIBINETTE: SO a part of THE CASE INVESTIGATION IS TO examine THE DATE OF THE ONSET OF symptoms, AND WE GO again a couple of DAYS FROM THERE AND DO the entire CONTACT TRACING FOR IT. SO IF THE ONSET OF signs changed into THE DAY AFTER organization DAY, THEN, sure, we would go through AND establish all of the shut CONTACTS FOR THAT DAY. nevertheless it just is dependent upon WHAT THE CASE INVESTIGATION leads to. IF ONSET OF indicators turned into the day gone by OR THE DAY before, IT may now not GO the entire means back TO organization DAY. >> — DO you have A DATE FOR ONSET OF signs? COMMR. SHIBINETTE: I should not have A DATE, and we might not unencumber IT PUBLICLY anyhow, correct? WE need to bear in mind THAT although he is A PUBLIC determine, there’s a right OF privacy WHEN IT involves included health information, SO THE best method we might EVER liberate anything AS IF THERE was a extremely CLEAR PUBLIC deserve to NOW. presently, WE are not in view that, SO WE only, YOU KNO began OUR CASE INVESTIGATION these days, SO WE are just at the VERY GETTING OF IT. >> ARE YOU ALLOWED TO inform US WHEN HE changed into ultimate tested earlier than HIS check OF COVID-19 — demise OF COVID-19? COMMR. SHIBINETTE: NO. >> DO you have ANY NUMBERS FROM any one WHO W on the MCINTYRE SKI club BETWEEN NOVEMBER 20 AND yesterday? COMMR. SHIBINETTE: NO. >> alongside these lines, GOVERNOR, HOW concerned ARE YOU, YOU know, A MEMBER OF YOUR staff confirmed tremendous — you set THAT OUT prior, AND NOW SPEAKER HINCH, HOW involved ARE YOU THAT COVID-19 IS all the way through STATE govt? ARE YOU concerned ABOUT THAT at all? GOV. SUNUN smartly, THE subject WITH MY workforce MEMBER AND SPEAKER HINCH ARE TWO SEPARATE INCIDENTS, TO make sure. we’re always concerned. [LAUGHS] I imply, ONE element WE try to stress today AS everybody may still be concerned, even if it’s on the office at the STATEHOUSE, ADMINISTERING TO functions, OR T place of work AT FRED’S FLOWER store. everybody should still be anxious, here’s a extremely AGGRESSIVE attack WE could make AND BE VERY ASYMPTOMATIC, IF all and sundry HAS ANY ideas, GO GET A look at various. if your symptoms ARE extreme, GO TO THE health center, GO TO THE medical professional, SO IT isn’t almost STATE government at all. alas, YOU understand, DICK’ PASSING IS, I suppose, a true — AS TRAGIC as it IS, AS HEARTBROKEN AS WE A, it is a WARNING signal THAT we’re far from OVER THIS. simply since you aren’t elderly AND INFIRM does not imply that you are IMMUNE FROM COVID, however CAN HAVE VERY extreme REPERCUSSIONS VERY without delay. >> WE comprehend REPUBLICANS HAVE COME on the S hotel, may still THEY BE DOING anything else distinctive? ARE THERE PRECAUTIONS you should definitely are seeking? GOV. SUNUNU: AT ANY OFFENSE, even if it is the CAUCUS OR company DAY COME particular person meetings, anybody WHO may HAVE COME INTO CONTACT WITH any individual accepted TO HAVE COVID, OR if they HAVE concerns, folks should DEFTLY GET verified. if they HAVE — in fact GET verified. in the event that they had been no longer SOCIALLY far-off, if they were not donning A mask, FOR whatever thing purpose, THEY may still TAKE THAT critically. IT isn’t just THE ONE experience, IT is not only DICK’S condition, it’s a world MESSAGE WE are trying to stress. any individual involved IN anybody WHO THINKS THEY may have been close to SPEAKER HINCH, THEN OF direction THEY should still video display indicators AND GET A examine. >> DO YOU believe THE STATE LEADERS should still DO the rest, ARE THEY TAKING appropriate PRECAUTIONS? GOV. SUNUNU: I SPOKE WIT SENATOR MORSE previous these days COME as it should be accomplishing OUT TO DR. BALLARD, talking ABOUT WHAT PRECAUTIONS THEY may TAKE TO ensure a secure AND suit place of work inside THEIR offices, each within the SPEAKER’S office, SENATE workplace, MAKING certain folks, if they desired to WORK REMOTELY, they can do this, MAKING accommodations, AS MOST EMPLOYERS not just with out — in the STATE, but I COMMEND THEM, I consider SENATOR MORRIS AND SHERM PACKET ON THE condo I COME OF WHAT can we give, what is the safest technique to DO IT, and working WITH THE experts TO be sure it’s performed correct. >> am i able to follow again ON THE school section? you put loads of believe in your officials AND commended THEM UP. THEY seem like DOING an excellent JOB. can you communicate TO some of the trainer concerns AND even if OR no longer you’re TRUSTING WHAT YOU SEE FOR facts? GOV. SUNUNU: HOW statistics IS SPOT ON. IT in fact. IS I feel WE DO. — IT truly IS. I think WE DO a pretty good JOB. IF A pupil had been TO GET COVID COME OF THAT tips may spread TO THE neighborhood, just folks dad or mum OR pupil TO pupil IN A count number OF MINUTES OR HOURS earlier than T STATE gets THE advice AND is thru along with her CONTACT TRACING. sometimes THE suggestions YOU may also SEE ON THE STATESIDE might also FALL again A DAY OR TWO FROM THE genuine ONSET, since the folks in the CONTACT TRACING group ARE DOING, YOU be aware of, THEIR WO RK, they’re WORKING WITH THE colleges AND all the individuals THE scholar might also COME INTO CONTACT WITH, but the records ON THE DASHBOARD IS up to date daily, it’s proper. THE thought THAT THERE is false advice available, it is completely wrong, and no-one should still BE announcing THAT. it’s a really dangerous aspect TO BE placing obtainable, because WHAT THEY try TO DO IS UNDERMINE THE VALIDITY AND security OF A equipment WE worked VERY hard no longer simply to stand up AND working but TO GET correct. I have all the time observed TRANSPARENCY IS THAT foundation OF PUBLIC believe, AND WE still HAVE A crisis ON OUR hands, and folks deserve to recognize that once we’re BEING clear, THEY C count ON THE records, it’s accurate, AND HATS OFF TO THE folks across fitness AND HUMAN functions additional not just advent OF THE DASHBOARD however the astounding WORK THEY PUT INTO MAKING bound it’s accurate. IF A trainer’S UNION desires to SPOUT OFF TO GET extra cash OR greater THIS OR greater THAT, FRANKLY, I haven’t any endurance FOR THAT. faculties HAVE THE capability TO MAKE decisions AT A LOCALIZED level. it is a decision WE GAVE TO THEM, AND it’s a equipment THAT HAS labored well may i know there is FRUSTRATION WITH parents, faculties CLOSING, type of AGGRESSIVELY CLOSING, WHEN every now and then nearly NO cases OF COVID within the colleges, however WHEN IT involves THE TRANSMISSION within a school surroundings, it is MINIMAL TO ZERO, as far as i know. we now have HAD CLUSTERS here AND THERE, however these ARE FROM outside SOURCES. but the concept THAT it’s BEING TRANSMITTED school room TO lecture room OR scholar TO trainer, these situations ARE very few and much BETWEEN, and that’s, I suppose, CAPS OFF TO THE colleges AND administrators THEMSELVES AND HATS OFF TO THE college students, TOO. MY students GO TO school. THEY comply with THE PROTOCOLS. THE students want THEIR schools I even have MET very few college students during the past SIX MONTHS THAT have not noted, “i’d like to GET again TO college.” they might ALL love to GET again TO school. the ones WHO have the option don’t need to LOSE IT. MY feel IS AND MY knowing IS THE college students HAVE achieved a superb JOB trying THEIR most desirable TO stick to THE PROTOCOLS, maintain HIMSELF fit, AND retain THAT SOCIAL DISTANCING, so that, AS A group, THEY will also be successful. >> AND variety of conferences happening NOW IN person where THEY USE AN ONGOING, LIKE BELMONT COUNTY DELEGATION HAD a gathering THIS WEEK IN grownup. there have been SOME considerations concerning the area AND THE SOCIAL DISTANCING. DO you have got an announcement TO PUBLIC routine the place americans who’re equipped OF energy aren’t donning MASKS? DO you have anything to say TO ABOUT leadership? GOV. SUNUN I actually have something to claim THEN, YEAH. [LAUGHTER] i am going TO DO MY most excellent TO BE GOVERNOR. it is extremely IRRESPONSIBLE. THE number of people THAT are looking to THWART THE suggestions AND information WE PUT IN location FOR protection, FOR THE SAKE OF THWARTING THEM, IS A DISSERVICE no longer TO THEMSELVES but TO THE individuals they are SURROUNDING THEMSELVES WITH AND THEIR means TO TRANSMIT THIS VIRUS. frequently, AS WE NOW recognize, VERY UNKNOWINGLY. IT is never evident — on occasion it’s — nonetheless it isn’t obvious where someone exactly contracted COVID. THEY got IT. HE may COME FROM numerous locations, however AS A community COME AS A dwell, we all need to SAY WE TAKE THAT accountability VERY, VERY significantly, AND we’re DOING IT no longer FOR OURSELVES. I even have SET AT a thousand instances, and i WILL SAY AT a thousand extra — YOU do not just wear A masks FOR yourself, YOU DO IT FOR these you’re SURROUNDING your self WITH. AN those that ARE DOING THE opposite TO MAKE IT bizarre POLITICAL element, it is HORRIBLY IRRESPONSIBLE, IT actually IS, AND IT HAS HORRIBL penalties. I imply, THAT isn’t hypothesis, THAT is not SUPPOSITION, it’s truth. PLEASE, USE, YOUR HEADS right? DON’T ACT LIKE A BUNCH OF little ones, FRANKLY. THERE YOU GO. I BEN away from BEING GOVERNOR FOR A 2d. but I USED ALL high-quality words seemed i do know MY mother IS watching. [LAUGHTER] yes? testing HAS become intricate FOR individuals TO access, above all in the event that they ARE ASYMPTOMATIC. FOR one of the vital folks WHO feel they’ve BEEN exposed all the way through firm DAY OR whatever thing it is, IS THERE ANY component THAT can also be accomplished TO MAKE checking out greater purchasable, in case you do not need COVID symptoms? GOV. SUNUN THE problem round testing at this time, IT is this weird situation where THE respectable news IS, I believe, loads of individuals, whether you are AN employer OR school, individuals ARE announcing hello, LET’S TAKE THE further PRECAUTION. GO GET A verify earlier than YOU COME back TO school, GO GET A check before YOU COME back TO WORK, and that is an outstanding factor. in case you need to BE X ARE cautious. THE bad — added cautious. THE terrible facet AS we’re OVERLOADING THE equipment once more ON checking out, AND AS WE be aware of, THE titanic MAJORITY OF checking out IS done through just a few groups ON THE NATION degree. they are always increasing capability TO keep up WITH DEMAND. DEMAND these days IS 10 instances WHAT IT turned into just a few MONTH in the past across THE nation. WE won’t have BEEN 9, 10, EVEN 12, perhaps TWO-WEEK TURNAROUND times THAT WE HAD past within the year. every so often they are in the THREE-DAY TO five-DAY latitude. there’s a lengthen. WE respect THAT. we’re on the peak, optimistically, THE 2nd SURGE right here, SO DEMAND goes TO BE excessive and probably continue to be pretty high FOR THE next MONTH OR SO. we’re at all times attempting TO raise OUR capacity. we are WORKING WITH UNH. as an example, whereas lots of college students ARE ON break, WE try TO US THEIR means, HOSPITALS ARE expanding, we have greater access TO BINA cards, AND we are ENCOURAGING folks to make use of THEM, both SYMPTOMATICALLY AND ASYMPTOMATIC, AND IT calls for IT. THE past FEW WEEKS, THE DEMAND HAS gone absolutely in the course of the ROOF. NOW, in case you must GO TO MASSACHUSETTS, OR VERMONT, equal circumstance THERE. SO simply THE number of cases where individuals ARE saying, “I superior GET tested,” OR “i’m BEING REQUIRED TO TAKE A test,” HAS also long past UP, WHICH IS a favorable, however IS an increase ON THE device. we’re all the time ORDERING NEW contraptions, MACHINES, testing substances. THE first rate information IS THE trying out substances ARE THERE. WE don’t seem to be in fact TURNING americans faraway from trying out sites, asserting, “SORRY, YOU GUYS cannot BE proven today. we’re most effective checking out YOU GUYS.” we’re protecting AN OPENNESS COME in case you want A verify, that you could GET A verify. I think WITH questions about THE telephone? >> sure, GOVERNOR, WE DO. THE next query COMES FROM KATHY MCCORMICK FROM THE associated PRESS. KATHY, GO forward together with your question. KATHY: hi. thank you. I have TWO QUESTIONS, GOVERNOR, WOULD YOU encourage THE condominium to meet REMOTELY IN JANUARY, and can YOU provide US AN update ON THE MAPPING situation on the STATE jail, WHICH IS EXPERIENCING a virulent disease presently? GOV. SUNUNU: THE WHAT? KATHY: STAFFIN GOV. SUNUNU: OF direction, YOU guess. when it comes to THE apartment OR SENATE OR any one WHO must MEET, IF THE probability ARISES where they could MEET IN grownup however maintain SOCIAL DISTANCING, retain masking COME ALL OF these PROTOCOLS THAT WE RECOMMENDS tremendous groups PUT IN vicinity FOR SUCH types of GATHERINGS, if they could do this, discover. if they CAN’T, THEY should MEET REMOTELY in the event that they cannot MEET THE calls for AND advice WE PUT IN vicinity FOR those forms of GATHERINGS. in terms of STAFFING at present, WE know THERE have been situations OF COVID WITH just a few OF THE RESIDENTS AND a number of OF THE body of workers at this time. THE country wide safeguard IS — THE detention center. THE country wide shield IS helping a few of those extra ADMINISTRATIVE duties within the detention center TO allow THE common administrators TO BE expert UP FOR THE front strains, in case you WILL. at this time, it is an extra condition where WE monitor IT every day, however we have additional components GOING TO T PRISONS. . YOU can not SHUT DOWN THE prison, NOR WOULD any person are looking to. it is a 24-HOUR service, AND we’re WORKING WITH COMMISSIONER HANKS AND HER total crew TO discover WHAT THE situations ARE, AND we are discovering easy methods to MEDIATE. >> GOVERNOR, THE subsequent query COMES FROM DONNA FROM THE COLEBROOK CHRONICLE. DONNA, GO ahead with your query. DONNA: sure, thank you. I HAD requested ABOUT guidelines FOR town meetings subsequent 12 months FOR IT i ponder IF ANY progress HAS BEEN MADE ON THE want FOR instructions realizing THAT THE VACCINE FOR THE widely wide-spread PUBLIC aren’t attainable except THAT round that time, MARCH OR APRIL. together with DATES AND instances FOR meetings, THAT this could TAKE place AS common. MY second query IS — WILL THE 12,000 VACCINES that you are watching for in the subsequent WEEK ROLL OUT automatically STATEWIDE TO ALL health CARE providers actually ON THE same DAY? WILL IT ROLL OUT OVER A TIMEFRAME, as an example, FROM THE SOUTHERN a part of THE STATE TO THE NORTHERN a part of THE STATE? OF THE 12,000, IS IT in fact 6000 DOSES OR 6000 BOOSTERS, and the way MANY fitness-CARE people DOES THAT truly reach within the STATE IN THAT FIRST BATCH? MY ultimate question IS, ARE YOU FOLLOWING A NEWLY CREATED BORDER COMMITTEE that’s creating ideas FOR REOPENING THE BORDER? it is CREATED by using THE INSTITUTE on the WILSON core AND WASHINGTON, D.C. AND comprises THE PREMI GENE, FORMER QUÉBEC PREMI JEAN CHRETIEN. A testing OF THE VACCINE, things OF THAT NATURE. thank you. GOV. SUNUNU: SO a whole lot THERE. i will be able to DO MY most desirable. number 1, on the town assembly guidelines, i know loads of THE cities COME i’m WHEN one in every of THEM, SMALL city, MAKING certain THE guidelines ARE SET AND THE DATES should BE SET fairly soon. THERE ARE a lot of towns altering THEIR area so they can hold SOCIAL DISTANCING, overlaying, all the issues WE REQUIRE, AND in the event that they CAN DO IT SAFELY IN OUR guidelines, it is in their PURVIEW TO achieve this. WE DID MAKE SIMULATIONS AS part of OUR EMERGENCY ORDERS TO permit a number of opportunities FOR faraway entry FOR several types of town meeting. possibly WHAT we are able to DO AS i will be able to HAVE THE lawyer typical PUT SOME BULLETS collectively FOR YOU, just variety of A summary OF where we’re. I have no idea in the event that they ARE working on ANY energetic adjustments TO WHAT we now have ALREADY PUT IN location, however we are able to make sure WE are trying TO GET whatever. TO BE honest, anything I haven’t checked out during the past COUPLE OF WEEKS but the lawyer usual’S office truly OVERSEES THAT together with THE SECRETARY OF EISTATE, AND we are able to HAVE THEM PUT whatever collectively. so far as THE 12,000 DOSES COMMEDIA’S 12,000 people COMMIT isn’t 6000 and that they GET REPEATED, WHEN we say 12,000 OR 24,000 COMING IN per week, THAT COUNTS FOR those people. once more, THE COMMISSIONER CAN correct ME IF i am incorrect, but the part 1A OF OUR VACCINE DISTRIBUTION IS plenty enhanced THAN 12,000, SO IT is going TO TAKE reasonably a couple of WEEKS TO GET through those AREAS, THE optimum AND MOST inclined POPULATIONS AND THE individuals OF optimum want, together with many of OUR FRONTLINE fitness CARE people. AND SO, NO, I believe one among YOUR QUESTIONS IS — WILL IT cowl all the fitness CARE worker’s in the FIRST BATCH? NO, alas no longer, IT could be DISPERSED AMONGST THE AREAS OF maximum need AND GO FROM THERE. finally COME ON THE BORDER COMMITTEE, I actually have HEARD ABOUT THIS BORDER COMMITTEE. I actually HEARD ABOUT IT in the final forty eight HOURS, SO we’re WHAT it is, who’s FOR DISSIPATING, WHAT IT might seem like WE know there’ll — collaborating,. WHAT IT could appear to be WE recognize THERE will be A PUBLIC remark length so as to add comments AND concerns, AND AT A minimal, we are able to take part in THAT style, however WE really don’t know an awful lot ABOUT IT AT THIS aspect IN TIME. IS THERE anything else so as to add about the section 1? believe IT OR now not, I consider I ANSWERED IT pretty proper. thanks. >> GOVERNOR, THE next query COME FROM RICK eco-friendly FROM THE “LACONIA day by day sign.” RICK, GO forward together with your query. RICK: GOVERNOR, you have observed THE DELEGATIO AS “incredibly IRRESPONSIBLE.” DO YOU suppose they’ve ANY accountability THAT THE MAST MANDATE IS ADHERED TO OR ensuring PUBLIC meetings HAVE A far flung option, OR IS THAT STRICTLY VOLUNTARY AND ON the respect device? BINAXNOW well — GOV. SUNUNU: smartly, once again WE treat THE officers AS A PUBLIC GATHERING. we now have guidance IN vicinity THAT STIPULATES MASKS, REQUIRINGS AT those GATHERINGS. we now have A STATEWIDE MANDATE, SOCIAL DISTANCING requirements FOR those GATHERINGS AS well, AND WE expect all and sundry to stick TO THEM. THE STATE is not ready TO ship OUT, NOR WOULD WE wish to, legislation-ENFORCEMENT TO each PUBLIC GATHERING OR every GATHERING OF individuals THAT happens across THE STATE. THERE are literally lots OF THEM daily, AND WE expect individuals to adhere TO IT. IF there’s an issue, it’s WHY WE ASK individuals TO be sure they have AN ACCOUNTING OF who’s AT SUCH GATHERINGS, THE PROTOCOLS they are IN the usage of, SO after we OUR CONTACT TRACING, GOD FORBID there’s an issue THAT may additionally COME OUT OF IT, WE can also be brief TO THE NOTIFICATION, are trying TO avoid PUBLIC NOTIFICATIONS where we will AND the place WE ought to, but we are able to always DO IT IF WE should. WE shouldn’t have distinct STIPULATIONS FOR diverse agencies just as a result of WE comprehend THEM OR DON’T be aware of THEM OR whatever thing it’s. i am a huge BELIEVER we now have good instructions IN region, AND every person HAS TO PLAY by using THE same suggestions. GOVERNOR, THE next question COMES FROM JORDAN HAIM WITH NEW HAMPSHIRE PUBLIC RADIO. JORDAN, GO ahead together with your question. JORDAN: hi, I even have TWO QUESTIONS today, ONE WHEN IT comes to STAFFING, SOME ARE IMPOSING THEIR own counsel involving DELAYING non-compulsory surgical procedures AND issues LIKE THAT. WE SEE much more HOSPITALIZATIONS, S WHY ISN’T THE STATE providing THAT guidance NOW FOR HOSPITALS, AND ARE THERE definite METRICS you are looking at TO investigate WHEN THAT assistance should beginning COMING FROM THE STATE OR WHEN THE STATE may still birth OPENING UP those surgical procedure spaces? — SURGE spaces? i can’T, YOU outlined there’s support FEDERALLY FROM THE countrywide preserve, and that they simply MADE A PUBLIC PLEA once more today, FOR fairly much every function, NURSES, safety, preservation group of workers, AND soliciting for support FROM the general public. GOV. SUNUNU: i will reply THE 2d query ON THE V.A. domestic. we’re placing every resource WE maybe CAN PUT I even have acquired TO BE honest, THE TONE OF THE question THAT we’re somehow not ACKNOWLEDGING OUR accountability TO ANY of these long-term CARE facilities, particularly THE V.A. home, IS absolutely FALSE. we have BEEN WORKING WITH,. seem BRENT — COMMANDANT LABRECQUE TO remember THE STAFFING needs, the entire COME ON virtually an everyday basis considering that earlier than THE different FIRST CASE. we’re consistently in touch AND keep an incredible RELATIONSHIP WITH PEGGY AND HER whole team of workers THERE. SO ANY substances we can PUT towards IT we’re placing towards IT. there is a country wide scarcity OF scientific personnel throughout THIS nation. there is basically no person across THE country AS A scientific provider, lengthy-term CARE FACILITY, WHO HAS additional staff simply SITTING around. all and sundry IS WORKING DOUBLE SHIFTS at the moment, SO THE concept THAT we are going to MAGICALLY permit clinical team of workers OUT OF NOWHERE — we now have folks COMING IN FROM throughout THE nation TO aid. we’ve country wide safeguard COMING AT. we’ve VOLUNTEER EFFORTS COMING IN, no longer simply to THE V.A. domestic however lengthy-time period CARE AND CONGREGATE SETTINGS. we are additionally ACCEPTING, IF THE folks AT home wish to STEP UP AND BE part of THE solution, it really is incredible. IT is not AS A count number OF, GEE, YOU comprehend, we’re going to LET OTHERS do something about IT. WE continue to position every feasible EFFORT around STAFFING TO THAT FACILITY AND OTHERS, however understand there’s country wide disaster happening right here. here is not simply concerning the V.A. domestic, THE VETERANS home IN TILTON, IT isn’t just about the STATE of new HAMPSHIRE, it’s a country wide challenge, and everybody HAS AN ALL arms ON DECK EFFORT. COMMISSIONER, DO YOU want to speak a bit BIT concerning the FIRST query? COMMR. SHIBINETT SO THE query about the health center AN functions lower back within the SPRING, within the SPRING, THE HOSPITALS definitely VOLUNTARILY SCALE returned THEIR services, when we saw WHAT become occurring across the country AND THE GLOBE, WHEN IT came TO COVID-19. THAT was A VOLUNTEER thing THAT took place, WE supplied tips along the way and definitely offered suggestions IN OUR hospital association AND hospital companions TO bring services again UP. WE HAD VERY an awful lot A VESTED pastime IN MAKING bound THAT AS WE brought features lower back UP, THAT WE didn’t overwhelm ANY fitness CARE system, SO WE labored WI THEM greater ON THE SCALING again OF functions. SO presently, we now have FORMAL HUDDLES TWICE every week WITH THE HOSPITALS ON capability, however like the GOVERNOR HAS mentioned, we’ve pretty tons every day CONTACT, certainly people who ARE wired. each health facility HAS AN internal SURGE PLAN, SO each clinic IS able to raise capacity inside THEIR partitions, WHICH IS THE most beneficial vicinity TO do something about sufferers. WE are looking to DO AS lots AS we will INTERNALLY earlier than WE GO TO A subsequent JOURNAL SURGE place, WHICH IS AN ACS. each sanatorium HAS A SURGE PLAN, every hospital HAS REGIONAL transfer PLANS, so you WILL SEE IT within the MANCHESTER, NASHUA enviornment. now and again THEY transfer patients as much as possibly harmony, DARTMOUTH, OR other SMALLER HOSPITALS WHEN THEIR volume turns into TOO HEAVY, and a few OF those things ARE going on at this time, AND it is definitely THE most beneficial manner to make use of OUR whole capability STATEWIDE rather than simply a local ability. we are in reality taking a look at IT AS A STATEWIDE equipment as opposed to only a SMALL, REGIONAL gadget. >> we’re ALL SET WITH THE phones, GOVERNOR. GOV. SUNUNU: extraordinary. >> WHAT became YOUR bet THIS WEEK ON for those who can be accomplished? GOV. SUNUNU: ON WHEN i might BE performed? three:50, we are nonetheless a bit beneath. I feel THIS ONE might be an extended ONE. KEV? KEVIN: at least NATIONALLY, THERE looks TO BE anxiousness about the VACCINE. GIVEN OUR route TO VACCINATION price, HOW assured ARE YOU THAT we’re going to GET a sturdy RESPONSE FROM the general public ABOUT THIS? i’m wondering IF DR. CHAN might consult with US ABOUT the way you DECLARE a hit when it comes to VACCINATIONS? IS IT 70%, IS IT eighty%? thanks. DR. CHAN: YEAH, SO i am comfortable WE GET TO — I GET TO answer ONE question before WE end the clicking convention. we’ve every confidence within the VACCINE method. THE VACCINE isn’t BEING UNSAFELY RUSHED OUT. THE rationale WE are getting A COVID-19 VACCINE IN listing TIME IS since the FEDERAL government H FUNDED production OF THE VACCINE while THEY STUDIED THE VACCINE FOR protection AND EFFICACY. AND the place THE VACCINES ARE presently, they are going in the course of the crucial A acceptable commonplace REGULATORY approaches TO make certain that they’re both secure AND beneficial, SO we now have each self belief in the process. WE understand THAT THE FDA isn’t cutting CORNERS within the evaluation of these VACCINES. in fact, these days, I trust a meeting IS happening OR is simply ENDING, THE VACCINE AND RELATABLE products ADVISORY COMMITTEE, A SCIENCE-based ADVISORY COMMITTEE TO THE FDA IS meeting nowadays TO evaluation THE data FROM THE PFIZER VACCINE TRIAL, AND THERE’S every EXPECTATION, HAVING viewed loads of THE information OURSELVES, THAT TH VACCINE WILL GET FDA EMERGENCY YOUTHS AUTHORIZATION — USE AUTHORIZATION. THAT system IS playing OUT currently. AFTER IT receives REGULATORY popularity of THE FDA, it is THEN GOING TO BE EVALUATED by using THE CDC’S ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON IMMUNIZATION PRACTICES, OR ACIP, WHICH IS A clinical PUBLIC fitness professional ADVISORY COMMITTEE, TO WEIGH IN ON HOW THIS VACCINE may still BE USED, THEY clinical concepts. AND SO WE expect an awful lot greater assistance COMING in the COMING DAYS, because the GOVERNOR outlined. based on THE facts we’ve considered, THE VACCINE appears highly valuable — 95% helpful AT combating COVID-19, and that’s throughout, YOU be aware of, different corporations, across AGE SPECTRUMS. IT seems TO BE particularly effective EVEN IN aged individuals AND protected, YOU be aware of, a extremely LOW fee of great VACCINE REACTIONS. NOW, THERE may be more guidance COMING once THE FDA HAS carried out THE review process, once THE ACIP HAS GIVEN A scientific evaluation, however THIS HAS not cut CORNERS. the trials were HELD TO THE same safety standards AS other VACCINES that have undergone APPROVAL procedures. AND SO here is WELCOME news, I consider, considering the fact that we are 9, GOING 10 MONTH INTO THE PANDEMIC IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, AND here is probably the most methods OUT. still THE fundamental solution to control THE spread OF THIS VIRUS is through SOCIAL DISTANCING, FACE masks USE, avoiding SOCIAL GATHERINGS, keeping off travel, averting needless INTERACTIONS WITH other americans. but once we now have WIDER spread DISTRIBUTION OF THE VACCINE, THE VACCINE goes TO PLAY A essential position IN BRINGING THIS PANDEMIC TO AN end. THANKS. GOV. SUNUNU: can we HAVE yet another ON THE cellphone? ALL appropriate. >> GOVERNOR, MICHAEL GRAHAM FROM “the brand new HAMPSHIRE JOURNAL” HAS a question. GOV. SUNUNU: I should HAVE WALKED right OUT THE DOOR, right, MICHAEL? [LAUGHTER] I HAD IT. I HAD an opportunity. MICHAEL: I have ONE question FOR YOU, and then FOR THE COMMISSIONER AND DR. CHAN. WILLIAM MARSH AND WOLF broken observed those that REFUS TO TAKE PRECAUTION ARE liable for DICK HINCH’S loss of life. DO YOU agree with consultant MARSH? GOV. SUNUNU: smartly, I wager IT remains a bit uncooked THAT DICK become a detailed friend. I have in mind emotions FOR loads of folks ARE VERY incorrect presently. DIG became a fine buddy, an extremely wonderful man. HIS LOSS is not GOING TO BE with out FEELING FOR THE STATE FOR rather a while. i might SAY THIS, it is lamentably A TRAGIC AND CAUTIONARY story THAT each person, i will be able to REPEAT WHAT I referred to just a few instances ALREADY, everybody HAS SUCH a crucial accountability AND WRO position TO PLAY IN protecting THE protection OF OTHERS. IF A masks OR very nearly YOU, that could BE ONE thing, but donning AND SOCIAL DISTANCING AND TAKING THE right PRECAUTIONS IN people THAT may additionally surround other people, no matter if IN A GATHERING OR grocery store, you are always DOING IT FOR someone ELSE. PLEASE remember that. IT is awfully actual. THAT HIT domestic FOR lots of individuals, certainly in the condo OF REPRESENTATIVES AND THE STATE condo AND STATE govt, lots of folks THAT KNEW DICK, IT HIT domestic in the past 24 HOURS, SO I respect THAT feelings may also be WROUGHT at this time. I believe there’s a bigger MESSAGE and greater image THAT I believe WE ought to SEE AND TAKE far from IT, and that is here is VERY severe and should BE FOR fairly some time. MICHAEL: DR. CHAN A COMMISSIONER SHIBINETTE, I even have BEEN trying TO GET counsel FOR per week NOW in regards to the STAPLES HE CLAIMED TO handle THE VACCINATION playing cards — THE STATE’S declare TO deal with THE VACCINATION cards THAT should be passed OUT TO those that GET VACCINES. SOME declare THEY might be USED TO video display THE shots however additionally to use THEM TO MAKE JUDGMENTS ABOUT WHAT activities people cannot can’t USE. YOU asked THIS question earlier WITH somebody involved within the BORDER difficulty, saying definitely WE need to VACCINATION VISA OR VACCINATION PASSPORT TO travel across THE BORDER. what’s YOUR PLAN TO tune THE facts, absolutely OF A 2nd SHOT, AND wood corporations, for example, BE capable of SAY, “WE wish to SEE YOUR VACCINATION motor vehicle before WE rent YOU OR SERV wonderful question, SO I feel WHAT YOU’RE regarding ARE THE VACCINATION REMINDER cards which are GOING TO BE SHIPPED OUT FROM THE FEDERAL government together with THE THE VACCINE no longer handiest THE VACCINE but the materials OF THE VACCINE. I just are looking to BE CLEAR THAT THE goal OF those playing cards IS FOR THE person WHO’S GETTING VACCINATED FOR THEM TO HAVE A checklist OF when they bought THEIR FIRST VACCINE THE DATE THEY bought THEIR FIRST VACCINE. WHAT company THE THEY WHO THE manufacturer became OF THE VACCINE THEY acquired so that THEY may also be accurately recommended FOR after they should still GET THE 2nd DOSE OF THE VACCINE, right? SO keep in mind THAT DEFIES OUR VACCINE IS A TO IS A TWO-DOSE series SEPARATED by way of YOU know, THE THE PFIZER AND THE MOTOR NO VACCINES OR both TO DO series SEPARATED by way of THE YOU be aware of, THREE TO 4 WEEKS aside. SO WHEN someone gets A VACCINE WITH WITH ONE manufacturer at the 2nd DOSE needs to be WITH THAT equal class OF VACCINE SO THE intention of those REMINDER IT SAYS FOR THE grownup to know WHICH VACCINE THEY obtained when they acquired the primary DOSE AND when they should GET THE 2d DOSE with a view to as it should be comply with UP AND GET GET THE second DOSE TO HAVE MAXIMAL insurance plan AND MAXIMAL length OF IMMUNITY. THESE cards ARE FOR THE individual THE own USE THEY aren’t some thing THAT THE STATE goes TO BE TAKING OR the usage of OR MONITORING THEIR THEIR very own IDENTIFICATION cards FOR TO THE person OF WHICH VACCINE THEY GOTTEN WH NO, SO definitely THERE can be monitoring OF statistics YOU YOU HAD asked concerning the THE playing cards THAT had been COMING WITH THE VACCINE and i turned into EXPLAINING THE purpose OF those vehicles IS for personal U THAT THE query ABOUT THERE ARE programs BEING PUT IN vicinity AT A STATE AND FEDERAL degree FOR MONITORING DISTRIBUTION OF VACCINE AND WHO receives ONE DOSE AND once they need to COME back FOR THE second DOSE THAT gadget goes TO BE A VACCINE administration equipment and should BE USED by means of THE STATE and it’ll BE USED by way of THE STATE TO computer screen WHO gets THE VACCINE THAT gadget WHEN a person ENROLLS IN IT FOR VACCINATIONS WILL GET AN automatic REMINDER FOR after they deserve to COME returned AND GET A second DOSE OF THE VACCINE in order that VACCINE administration device IS AN electronic system THAT could be USED TO computer screen VACCINATIONS AND REMIND individuals WHEN to return again FOR A 2nd DOSE automatically ELECTRONICALLY but the cards that you’re ASKING concerning the PAPER cards have been intended for personal USE AND REMINDER FOR WHEN a person should GET A 2nd DOSE THANKS true brief comply with-UP ON THA FLU pictures don’t seem to be PUBLIC EMPLOYERS OR F PUBLIC statistics ARE US US it is IT UP AND working YET? IT’S IN process ANY DAY IT truly it’s UP AND running nearly almost ANY DAY, but THAT’S greater OF a global situation the place THE closing STATE I suppose trust to return INTO COMPLIANCE WITH VACCINATION REGISTRY. 2d IS an entire SEPARATE SECONDARY system once more TO and that i suppose TO MICHAEL’S question a bit BIT. might be THIS HELPS THE answer THE REGISTRY IS DESIGNED to peer WHO HAS IT now not WHO DOESN’T feel OF IT THAT method because WHOEVER bought THAT FIRST SHOT. WE wish to be certain THEY GET THEIR 2nd nonetheless it ISN’T FOR THE government’S to assert IT. WILL THESE ALL THESE DIDN’T TAKE IT SO WE’RE no longer trying to MANDATE IT OR anything else LIKE THAT. i know THERE’S lots of TREPIDATION about the concept OF MANDATING VACCINES. I’LL simply maintain asserting IT WE don’t seem to be AT A STATE degree MANDATING THIS VACCINE AND THAT’S not OUR INTENTION. SO IT’S really simply AS DR. CHEN. I feel DID an excellent JOB EXPLAINING OF YOU understand FOR THE STATE to understand AND suppliers to grasp WHO’S GOTTEN THEIR FIRST SHOT TO be certain folks ARE COMING back IN YOU received TO GET THE bought TO GET THE second SHOT AND WE want to be sure every person’S DOING THAT. IT’S not LIKE in case you GET ONE SHOT AT WILL WORK HALF as good and you’RE ok. IT’S now not the way it WORKS YOU. are available in AND GET THE second SHOT FOR TO absolutely BE BOOSTED TO THE stage IT NEE TO BE FOR coverage. ALL correct. neatly, thanks ALL VERY a lot. WE respect everyone’S persistence AND TIME WE may be back next WEEK. hopefully WITH SOME more tips about the VACCINE, WHICH should still BE HIT


COVID-19 in NH: city-with the aid of-city coronavirus instances

See town-through-town COVID-19 data for existing, total cases

right here is a city-by means of-city list of COVID-19 situations in New Hampshire (the interactive map may also be found beneath the listing). Fewer than 5 total or latest cases are being suggested by using health officers as “1-4,” and case records for cities with beneath 100 residents are not being mentioned. cities that have not had any cases of COVID-19 validated with the aid of state health officers over the direction of the pandemic are not listed. Acworth: 1-four energetic; 1-4 total (0 new)Albany: 1-4 active; 7 complete (0 new)Alexandria: 1-four active; eleven complete (1 new)Allenstown: 26 lively; 127 complete (5 new)Alstead: 1-four energetic; 1-four complete (0 new)Alton: 19 energetic; ninety nine complete (3 new)Amherst: 43 lively; a hundred and sixty total (four new)Andover: 10 lively; 27 complete (5 new)Antrim: eight energetic; 39 total (1 new)Ashland: 10 active; 28 complete (three new)Atkinson: 50 energetic; 181 complete (10 new)Auburn: 24 active; 158 complete (1 new)Barnstead: 17 lively; 61 complete (2 new)Barrington: 26 lively; 131 total (4 new)Bartlett: 5 energetic; 22 total (0 new)tub: 1-four energetic; 5 complete (0 new)Bedford: 119 lively; 854 complete (10 new)Belmont: 37 lively; 149 total (5 new)Bennington: 1-four active; 20 complete (2 new)Benton: 1-four energetic; 1-four total (0 new)Berlin: 28 active; 106 complete (8 new)Bethlehem: 1-4 energetic; 13 complete (0 new)Boscawen: 26 active; sixty eight total (three new)Bow: 29 energetic; a hundred and fifty complete (2 new)Bradford: 1-4 energetic; 20 total (0 new)Brentwood: 14 active; seventy nine complete (1 new)Bridgewater: 0 energetic; 1-four complete (0 new)Bristol: 7 lively; 35 complete (0 new)Brookfield: 1-4 energetic; 17 total (1 new)Brookline: 21 active; seventy seven complete (1 new)Campton: 5 active; 52 total (0 new)Canaan: 5 lively; 32 total (0 new)Candia: 32 energetic; ninety three complete (3 new)Canterbury: 6 active; forty one total (0 new)Carroll: 1-4 active; 6 total (0 new)center Harbor: 10 energetic; 35 total (0 new)Charlestown: 5 lively; 33 total (0 new)Chatham: 1-four lively; 5 complete (0 new)Chester: 35 lively; 131 total (3 new)Chesterfield: 9 energetic; 47 total (three new)Chichester: 9 active; 31 total (2 new)Claremont: 22 lively; 77 complete (0 new)Clarksville: 0 active; 14 total (0 new)Colebrook: 1-four active; 74 complete (0 new)Columbia: 0 lively; 5 total (0 new)harmony: 345 energetic; 1047 complete (72 new)Conway: 34 active; 133 total (2 new)Croydon: 0 energetic; 1-4 total (0 new)Dalton: 1-four lively; 1-four complete (0 new)Danbury: 1-4 active; 10 complete (0 new)Danville: 30 active; ninety total (5 new)Deerfield: 22 energetic; 89 total (2 new)Deering: 1-4 energetic; 19 complete (0 new)Derry: 188 energetic; 1030 total (17 new)Dorchester: 0 lively; 1-four complete (0 new)Dover: 129 active; 572 complete (10 new)Dublin: 9 active; 22 total (0 new)Dummer: 1-four lively; 1-four complete (0 new)Dunbarton: 14 energetic; 69 complete (4 new)Durham: 26 energetic; 443 complete (2 new)East Kingston: 6 energetic; 37 complete (2 new)Easton: 0 energetic; 1-4 complete (0 new)Eaton: 0 lively; 1-4 total (0 new)Effingham: 1-four lively; 19 complete (0 new)Enfield: 6 lively; 24 complete (0 new)Epping: 40 energetic; 147 complete (three new)Epsom: 33 lively; one hundred twenty five total (10 new)Errol: 0 active; 1-4 complete (0 new)Exeter: 54 lively; 252 total (10 new)Farmington: 21 active; 101 total (three new)Fitzwilliam: 6 active; 21 total (0 new)Francestown: 1-4 lively; eight complete (1 new)Franconia: 5 energetic; 14 complete (0 new)Franklin: 34 lively; 180 complete (6 new)Freedom: 1-four energetic; 14 complete (0 new)Fremont: 17 energetic; 104 total (2 new)Gilford: 18 energetic; 106 total (three new)Gilmanton: 11 energetic; forty eight total (1 new)Gilsum: 6 lively; 10 total (2 new)Goffstown: ninety nine lively; 617 total (12 new)Gorham: 22 lively; 30 total (1 new)Goshen: 1-four lively; 8 total (0 new)Grafton: 1-4 lively; 9 complete (0 new)Grantham: 6 energetic; 25 total (0 new)Greenfield: 7 lively; 20 total (1 new)Greenland: 14 lively; 70 complete (0 new)Greenville: 7 active; 36 total (0 new)Groton: 0 lively; 1-four complete (0 new)Hales area: 0 energetic; 1-four complete (0 new)Hampstead: forty eight lively; 201 total (6 new)Hampton: 111 lively; 442 complete (6 new)Hampton Falls: 12 lively; 50 total (2 new)Hancock: 1-four lively; 16 total (1 new)Hanover: 33 active; 129 total (1 new)Harrisville: 1-four active; 7 complete (0 new)Haverhill: 6 lively; 22 total (1 new)Hebron: 1-four energetic; 5 total (0 new)Henniker: 15 active; 102 total (1 new)Hill: 9 active; 18 complete (0 new)Hillsborough: 21 active; 90 total (0 new)Hinsdale: 9 energetic; 35 total (1 new)Holderness: 5 energetic; 20 total (0 new)Hollis: 32 lively; 122 total (2 new)Hooksett: 99 energetic; 477 complete (10 new)Hopkinton: 19 lively; ninety five complete (three new)Hudson: one hundred forty four active; 689 complete (10 new)Jackson: 1-4 active; 1-4 complete (0 new)Jaffrey: 19 active; seventy seven total (three new)Jefferson: 0 energetic; 1-4 complete (0 new)Keene: 102 energetic; 341 total (9 new)Kensington: 9 lively; 34 complete (1 new)Kingston: 37 active; 113 total (three new)Laconia: seventy six lively; 277 total (9 new)Lancaster: 6 lively; 22 total (1 new)Landaff: 0 lively; 1-four complete (0 new)Langdon: 0 active; 1-4 total (0 new)Lebanon: 31 energetic; one hundred and one total (5 new)Lee: 10 active; sixty three total (0 new)Lempster: 1-four active; 8 total (0 new)Lincoln: 1-4 energetic; 18 complete (2 new)Lisbon: 1-four active; 16 total (0 new)Litchfield: 45 energetic; 215 complete (3 new)Littleton: 1-four lively; 33 total (0 new)Londonderry: 182 active; 763 complete (22 new)Loudon: 25 active; 90 complete (four new)Lyman: 0 lively; 1-four total (0 new)Lyme: 0 lively; eight complete (0 new)Lyndeborough: 6 lively; 26 total (0 new)Madbury: 5 energetic; 25 complete (three new)Madison: 6 active; 25 complete (0 new)Manchester: 833 active; 5204 complete (sixty seven new)Marlborough: 5 active; 23 total (0 new)Marlow: 1-four energetic; 5 total (0 new)Mason: 1-4 active; 10 complete (0 new)Meredith: 34 active; 146 total (3 new)Merrimack: 159 energetic; 626 total (19 new)Middleton: 1-4 active; 24 complete (0 new)Milan: 0 energetic; 7 complete (0 new)Milford: one hundred twenty active; 384 total (eleven new)Milton: 15 lively; fifty seven complete (5 new)Monroe: 0 lively; 1-four complete (0 new)Mont Vernon: 9 active; 42 total (1 new)Moultonborough: 18 energetic; 92 total (4 new)Nashua: 493 active; 2835 complete (38 new)Nelson: 0 energetic; eight complete (0 new)New Boston: 18 lively; one hundred and five total (2 new)New fort: 1-4 lively; 11 total (0 new)New Durham: 14 energetic; 44 total (four new)New Hampton: 5 active; 36 complete (2 new)New Ipswich: sixteen energetic; ninety complete (2 new)New London: 10 energetic; 39 complete (0 new)Newbury: 1-4 active; 32 total (0 new)Newfields: 1-four energetic; 26 total (1 new)Newington: 0 lively; 5 complete (0 new)Newmarket: 34 active; 127 complete (7 new)Newport: 13 energetic; ninety seven total (1 new)Newton: 25 active; 103 total (three new)North Hampton: 12 energetic; 83 complete (0 new)Northfield: 21 lively; sixty two total (three new)Northumberland: 1-four active; 6 total (0 new)Northwood: 24 lively; 70 total (6 new)Nottingham: 19 energetic; seventy five complete (three new)Orange: 0 lively; 1-four total (0 new)Orford: 1-4 lively; eight complete (0 new)Ossipee: 9 active; 52 total (2 new)Pelham: eighty one active; 391 total (20 new)Pembroke: 36 active; 179 complete (four new)Peterborough: 22 energetic; 78 complete (2 new)Piermont: 0 active; 6 complete (0 new)Pittsburg: 1-four lively; 19 total (0 new)Pittsfield: 20 energetic; fifty three total (3 new)Plainfield: 1-4 active; 13 complete (0 new)Plaistow: 53 lively; 260 total (5 new)Plymouth: 30 energetic; 157 total (5 new)Portsmouth: 94 lively; 490 complete (eleven new)Randolph: 0 lively; 1-4 complete (0 new)Raymond: 30 active; 229 complete (7 new)Richmond: 1-four energetic; 1-4 total (0 new)Rindge: 18 lively; 123 complete (1 new)Rochester: 92 active; 486 complete (10 new)Rollinsford: 7 energetic; 28 complete (3 new)Roxbury: 1-4 active; 1-4 complete (new town)Rumney: 5 active; 15 complete (0 new)Rye: 23 lively; 88 complete (three new)Salem: 192 lively; 1021 total (17 new)Salisbury: 5 lively; 16 total (1 new)Sanbornton: 13 energetic; 50 complete (0 new)Sandown: forty three active; 173 total (7 new)Sandwich: 1-four lively; 17 complete (1 new)Seabrook: forty nine active; 241 total (7 new)Sharon: 1-four energetic; 1-four total (0 new)Shelburne: 1-4 active; 1-4 complete (0 new)Somersworth: forty five lively; 190 complete (7 new)South Hampton: 1-4 energetic; 10 total (0 new)Springfield: 0 lively; 5 complete (0 new)Stark: 1-4 lively; 1-4 complete (0 new)Stewartstown: 0 lively; 90 total (0 new)Stoddard: 1-four energetic; 9 total (0 new)Strafford: 19 lively; 51 total (3 new)Stratford: 0 energetic; 1-four total (0 new)Stratham: 24 energetic; ninety six total (three new)Sugar Hill: 0 energetic; 1-4 complete (0 new)Sullivan: 0 active; 1-4 complete (0 new)Sunapee: 1-4 active; 28 total (0 new)Surry: 1-four lively; 7 complete (0 new)Sutton: 6 energetic; 12 complete (2 new)Swanzey: 42 lively; eighty five complete (four new)Tamworth: 14 energetic; forty four complete (three new)Temple: 6 energetic; 15 total (0 new)Thornton: 1-4 lively; 18 total (0 new)Tilton: 48 active; 196 complete (2 new)Troy: 5 lively; eleven complete (0 new)Tuftonboro: 8 lively; 21 complete (0 new)solidarity: 0 active; 1-4 complete (0 new)Wakefield: 9 active; forty total (4 new)Walpole: 7 lively; 22 total (0 new)Warner: 5 active; seventy nine total (0 new)Warren: 1-four energetic; 7 total (0 new)Washington: 1-four energetic; 13 complete (1 new)Waterville Valley: 1-four lively; 8 total (0 new)Weare: 49 active; 192 complete (7 new)Webster: 8 energetic; 31 complete (0 new)Wentworth: 1-four lively; 5 complete (0 new)Westmoreland: 1-4 energetic; 18 total (0 new)Whitefield: 1-4 energetic; 12 total (0 new)Wilmot: 1-four energetic; 7 complete (2 new)Wilton: 10 lively; 44 complete (1 new)Winchester: 1-four active; 30 complete (0 new)Windham: 119 active; 466 complete (10 new)Windsor: 1-four active; 1-four total (0 new)Wolfeboro: 18 energetic; ninety four complete (1 new)Woodstock: 5 energetic; 11 complete (0 new)linked: latest coronavirus insurance | crucial counsel^^ within the video above, see the most recent (Dec. 10) COVID-19 briefing held with the aid of state officialsINTERACTIVE MAP AND GRAPHS under: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(do not see the map and graphs? talk over with this link and scroll down previous the town checklist)