January 19, 2021
COVID-19 in NH: town-by using-town coronavirus instances

COVID-19 in NH: town-by using-town coronavirus instances

COVID-19 in NH: city-by way of-city coronavirus situations

See city-by way of-city COVID-19 information for present, total situations

respectable AFTERNOON — i am óóóó. we’re ON THE AIR WITH BREAKING information… GOVERNOR SUNUNU IS UPDATING THE STATE’S CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE. LET’S listen IN. >> I consider IT should be a superb WEEK FOR each person AND WE recognize folks becoming a member of US ON TUESDAY. I understand it’S a bit earlier than regular. LET’S KICK things OFF WITH A PUBLIC fitness update FROM BEN. >> exquisite, decent AFTERNOON, GOVERNOR. one of the most NUMBERS. WE’RE saying 624 NEW americans clinically determined WITH COVID-19 today. 484 of these ARE americans THAT proven fantastic by means of PCR testing AND a hundred and forty people verified fine via ANTIGEN testing. within the closing WEEK we’ve BEEN AVERAGING ABOUT 750 TO 800 NEW INFECTIONS PER DAY. this is stable AND DOWN a little bit FROM THE NUMBERS last WEEK. GIMBERNATILY within the STATE THERE ARE 6,485 americans WITH active an infection. OUR test POSITIVITY rate remains strong AT 9.1%, THE commonplace OVER THE remaining SEVEN DAYS OF both PCR AND ANTIGEN exams combined. sadly THE variety of HOSPITALIZATIONS IS UP. THERE ARE 297 individuals at present HOSPITALIZED STATEWIDE WITH COVID-19 AND THERE ARE ZERO NEW DEATHS TO record today but the demise, the total variety of individuals who have DIED FROM COVID-19 continue to be AT 756. in the last WEEK THERE had been fifty two people THAT now we have introduced who have DIED FROM COVID-19. SO GIVEN the vacations, AND THE potential FOR people TO go back and forth AND TO gather WITH OTHERS outside OF THEIR instant families, THE NUMBERS continue to be in danger FOR GOING UP. each THE NUMBERS OF INFECTIONS, HOSPITALIZATIONS AND people death FROM COVID-19. SO it’s critical FOR individuals no longer TO LET THEIR take care of DOWN NOW OR OVER THE following few MONTHS exceptionally AS we’ve VACCINES more and more attainable OVER the arrival WEEKS. THE VACCINE can be the most important tool AND essentially the most critical MEASURE THAT WE should stop THIS PANDEMIC, AND THE doctor IN A MINUTE WILL give AN update ON probably the most VACCINE NUMBERS however until we’ve A excessive level OF VACCINATION throughout OUR STATE AND throughout OUR RESIDENTS, individuals deserve to proceed TO follow THE group MITIGATION counsel WHICH IS essentially HOW we’re going to continue TO steer clear of THE NUMBERS FROM GOING UP. optimistically pressure THE NUMBERS again DOWN. SO WE continue TO suggest AND motivate americans TO keep away from OR delay ANY needless shuttle. keep away from GATHERINGS OVER the holidays IF in any respect possible. IF americans ARE GATHERING WITH other individuals outdoor OF THEIR household TO are attempting AND reside at least SIX toes AWAY AND wear A masks although it really is INDOORS, and definitely IF somebody HAS ANY signs, ANY NEW symptoms OF COVID-19, besides the fact that it really is without problems a delicate cold, WE DO ASK THAT individuals AND suggest people GET tested FOR COVID-19 as a result of WE comprehend signs OF COVID-19 CAN range FROM mild symptoms TO more severe signs. THESE STEPS ARE still THE MEASURES THAT WE must handle unfold OF THIS VIRUS until we have WIDER VACCINATION AND VACCINE attainable TO OUR inhabitants. i may HAND things OVER TO DR. DALY. THANKS. >> notable. respectable AFTERNOON. i go TO deliver AN update ON OUR VACCINE DISTRIBUTION EFFORTS starting WITH WHAT happened closing WEEK and then i’ll speak in regards to the WEEK ahead. OVER THE last WEEK we now have allotted four,505 DOSES OF VAC STEEN ALL OF OUR HOSPITALS IN OUR STATE. THIS REPRESENTS 92% OF THE VACCINE THAT WE allocated TO HOSPITALS THIS final WEEK. THE HOSPITALS HAVE USED THIS VACCINE TO VACCINATE 3,819 OF OUR entrance LINE laborers thus far TO offer protection to THEM FROM COVID-19. ON MONDAY, DECEMBER 28, we are going to begin REPORTING THIS statistics PUBLICLY when it comes to HOW lots VACCINE HAS BEEN disbursed TO THE HOSPITALS and how lots every sanatorium HAS ADMINISTERED. THE huge news IS THAT OVER THE WEEKEND MODERNA’S VACCINE received EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION AND IS NOW authorised to be used IN people 18 OR OLDER. THIS VACCINE REQUIRES TWO DOSES 28 DAYS apart. like the PFIZER VACCINE or not it’s VERY beneficial AND AFTER TWO DOSES or not it’s BEEN shown TO BE 94% positive AT preventing COVID-19 disorder. LIKE different VACCINES individuals WHO get hold of THIS VACCINE CAN expect TO HAVE ache, REDNESS, AND SWELLING at the INJECTION website. A SMALLER variety of people might also suppose tired, HAVE MUSCLE OR physique ACHES, FEVER, ALL OF so that you can unravel rapidly. THESE ARE indications THAT YOUR physique IS RESPONDING TO THE VACCINE AND setting up THE ANTIBODIES with the intention to offer protection to YOU FROM COVID-19. today WE bought 24,200 DOSES OF MODERNA VACCINE here IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. ABOUT HALF OF THIS VACCINE might be dispensed TO OUR HOSPITALS so as to proceed TO VACCINATE HEALTHCARE workers AT highest possibility AND ABOUT HALF may be USED TO LAUNCH OUR STATE-RUN fixed VACCINATION websites as well as OUR mobile teams WHICH can be RUN by using OUR REGIONAL PUBLIC fitness community companions. THE STATE RUN fastened VACCINATION websites ARE SET TO OPEN next WEEK ON TUESDAY, DECEMBER 29, AT 13 locations across THE STATE. THESE sites WILL begin VACCINATING OUR excessive-chance AMBULATORY HEALTHCARE suppliers, folks that are not WORKING IN sanatorium SETTINGS as well as OUR FIRST RESPONDERS. WE’RE ASKING individuals now not TO attain OUT TO US AND ASK HOW THEY can also be REGISTERED FOR RECEIVING A VACCINE AT THESE sites simply YET. WE’RE in reality WORKING at once WITH those FIRST RESPONDER corporations TO REGISTER THEIR high-risk workforce, AND we’ll additionally communicate largely after we’RE able to begin REGISTERING those AMBULATORY CARE providers. in addition to THE MODERNA VACCINE WE had been allocated eight,875 DOSES OF PFIZER VACCINE THIS WEEK WHICH HAS BEEN primarily DIRECTED TO assist THE FEDERAL long run CARE FACILITY PHARMACY PARTNERSHIP program. THIS software all started THIS WEEK, the day past, MONDAY, DECEMBER 21. BETWEEN CVS AND WALGREENS PHARMACIES, they have got BEEN VACCINATING a couple of distinct facilities across OUR STATE THIS WEEK. WE do not YET HAVE verified ALLOCATIONS when it comes to HOW a great deal VACCINE we will acquire next WEEK OR ANY WEEK AFTER. despite the fact, we’ve got BEEN advised TO predict about 9,000 DOSES OF every OF these TWO VACCINES. PFIZER AND MODERNA FOR a total OF 18,000 DOSES OVER THE next few WEEKS each WEEK. THIS quantity IS completely discipline TO exchange AND WE do not get OUR actual ALLOCATIONS except THE WEEK earlier than WE receive IT. WE HOPE TO HAVE bigger ALLOCATIONS MADE attainable TO OUR STATE AS different VACCINE FORMULATIONS develop into obtainable. SO in keeping with OUR predicted ALLOCATIONS WE anticipate TO VACCINATE ALL OF OUR phase-1-someone’s WITH as a minimum ONE DOSE by means of THE core TO end OF JANUARY. SO be aware, once more, these ARE OUR highest possibility HEALTHCARE laborers. OUR RESIDENTS AND personnel AT future CARE facilities AND FIRST RESPONDERS. at that time, we’d expect, THEN TO start VACCINATING those that ARE IN part 1-B AND WE’RE engaged on setting up WHO could be blanketed IN THAT part NOW AND we are going to talk THIS WHEN we have IT equipped FOR YOU. it will TAKE US several MONTHS TO GET ALL WHO wish to BE VACCINATED, VACCINATED, AND WE should stay VIGILANT in the STEPS WE TAKE TO avoid COVID-19. thank you. >> first rate AFTERNOON. i’m simply GOING TO DO a short long run CARE update. these days WE’RE CLOSING 5 long term CARE OUTBREAKS. EVERGREENPLACE IN MANCHESTER, HACKETT HILL IN MANCHESTER, MAKE agree with HEALTHCARE middle IN MANCHESTER, ST. ANN’S REHAB AND NURSING middle IN DOVER, AND ST. JOSEPH’S house IN MANCHESTER, ALL CLOSED. WE’RE asserting 4 extra OUTBREAKS today. we have GOLDEN VIEW HEALTHCARE middle IN MEREDITH OPENING. KEYSTONE hall, CYNTHIA DAY program IN NASHUA OPEN. THE WENTWORTH SENIOR residing IN PORTSMOUTH OPEN. that is ALL I even have. thanks. >> extraordinary. thank you, COMMISSIONER AND DR. DALY AND DR. CHAN. a couple of things TO evaluate and then we will OPEN IT UP FOR QUESTIONS. THERE became loads of dialogue today SURROUNDING THE relief kit within the these days handed FEDERAL OMNIBUS SPENDING bill. SO I consider there’s a little of bewilderment THAT THIS CORONAVIRUS reduction package turned into A STAND on my own. IT in fact changed into no longer. IT was combined WITH yet another $1.four TRILLION when it comes to THE OMNIBUS SPENDING invoice keeping THE government relocating forward as a minimum within the brief term. and obviously WE’RE nevertheless DIGGING INTO THE legislation. the overall equipment become OVER 5,000 PAGES, AND, YOU understand, I consider IT was — the previous day IT was MADE obtainable FOR folks TO study IT. don’t inquire from me HOW THEY VOTED ON IT without analyzing IT. i’m now not EVEN GOING TO GET INTO THAT. it truly is alas a long time period issue THAT WASHINGTON HAS but WE DO predict SOME additional readability within the COMING DAYS and i believe hopefully we’ll BE capable of GET a better feel OF one of the most proper aid EFFORTS THAT we can expect specially OUT OF THE COVID points AND relief aspects OF THIS bill. but THERE ARE SOME respectable news inside THIS bill. THERE is no DOUBT ABOUT THAT. there’s FUNDING IN THERE FOR every thing FROM VACCINE DISTRIBUTION, PPE PROCUREMENT, CONTACT TRACING, TENS OF BILLIONS OF bucks FOR schools throughout THE country CAN, condominium suggestions courses, BILLIONS OF greenbacks OF help. SUBSTANCE ABUSE disease, CHILDCARE PROVISIONS, TRANSPORTATION, SO lots of definitely respectable STUFF IN THERE, so that you can address one of the most charges THAT at the moment STATES ARE BEARING. THE FEDERAL executive goes TO are available in AND support notably across the COVID PANDEMIC. related to UNEMPLOYMENT, IT DOES seem like THEY should be REUPPING THE $300 PER WEEK UNEMPLOYMENT STIPEND FOR AN additional eleven WEEKS. this is first rate information, whereas we’ve BEEN DOING VERY good WITH OUR EMPLOYMENT statistics here IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, I think WE’RE RANKED FIFTH within the country FOR UNEMPLOYMENT, it’s VERY respectable KNEW. WE’RE ON a good song however THERE ARE nonetheless a lot of people OUT of work, AND THIS further $300 FOR THE following few MONTHS in fact, I consider, IS well encouraged aid. I guess, YOU know, one of the crucial irritating elements OF THIS, IF there is ANY CRITICISM to be had, once again, we are going to DIG INTO IT to look WHAT other SPENDING there is nevertheless it IS frustrating, I suppose a lot of people SHARE, THAT IT DID TAKE SO long FOR THIS TO GET finished. ONE thing THEY were TOUTING became the flexibleness THAT STATES NOW HAVE WITH CARES ACT cash. THEY passed THAT FLEXIBILITY WITH per week to move. SO MOST STATES HAVE definitely SPENT ALL OF THEIR CARES ACT money, SO of course THAT class OF, if you happen to SEE WASHINGTON trying TO TAKE A VICTORY LAP devoid of basically knowing THE PUSHES AND PULLS OF WHAT occurs on the STATE level IT will also be VERY irritating and that i suppose I speak FOR ALL 50 GOVERNORS IN THAT REALM however WE’RE satisfied THEY obtained anything performed. we will hold DIGGING INTO IT AND HAVE an improved knowing. there is some huge cash AND a lot of support THERE AND we will be sure each greenback OF IT gets TO precisely where it’s supposed to head. WHAT WE DO comprehend AND WHAT WE have been DISCUSSING a little past it truly is relocating forward FROM WASHINGTON IS THE VACCINE. AS changed into mentioned WE DID get hold of OUR 24,000 DOSES FROM MODERNA. 9,000 DOSES OF PFIZER. THE future CARE FACILITY application, FOR the most half MANAGED by CVS AND WALGREENS IS relocating ahead THIS WEEK WHICH IS remarkable. WE recognize loads of folks ARE still GETTING THEIR CONSENT types IN AND things OF THAT NATURE for their spouse and children IN long run CARE AND WE particularly suggest folks try this AS soon AS viable. I accept as true with THE VACCINATIONS AT OUR VETERANS home will be TAKING place AS EARLY AS THIS WEEK WHICH IS amazing. WE’RE MAKING certain THAT these individuals ARE A precedence. THERE is some things which are in fact TRENDING within the appropriate course AT OUR VETERANS domestic. I consider AS OF today we now have ABOUT 21 RESIDENTS AND group of workers that are COVID fantastic. at the start, I suppose there were ABOUT 190 SO WE’RE right down to 21. however there has been lots of lack of existence UP THERE AS well, and those VETERANS, YOU recognize, those ARE OUR HEROES AND GOD BLESS THE team of workers ON THE entrance strains. they have got completed a huge JOB. we have BEEN WITH THEM each STEP of ways. whatever thing THEY need WE GET THEM however they’ve BEEN DEALT a tricky HAND UP THERE but THEY truly HAVE accomplished super JOB MITIGATING THE spread OF THE VIRUS AND IT looks AS even though WE’RE ON a very tremendous course but WE simply, again, THERE ARE nevertheless SOME RESIDENTS UP THERE which are COVID advantageous. ANY PRAYERS that can go out TO THEM, we wish THEM A fast recovery, GOES a long strategy to be certain. yet another vital ANNOUNCEMENT WE’RE MAKING these days ARE ABOUT OUR faculties. or not it’s whatever thing we now have BEEN speaking ABOUT, but WE know AS children AND teachers ARE ON A smartly DE SERVED winter spoil, they have got completed a very good JOB MANAGING THE COVID disaster as it PERTAINS TO colleges AND trying TO preserve THEIR colleges OPEN. THERE may well be loads of QUESTIONS AS children are looking to COME returned TO school INTO the new 12 months SO WITH THAT IN intellect WE’RE MAKING bound THAT testing for students AND lecturers AND team of workers within those schools ARE PRIORITIZED, AS THEY DO HEAD INTO THE school room IN EARLY JANUARY. AND AS WE recognize THERE were just a few circumstances associated with schools THERE. had been CLUSTERS around colleges. only a few OUTBREAKS WHICH I think, again IS A testomony TO THE guidance we have PUT INTO area AND THE SUCCESS WE recognize we will HAVE inside colleges but MANY verify websites throughout THE STATES WILL PRIORITIZE APPOINTMENTS FOR lecturers AND students AND personnel WITH signs OF COVID-19 inside 24 HOURS. SO individuals WILL both acquire A swift test OR A PCR verify AND IF A PCR look at various IS CHOSEN THE company WILL ship THE verify TO an additional LAB IN NEW ENGLAND that can GET those quicker TURNAROUND times. WE just are looking to be sure THAT college students THAT may also REQUIRE A check TO GET returned INTO school are not BEING HELD lower back THREE, 4, five, SIX DAYS, EVEN every week, while looking ahead to effects. WE wish to be sure those kids CAN GET again INTO category AS immediately AS feasible. WE understand WHEN SYMPTOMATIC college students, lecturers AND team of workers HAVE entry to those timely exams IN person discovering CAN straight away RESUME AND THE merits HAVE confirmed TO BE colossal. people CAN GO TO NH.GOV. there’s OUR trying out MAP. some thing that you would be able to SEE correct ON OUR web site. OUR NH.GOV/COVID19. click ON GET demonstrated, correct THERE, THE LITTLE BLUE BUTTON and they CAN access THAT trying out MAP and you’ll BE in a position to establish yourself AS a school group of workers MEMBER OR student WITH symptoms. anyone WHO DOES should expect TO GET AN APPOINTMENT within 24 HOURS. it be a pretty good construction AND just MAKING bound as soon as once again WITH the entire FLEXIBILITY THAT we’ve BEEN in a position to build INTO OUR system THAT allows for US TO PRIORITIZE AREAS OF maximum needs AND MAKING certain academics AND students HAVE access, IS obviously a extremely high need GIVEN THE SUCCESS that they have got CREATED FOR THEMSELVES in the college device here IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. SO before WE close OUT, I simply need to deliver only a few short words ON THE UPCOMING vacations. I do not think or not it’s anything THAT folks have not HEARD before, YOU understand. WE DID a pretty good JOB AS A STATE OF THANKSGIVING. WE noticed a bit BUMP within the NUMBERS, excessive BUMP in the NUMBERS AFTER THANKSGIVING. IT WASN’T practically AS dangerous AS I believe WE idea IT can be. in fact now not AS unhealthy AS WE saw IN SOME STATES. I feel folks UNDERSTOOD THEY needed to restrict THEIR GATHERINGS WITH immediate household. THEY needed to be a bit of creative. WE’RE ASKING individuals TO DO THE identical OVER CHRISTMAS. now could be THE TIME TO reside MOST DISCIPLINED. now’s definitely THE WORST TIME if you WILL TO GET COVID AND TO PASCO particular person ON TO OTHERS realizing THAT A VACCINE IS here AND beneath means. WE’RE quite simply just a few MONTHS faraway from GETTING THE reduction THAT WE want across OUR whole gadget via VACCINE DISTRIBUTION. SO figuring out THAT, WE’RE just ASKING individuals TO stay DISCIPLINED AND sustain type of these good HABITS hopefully THAT we have DEVELOPED OVER THANKSGIVING. so as WE TAKE IT INTO CHRISTMAS AND the new yr, just a REMINDER THAT wearing YOUR mask, SOCIAL DISTANCING, WASHING YOUR palms, or not it’s now not ABOUT US. it be in fact ABOUT OUR relatives AND OUR CO-worker’s AND OUR extended family THAT WE in reality chance by means of SPREADING THE disorder both SYSTEMATICALLY OR ASYMPTOMATICALLY. WE ASK individuals TO MAKE THE foremost choice. WE’RE now not GOING TO MANDATE THAT individuals celebrate THEIR holiday a definite means in their own homes. WE do not do that however WE’RE ASKING individuals TO MAKE good choices FOR THEMSELVES AND THEIR spouse and children. OF path, WE DO HAVE a extremely enormous OUT-OF-STATE employee THAT can be COMING IN that we’ll BE DEEMING elementary. this is SANTA CLAUS. WE DID IT FOR THE EASTER BUNNY AND WE are looking to be sure SANTA is aware of THERE may be NOTHING retaining HIM returned. WE’RE DEEMING SANTA CLAUS a necessary employee. HE’LL BE here ON TIME an awful lot like the VACCINE HAS BEEN. he isn’t COMING FROM WASHINGTON SO that is THE good information so that skill HE’LL possible convey ON everything THAT HE promises US. SO WE suppose IT can be a great holiday. WE in fact DO, YOU know. THE SKI SEASON IS obtainable. americans ARE out there SNOWMOBILING. they’re DOING a lot of THESE suit outside actions. WE simply ASK individuals TO relish every thing NEW HAMPSHIRE HAS TO present but DO IT IN a secure way. DO IT IN A in charge approach knowing THAT WE nonetheless HAVE a virulent disease AND hopefully enjoy the vacations AS premiere all of us CAN. WITH THAT we will OPEN IT UP FOR a number of QUESTIONS. first rate MORNING, respectable AFTERNOON, PAULA. HOW ARE YOU? >> MERRY CHRISTMAS. >> i used to be GOING TO ASK IF individuals WOULD HAVE ANY TROUBLES on the BORDER? >> NO, NO TROUBLES WITH SANTA. HE receives A FREE pass. >> I HEAR THAT somebody it really is not GETTING A FREE pass IS THE CVS WALGREENS AND THE gradual ROLLOUT in line with SOME, NURSING HOMERS AND long run CARE facilities that might HAVE liked TO HAVE seen VACCINES within the arms OF THEIR loved ones AS EARLY AS MONDAY. HOW DO YOU think here’s WORKING? IS IT WORKING AS YOU expected? AND ARE YOU worried about the PUBLIC-inner most PARTNERSHIP? >> we now have always noted THE long term CARE FACILITY VACCINATION program WOULD start ON MONDAY AND IT DID. IT turned into ROLLED OUT MONDAY. once more, WE wouldn’t have satisfactory VACCINE FOR everyone IN phase 1-A today. it truly is a hundred THOUSAND people. WE USE every BIT THAT WE GET. WE split IT UP BETWEEN hospital employees, long term CARE amenities within these facilities and that they COHORT IT AMONGST THEIR group of workers AND RESIDENTS. these amenities might not possible — doubtless WILL not provide ALL OF THEIR workforce ALL OF THEIR VACCINE at once as a result of IN CASE individuals HAVE aspect results OR perhaps need to TAKE a further DAY IF THERE ARE ANY type of side effects YOU don’t desire all your personnel GOING OUT SO we’ve informed AND THE CDC HAS counseled TO sort of COHORT YOUR personnel AS YOU ROLL OUT THE VACCINE to your FACILITY. THAT system IS below method AS anticipated. or not it’s ON TIME AND WE’RE ALLOCATING AS a lot VACCINE as the FEDERAL govt IS inclined TO supply. >> DO you have A DATE AS TO WHEN WOULD YOU want to SEE all the future CARE RESIDENTS VACCINATED? >> I do not wish to PUT IT IN CONCRETE however i will tell you IF WE GET VACCINE at the price WE anticipate, and that’s discipline TO alternate AND DR. DALY, SHE’S SWEATING OVER THERE AS I birth TO MAKE PREDICTIONS ON VACCINE DISTRIBUTION however I believe via THE THIRD WEEK OF JANUARY THE large MAJORITY IN section 1 may have HAD THEIR FIRST SHOT. THEN THERE COMES THE 2d SHOT. however it is THE popular TIME frame. I suppose we’d like to SEE ALL OF section 1-A BE carried out WITH THEIR FIRST SHOT AND we will birth WITH form of moving into the primary pictures INTO part 1-B AND section TWO. this is subject TO exchange but I feel it’s THE RELATIVE TIME body that we’d like to SEE. >> GOVERNOR, AS YOU understand, a couple of HOURS ago MASSACHUSETTS GOVERNOR CHARLIE BAKER constrained SOCIAL GATHERINGS TO PUBLIC and private TWO WEEKS NONESSENTIAL HOSPITALIZATIONS AND additionally SET skill LIMITS ON just about all businesses FOR THE next COUPLE OF WEEKS WITH 82% OF THEIR ICU BEDS AT ability. i know you might be FOLLOWING THIS here however ARE WE anyplace close THAT variety of hazard ZONE AND can we should believe considering ANY equivalent RESTRICTIONS? >> we’ve got at all times said AS WE variety of HIT THAT top OF OUR NUMBERS OF COVID, AND confidently now we have HIT IT, WE seem to have STABILIZED OVER THE last WEEK. WE are looking to BE CAUTIOUS but WE appear to have STABILIZED. WE recognize THAT THE HOSPITALIZATIONS AND EVEN THE FATALITIES WILL LAG THE NUMBERS. THAT CURVE WILL LAG THE second CURVE, WILL LAG by ABOUT TWO to 3 WEEKS potentially SO IN asserting THAT, yes, HOSPITALIZATIONS WILL seemingly proceed to head UP AS SOME stage. I do not believe WE’RE — WE’RE simply beneath 300 HOSPITALIZATIONS these days IN OUR CENSUS. or not it’s MANAGEABLE but WE’RE GETTING UP THERE TO be certain. MY feel IS in order to continue TO develop as a minimum a little bit OVER THE subsequent WEEK OR TWO however NO WE’RE no longer at the point the place WE should delivery MANDATING greater economic CONTRACTIONS OR things OF THAT NATURE OR PULLING again. WE’RE IN constant communique WITH OUR HOSPITALS. I feel they’ve BEEN DOING a good JOB AND HATS OFF TO THEM. lots of THEM ARE MAKING lots of SACRIFICES moving certain sufferers OVER right here. SHARING BEDS AND SHARING capacity. I consider all of them appreciate THAT WE’RE ALL in this collectively and they are WORKING AS SUCH, AND FOR THAT I truly DO COMMEND THEM. I think, as a minimum A HALF DOZEN TO A DOZEN ARE really AT OR near means WITH lots of THEIR functions, AND SO a few of THEM HAVE CHOSEN to pull again. WE’RE no longer trying to MANDATE A PULLBACK ON a few of those capabilities just YET. we can at all times OPEN OUR SURGE facilities IF imperative. but the NUMBERS, even if YOU restrict PUBLIC GATHERINGS otherwise you avoid corporations today, THE HOSPITALIZATION NUMBERS ARE probably GOING TO maintain TRICKLING UP. it really is just the way the maths WORKS. IT TAKES a week OR TWO FOR a few of these signs TO GET extreme and that’s the reason likely WHAT we will SEE is some improved HOSPITALIZATIONS OVER TIME but confidently WE’RE at the peak and perhaps we’ll start to look A DOWNSWING. it’s a little weird. THE decent information is this second SURGE HAS befell precisely AS WE expected lower back IN AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER. THE dangerous news IS, THAT THE second SURGE happened AT precisely AS WE estimated back IN AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER, that means, THAT IT came about AS WE thought but the NUMBERS ARE in reality excessive. AND or not it’s really AGGRESSIVE AND WE KNEW it could BE. WE have been organized FOR IT, and i feel THE individuals AT PUBLIC health AND THE HOSPITALS THEMSELVES DESERVE a lot of credit FOR BEING prepared. AND WE’RE just IN a extremely distinctive situation THAN WE have been IN MARCH AND APRIL. AND WE’RE IN A just a little diverse situation THAN MASSACHUSETTS TO make certain. THEY should MAKE THEIR — locate THEIR path AND MAKE THEIR choices AND we’ve a bit extra FLEXIBILITY ON OUR conclusion TO MAKE OURS. >> GOVERNOR, it’s BEEN a protracted 10 MONTHS to assert THE LEAST. individuals ARE stressed out. >> HAS IT BEEN 10 MONTHS? >> I consider it’s 10 MONTHS. >> americans ARE wired. they’re tired. it be that point OF 12 months where YOU want to collect TO ALLEVIATE one of the STRESS and notice YOUR household but it surely’S a dangerous TIME TO do this. WHAT DO YOU SAY TO THE people who’re by myself? they’re stressed AND drained? they’re on the conclusion OF THEIR ROPE? >> or not it’s complicated TO ASK, WHEN individuals HAVE GIVEN 110% it’s tough TO ASK THEM FOR a bit more. but it surely can be IRRESPONSIBLE FOR US now not TO. IT just — it really is the way it’s AND WE’RE no longer ASKING THEM TO DO the rest THAT WE’RE now not DOING ON OUR conclusion. i will let you know, MYSELF, AND, I can not talk FOR OUR total group, however, YOU be aware of, i may POP IN to look MY folks AND SAY hello once a week. the place AS I USED to head OVER AND HAVE THE GRANDKIDS PLAY WITH THEM all the TIME AND NOW it’s A POP IN FOR five OR 10 MINUTES SOCIALLY DISTANCED and notice HOW they are DOING AND circulation ON and christmas EVE should be THE same means. SO WE actually wish to EMPHASIZE, at the least right here within the STATE, I cannot communicate FOR other STATES OR WHAT’S going on IN WASHINGTON however WE’RE now not ASKING THEM TO MAKE ANY additional SACRIFICE this is WE’RE no longer inclined TO DO OURSELVES AND it’s tough. above all FOR THE aged. we’ve a lot of elderly. THEY just reside alone and they live VERY well and that they CAN are living INDEPENDENTLY but it surely’S BEEN extra hard ON THEM as a result of a lot of THEIR SOCIAL businesses AND GATHERINGS, YOU know, depend ON expertise AND WE’RE attempting TO GET all and sundry up to speed WITH the use of ZOOM however it really is tough, TOO. no longer each person HAS THE ultimate entry TO know-how the entire TIME. SO WE recognize THE SACRIFICES THAT people ARE willing TO MAKE. there’s loads of intellectual fitness features TO THE LONELINESS, TO THAT ISOLATION, WHICH IS WHY WE are attempting TO maintain issues OPEN AND relocating forward AS most advantageous we will WITH THAT balance. however’S a tough TIME all the way through the holidays. WE GET IT. WE’RE at the beginning OF THE end, even though. THERE truly IS a lightweight on the conclusion OF THE TUNNEL. stay DISCIPLINED a short while LONGER. primarily AS WE GET via this first section. a ways AND AWAY THE HUNDRED THOUSAND MOST inclined people, IF we are able to supply THEM THE protection THEY want OVER THE next SIX TO EIGHT WEEKS we will ALL BE capable of TAKE A more COLLECTIVE BREATH. we will still have to BE DISCIPLINED but THAT light at the conclusion OF THE TUNNEL receives BRIGHTER AND BRIGHTER day by day. optimistically THAT gives people SOME REASSURANCE, IF THE VACCINE WEREN’T THERE I feel we would BE IN a great deal more challenging position MENTALLY. we might ALL SAY, GEE, HOW long is that this basically GOING to move? probably IT certainly not ENDS, but I believe WE NOW understand it CAN and should end. THE VACCINE IS protected. or not it’s BEING TAKEN AT A high rate, it be BEING DELIVERED. 30,000 VIALS confirmed UP AT OUR DOORSTEP THIS MORNING, THAT became fairly spectacular. I don’t feel ANY OF US thought it will BE right here ON by NEW yr’S but WE’RE ALL neatly UNDERWAY SO WE HOPE people SEE THAT AS a light AND just a little OF HOPE AND WE simply ASK individuals TO stay DISCIPLINED simply a bit LONGER. >> am i able to ASK a question concerning the LEGISLATURE UPDATES involving COVID-19. THERE changed into A submit ON fb web page, ON A LEGISLATOR WHO changed into requesting PRAYERS. critical in the clinic. are you able to give US an outline ON where issues STAND AS plenty AS you can. >> I DO NO, i can tell FROM YOU a personal STANDPOINT, I DO be aware of there is at least ONE LEGISLATOR it really is in the sanatorium. and clearly WE ship ALL OUR PRAYERS TO THEM AND THEIR household. it’s truly complicated in case you ENTER A health center environment. it be a tricky factor. in case you’VE viewed WHAT those folks must go through. SO WE’RE WISHING THEM THE best. once again, I don’t get ANY UPDATES AS TO WHICH LEGISLATORS ARE effective AND which of them are not. WE’RE presenting trying out AS much AS THEY want to BE tested. LEGISLATORS ARE taking a look at different options in terms of HOW they will MEET. I have no idea IF A resolution HAS BEEN determined. YOU folks be aware of more than i might SO i’m not bound where they’re in the process however i know THEY want to DO IT and looking TO DO IT SAFELY. >> WOULD BIT a good idea to attend until FEBRUARY OR MARCH TO GET TO WORK WHEN MOST OF THEM most likely have been ALLOWED TO GET THE VACCINE? >> they could WORK REMOTELY AND SAFELY, OR SOCIALLY DISTANCED, AND wearing MASKS AND DOING all the PROVISION it really is WE REQUIRE OF another enormous group GATHERING, THEN THEY should still BE able to accomplish that. so long as they could VOTE AND HAVE the general public HEARINGS AND DO THE company OF THE LEGISLATURE. MY experience IS AND here is simply MY experience, they’re taking a look at a fairly ABBREVIATED schedule via JANUARY DOING simplest THEIR MOST maximum want actions until YOU GET TO THE FEBRUARY-MARCH latitude SO MY experience is that they ARE TAKING THAT method. you could possibly in reality ought to ASK THEM. >> THEY could GET a continuing decision ON THE funds perhaps, YOU know, FOR a few MONTHS as an alternative OF THE ordinary cut-off dates THAT had been SET? >> IT does not deserve to BE carried out with the aid of JUNE 30. I feel we are going to HAVE plenty of TIME TO GET THE budget accomplished. i’ll BE proposing MY edition OF THE finances through FEBRUARY 7 OR FEBRUARY 8. SO in the event that they just VOTE THAT UP, YOU understand, we will GET IT finished through FEBRUARY 9. IT could be THAT easy. I don’t think this is GOING TO occur but MY element THERE is they may have lots of TIME TO DIG INTO IT. they can DO far off STUFF. I consider the hardest part IS the public HEARINGS element since you desire PUBLIC enter. WE don’t need to BE IN A situation, final year I had to VETO a lot of bills, massive OMNIBUS bills WITH forty distinctive expenses PILED INTO one that did not EVEN RELATE TO every different sometimes AND there have been SOME respectable bills THAT in the end bought VETOED however a lot of times IS as a result of THEY didn’t HAVE an acceptable PUBLIC listening to SO WE need to carry these returned THIS TIME around AND expectantly HAVE a further SHOT AT THEM WITH PUBLIC enter as a result of it truly is a very essential a part of THE technique. >> GOVERNOR, WE understand THERE ARE SOME faculties that have activities teams IN QUARANTINE, BEDFORD BEING ONE. IF THIS SURGE occurs may still youngsters BE enjoying INDOOR activities OR dangle OFF? >> in terms of college sports? >> neatly, I feel, once more, faculties can make THEIR own decisions. THERE ARE protected the right way to DO IT. in the event that they follow THE assistance THEY will also be successful, THERE isn’t any DOUBT however once more WE recommend that they are checking out THEIR children, STAYING right ON exact OF IT, finding out who is SYMPTOMATIC, WHO isn’t, MAKING certain THAT conversation IS THERE AND IF QUARANTINE OR different PROVISIONS ought to BE TAKEN THEY may still BE TAKING those. >> I just HAD a question ABOUT SOME effective circumstances AT DHSS — i’m not certain IF probably the most doctors desires to TAKE THIS ONE. [LAUGHTER] >> WE simply HEARD there have been SOME nice cases at the decide core. ANY assistance ON THAT, WHAT guidelines ARE IN place TO be sure individuals ARE safe AND WITH individuals GETTING in poor health THERE DO you have sufficient individuals TO continue? >> certain. certain. >> DHSS, each THE choose middle AND OUR DISTRICT places of work AND ALL OF OUR entrance LINE personnel, they’re on the equal risk AS everybody ELSE within the group. WE’RE just a MICROCOSM OF SOCIETY common. SOYEAH, we’ve got HAD effective CASE SCASE S AND we now have SOME existing nice cases IN OUR decide middle FOR COVID. PUBLIC fitness AS YOU imagine DOES an outstanding JOB OF SOCIAL DISTANCING WITH mask wearing, SO we’ve got really confined THE unfold IN those cases. those personnel go out and they GO TO THE identical GROCERY shops AND DO THE equal element we all DO. SO HAVING wonderful instances isn’t completely astonishing OR odd. in order OF at this time WE consider it’s relatively much CONTAINED. however, YOU recognize, DHHS’S group of workers AND employees are not any distinctive THAN any one ELSE. we’ve plenty of people TO DO THE WORK WE’RE DOING. WE’RE now not UNDERSTAFFED in any respect AND WE’RE still STAYING ON appropriate OF everything THAT WE’RE DOING. so far as VACCINATIONS FOR teachers, i do know phase 1-B IS in the WORKS however DO YOU think they might BE covered IN THAT mainly NOW FOR trying out PRIORITIES for college students AND teachers? >> we now have bought AN LOT OF REQUESTS FROM primary people TO BE regarded FOR 1-B. every little thing FROM UTILITY worker’s TO ENVIRONMENTAL carrier worker’s WITH, SO I consider that is — this is AN engaging in THAT WE’RE starting right now TO look at. AT WHAT place IN 1-B? IN a lot of ways IT can be no matter if it is the starting OF FEBRUARY OR THE conclusion OF FEBRUARY. or not it’s now not whether a person IS included OR not. or not it’s WHAT place DO THEY hang IN THAT SO WE definitely don’t want to MAKE WINNERS AND LOSERS but WE want to analyze who is MOST in danger FOR COMING INTO CONTACT WITH COVID after which additionally who is AT MOST possibility FOR HAVING bad effects TO COVID WHICH IS WHY THE long THE EARLY CARE facilities are becoming THE VACCINE FIRST. >> WE’RE GETTING loads of calls for americans concerned in the penal complex equipment, whether INMATES THEMSELVES OR household ARE worried THAT THEY are not GETTING access TO THE HEALTHCARE THEY need. they’re concerned ABOUT DISTANCING. IS THAT a priority THAT it truly is BEING checked out? >> i will inform you THE excessive-possibility — THE entrance LINE worker’s inside the penitentiary equipment ARE a part of THE CONGREGANT living, YOU comprehend, FIRST RESPONDERS, if you WILL, that we will be certain DO GET VACCINATED. >> ARE THERE concerns ABOUT INMATES WHO SAY, YOU comprehend, i’m now not GETTING THE remedy i want OR THE checking out i want OR WE’RE TOO PACKED IN THERE. >> WE’RE providing a lot of trying out in the detention center device. WE be aware of THERE have been SOME OUTBREAKS FOR bound. they’ve finished a pretty respectable JOB OF CONTAINING THEM, IN one of the vital SMALLER COUNTY JAILS as well as one of the vital bigger PRISONS. I consider THE staff IS DOING a fine JOB MITIGATING AND CONTAINING, however WE’RE MAKING certain THAT THE testing IS accessible. they could identify, YOU understand, WHO can be ASYMPTOMATIC OR SYMPTOMATIC. who is superb, WHO is rarely. MAKING sure these individuals GO INTO SOME form of scientific ISOLATION, and then, YOU know, IF THEIR symptoms ARE severe adequate and they DO REQUIRE further medical CARE ABOVE AND past WHAT THE penitentiary CAMP provide they’re TRANSPORTED TO A clinic and that’s the reason occurring. we now have PRISONERS which have needed SOME additional CARE AND have been utilizing just a few OF OUR sanatorium BEDS AS well, beneath safety CAN, OF route. >> will we HAVE someone ON THE mobilephone? >> sure, GOVERNOR. WE DO HAVE SOME folks ON THE telephone WITH QUESTIONS. the primary ONE COMES FROM HOLLY REAMER WITH THE associated PRESS. HOLLY, PLEASE GO forward with your question. >> hello, thanks. DR. DALY TALKED a bit BIT ABOUT WORKING at once WITH FIRST RESPONDER organizations TO GET THEM competent FOR THE VACCINE. however after we GET TO LATER PHASES, PHASES THAT include people IN primary INDUSTRIES, OLDER ADULTS, HOW DOES THE STATE PLAN to inform THE subsequent priority group that they are ELIGIBLE? >> certain. i’m going TO HAVE DR. DALY COME UP AND speak a bit frequently ABOUT THAT. >> in order WE advance THE PLANS FOR FUTURE PHASES we’ll speak broadly WITH all and sundry including ALL OF YOU. LETTING YOU know WHICH PHASES OF OUR VACCINATION DISTRIBUTION PLAN WE’RE AT AND we will provide certain guidance for the way americans CAN REGISTER. WE’RE WORKING WITH those FIRST RESPONDERS FOR THEM TO ROSTER THEIR personnel THAT should BE VACCINATED AS a part of the primary part but THAT now not WORK ROSTERING individuals WITH companies WITH THE larger DISTRIBUTION PLAN AND HAVE an internet REGISTRATION procedure the place individuals can also be PUT INTO LINE as a way to GET VACCINATED AND SCHEDULED the place THEY wish to obtain THAT VACCINE FROM. IT will be greatly COMMUNICATED through many different platforms. >> thank you. >> GOVERNOR? >> can i TAKE ONE 2d. BEN AND DR. DALY, THERE ARE a couple of BEES OVER THERE. I simply desire YOU TO watch out for THAT AND simply be cautious. I don’t know HOW we have BEES IN here within the center OF winter, but I just want to make certain everyone IS mindful. I don’t need anybody TO GET STUNG. SORRY ABOUT THAT health AND safety. or not it’s WHAT WE’RE ALL ABOUT here. >> okay. SO THE next question, GOVERNOR, COMES FROM RICK eco-friendly WITH T every day sun. GO forward together with your query. >> IF THE FEDERAL govt does not deliver DIRECT aid TO STATE and local GOVERNMENTS WHAT sort of CUTBACKS might be REQUIRED AND WHAT ARE THE possibilities of LAYOFFS BEING necessary FROM THE STATE and local employees, together with law enforcement officials, FIREFIGHTERS, AND academics, AND THE 2nd half IS, STATE representative DON JOHNSON LEAKED ON SOCIAL MEDIA TO AN ANTI-SEMITIC CONSPIRACY submit ON A NEO-NAZI web site, ARE YOU okay along with her SERVING within the STATE LEGISLATURE? >> k. the primary question, i am SORRY, I acquired THE ONE ON DON — the primary question is about — >> SORRY, IF THE FEDERAL govt doesn’t COME through and provide ANY variety of relief FOR STATES and native GOVERNMENTS, certainly WE HOPE THAT THEY DO. YOU know, NEW HAMPSHIRE HAS completed a great JOB and i CAN only communicate FOR OUR STATE. we’ve finished a pretty good JOB when it comes to MANAGING THE budget. so you CAN HAVE somewhere round $50 MILLION, WE may USE OUR rainy DAY FUND, that’s WHAT that’s FOR TO cover a few of those back conclusion issues FROM THE outdated budget. we’d HAVE THE means TO try this through JUNE 30 AND we’ve quite a lot of cash TO do this. after which GOING ahead or not it’s practically first rate management. I do not feel WE assume ANY big LAYOFFS OR the rest LIKE THAT. I do not believe you might be GOING to peer ANY primary CUTBACKS OR the rest. I feel it’s well-nigh finding EFFICIENCIES within the equipment. BEING DISCIPLINED ABOUT YOUR SPENDING. WE nevertheless HAVE loads of COVID reduction docs COMING IN assisting TO SUPPLANT WHAT WE’RE not SPENDING FOR common STATE charge however MAKING certain WE’RE masking ALL OF OUR COVID charge SO THERE is not any additional BURDEN ON OUR device. even though THE FEDERAL government would not COME via I consider we have now MANAGED VERY smartly AND we’re going to BE IN decent form. WE really ARE. I nonetheless utterly PLAN ON no matter if THE FEDERAL govt COMES through OR no longer WE’RE nevertheless PLANNING ON providing A price range WITH TAX CUTS IN IT TO in fact enhance THE economic system. OFF LOT OF corporations moving IN, a lot of economic possibility and those ARE truly THE issues kind of JULY 1 forward as a result of that is WHAT the brand new funds will be taking a look at, JULY 1 ahead THAT WE examine in terms of salary EXPECTATIONS FOR THE STATE AND at this time OUR financial OUTLOOK is terribly, VERY first rate. given that, YOU recognize, ALL THAT we’ve had to go through OVER THE closing twelve months. AS FOR DON JOHNSON AND THIS publish IT was A DISGUSTING submit. anyone who is ready OF leadership REPOSTING issues FROM web sites LIKE THAT it’s fully REPREHENSIBLE. I have no idea — YOU cannot PUT a robust adequate word OR HYPERBOLE ON IT when it comes to these moves. I don’t WORK WITH any one THAT sort of LIVES IN THAT REALM. >> GOVERNOR, THE subsequent query COMES FROM CAROL — WITH THE MANCHESTER, INC., link. CAROL, PLEASE GO forward with your query. >> CAROL? we’ll are trying THAT returned IN A MINUTE. >> k. LET’S movement ON TO MATT, who’s WITH NBC 5. MATT, PLEASE GO ahead together with your question. >> thanks. GOVERNOR SUNUNU, SOME reaction for your fb FEED OVER THE WEEKEND with regard to a few members OF CONGRESS GETTING THE COVID-19 VACCINE including here IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, forward OF some of those that ARE IF long run CARE amenities OR ON THE entrance lines, IN HOSPITALS AND different clinical FIELDS. I just want to GET YOUR response TO members OF CONGRESS who have ALREADY got THE VACCINE? >> I wager, YOU recognize, I consider WHAT I POSTED OUT AND WHAT I have observed PUBLICLY truly STANDS on its own. I consider it’s DESPICABLE. I suppose anyone WHO THINKS just as a result of they are AN ELECTED legit, THINKS THEY may still GO before A NURSE OR individual long term CARE FACILITY HAS a really CONVOLUTED figuring out OF THEIR SELF-price AND SELF-value. i know THAT feels like WE’RE the usage of HYPERBOLE but I’VE obtained TO let you know, WE’RE SCRAPING FOR every last DOSE OF VACCINE we are able to TO GET via THESE people and that i believe OF THE individuals SITTING IN a protracted term CARE FACILITY presently who are eventually GETTING THE VACCINE, ready for his or her quantity TO BE known as. now’s THE hardest TIME THAT probably those individuals might GET COVID. every VIAL THAT we can GET OUT, every final BIT THAT we can GET OUT TO THE AREAS OF optimum want it’s definitely VITALLY important. YOU know, I saw one of the most POSTS of these individuals, YOU be aware of, THESE POLITICIANS IN WASHINGTON GETTING THE VACCINE, AND, YOU comprehend, I just suppose or not it’s a really, VERY important MESSAGE THAT people consider HOW severe this is and the way severe it’s, HOW vital it’s THAT THE VACCINE GO TO exactly where IT must be. >> AND GOVERNOR, THE subsequent query COMES FROM MICHAEL GRAHAM WITH NEW HAMPSHIRE JOURNAL. MICHAEL, PLEASE GO ahead together with your query. >> MICHAEL? >> STRIKE TWO. >> we will circulation ON TO JORDAN — WITH NEW HAMPSHIRE PUBLIC RADIO. JORDAN, GO ahead together with your question. >> hello. yes, I even have ONE query and that i additionally ASK that you just PLEASE COME back TO ME FOR A comply with-UP, however NEW HAMPSHIRE — [INAUDIBLE] within the WEEKS AFTER THANKSGIVING. as the STATE’S own statistics suggests and a few HOSPITALS are now saying they’re fairly a great deal working AT ability, and they are actually expecting a different SPIKE AFTER the vacations, next WEEK SO THE STATE’S PLANNING AS you’ve gotten DESCRIBED IT NOW, IN fresh WEEKS, appears TO BE primarily based — boost IN situations AND HOSPITALIZATIONS but IS THERE ANY PROACTIVE method — AND AT WHAT factor WILL you’re taking extra coverage action TO keep away from — DEATHS? >> SO LET’S BE VERY CLEAR. we’ve BEEN TAKING PROACTIVE MEASURES ALL alongside TO assist in the reduction of AND cut THE SURGE THAT WE KNEW became right here. each STEP THAT WE TAKE. day by day THAT GOES with the aid of, WE’RE looking at the information. WE’RE seeking to SEE WHAT KILLS BE achieved TO control now not simply THE HOSPITALIZATION cost, FATALITY fee AND THE OUTBREAKS THAT WE’RE SEEING IN loads of diverse FALGTS. WE TOOK THE VERY AGGRESSIVE stream ahead of THANKSGIVING TO placing THE mask MANDATE IN area. WE’RE SEEING one of the crucial merits OF THAT. NOW OUR NUMBERS OVER THE closing WEEK HAVE STABILIZED, EVEN COME DOWN a little BIT, WHICH IS basically respectable news. turned into THERE A BUMP AFTER THANKSGIVING? a bit BIT TO be sure, now not AS big AS some other STATES. will we are expecting a further BUMP doubtlessly AFTER CHRISTMAS? sure. WE DO. but presently WE don’t feel it’s anything THAT WE can not manipulate. I feel we’ve got done — THE group HAS done a great JOB MAKING EVER FROM testing obtainable, GETTING outcomes back immediately, both CONTACT TRACING THAT, YOU recognize, EVEN WITH THE hundreds greater cases THAT WE take care of today THAN WE have been coping with just a MONTH OR MONTH AND A HALF ago, THE group CONTINUES TO DO a very good JOB ON THE CONTACT TRACING, WORKING WITH MANCHESTER, NASHUA and a few OF THE colleges which are DOING THEIR own. it’s a superb equipment. ALL of those ARE equipment THAT GO INTO vicinity TO make sure THAT WE’RE BEING PROACTIVE AND AS PROACTIVE AS we are able to, MAKING bound IF individuals HAVE a necessity, WE’RE THERE. WHEN HOSPITALS crucial SOME more bucks in order that they could, YOU comprehend, find SOME greater skill WE provided extra FUNDING. WHEN UNH mandatory greater greenbacks last WEEK because THEY had been DOING extra at the TIMING WE supplied more FUNDING. ALL THESE different items THAT must COME collectively TO make sure schools ARE attainable WE’RE normally WORKING WITH THEM IN a very superb means. I believe we now have accomplished a pretty good JOB. I believe THE crew DESERVES loads of credit score FOR BEING PROACTIVE AND constantly WHAT may also be completed. IS THERE A observe UP? >> yes. ARE THERE NO different further guidelines OR RESTRICTIONS that are BEING regarded at this time? other SURROUNDING STATES HAVE accomplished THAT. LIKE VERMONT AND MAINE, AND THEIR NUMBERS ARE corresponding to OURS. any other type OF RESTRICTIONS LIKE CURFEWS OR LIMITING CROWD SIZES? >> we are going to appear at the information. we will at all times believe — every little thing IS ON THE table basically AND we have all the time observed THAT i’d BE VERY CAUTIOUS TO compare TO US VERMONT AND MAINE. these ARE tremendously RURAL STATES. lots extra RURAL, specially THE SOUTHERN TIER of latest HAMPSHIRE. in case your ARGUMENT IS STATES WITH more RESTRICTIONS HAVE lessen COVID this is absolutely no longer true. study CALIFORNIA. THEIR NUMBERS ARE UP 30% final WEEK, where AS OUR NUMBERS ARE DOWN and they HAVE essentially the most RESTRICTIVE guidelines in the nation. look at WHAT MASSACHUSETTS IS DOING. THEIR JOBS, again, ARE better, AND again, they are putting more RESTRICTIONS IN location. I consider IT seems like EVEN THEIR NUMBERS around NEW ENGLAND AND CONNECTICUT, RHODE ISLAND AND MASSACHUSETTS, THEIR NUMBERS seem to have STABILIZED AND with a bit of luck WE’RE ALL AT THAT level collectively IN. NEW ENGLAND WE’RE variety of ALL TIED collectively. SO, again, YOU cannot simply BE SO BLANKET AS to say IF WE just DO more RESTRICTIONS, every little thing should be more desirable. I HAD somebody ask me WHY don’t WE simply BE LIKE VERMONT. NO, WE aren’t GOING TO try this. VERMONT HAS THEIR own body of workers. GOVERNOR SCOTT HAS done a good JOB CRAFTING HIS STATE. we have VERY different VARIABLES, DENSITY VARIABLES, DEMOGRAPHIC VARIABLES, fitness considerations, business concerns, faculty concerns. it works a little differently STATE-TO-STATE and that’s WHY each and every GOVERNOR IS TASKED WITH CRAFTING THEIR personal direction. I believe THE direction WE’RE ON is awfully decent. WE’RE VERY inspired THAT OUR NUMBERS seem to be taking place a little BIT, AND we will keep looking at THE HOSPITALIZATIONS. WE WATCH THIS facts day by day, now and again HOUR by way of HOUR. WE’RE ON a superb direction right here. >> GOVERNOR, we’re going to CIRCLE back TO CAROL AT MANCHESTER INC. CAROL, ARE YOU THERE? >> CAROL? >> SHE’S MUTED. >> YEAH, SHE could be. >> we will are trying MICHAEL. MICHAEL GRAHAM on the NEW HAMPSHIRE JOURNAL. MICHAEL, GO forward with your question. >> first of all, GOVERNOR, THANKS FOR WISHING US a cheerful CHRISTMAS. >> I retain searching UP FOR THE FESTIVITIES PULLED FOR the entire PRANKS that are obtainable nonetheless it’S THE break AND we now have got TO stay nice, correct? >> FIRST, i could beginning together with your HEALTHCARE team FROM DHHS. there is a VOTE TONIGHT ON CURFEW. they’re POINTING against restaurants AND eating places corporations BEING OPEN AFTER 9:30. AS YOU be aware of, NUMBERS COMING IN FROM around the nation IN MINNESOTA, CONTACT TRACING, apparently 1.4% OF cases can also be TRACED returned TO restaurants, IN new york, 1.7%. CALIFORNIA, A judge simply SHOT DOWN THE entire STATE PLAN to close DOWN restaurants because the STATE introduced IN HIS words, NO facts THAT THE coverage WOULD HAVE AN impact ON SPREADING COVID. have you ever GIVEN ANY statistics TO NASHUA FROM THE STATE degree that might indicate THAT restaurants ARE A supply OF gigantic unfold? DO you’ve got ANY records TO back THAT UP? AND IS THERE ANY statistics that would reveal THAT A CURFEW WOULD HAVE AN influence ON cutting back spread and that i HAVE A comply with UP question. >> NO. once more, THERE is no CLEAR information THAT we have viewed OR THAT we’ve got provided that SAY restaurants ARE a transparent super SPREADER OF COVID IN. phrases OF whether CURFEWS WORK, i’d SAY THIS. I’VE TALKED TO loads of individuals IN MASSACHUSETTS where they have got HAD CURFEWS, we’ve BEEN advised THAT instead OF BEING IN restaurants IN bigger SETTINGS LATER, and that i consider THE CURFEW, THEY don’t need giant GATHERINGS AT eating places LATE AT evening and particularly a lot of the single SCENES AND issues LIKE THAT IN DOWNTOWN BOSTON PER SE but WHAT’S going on loads of these individuals are not just GOING domestic announcing WE’RE no longer GOING TO SOCIALIZE. they’re going to a person’S condo. they’ll a different private environment and infrequently STAYING LATER THAN they would. THERE is not any real RESTRICTIONS around THAT. NO potential TO desktop FOR THAT. AND so that you’RE nevertheless GETTING THE SPREADING category activity FROM SOCIAL GATHERINGS, THE equal class THEY are attempting TO steer clear of within the eating places however it’S in fact going on behind THE four partitions OF a personal domestic NOW. so you’VE bought — WEIGH THE decent WITH THE unhealthy. or not it’s LIKE A TUBE OF TOOTHPASTE ANALOGY. YOU SQUEEZE ONE conclusion whatever could give ON THE other. individuals are not simply GOING home. SO ONE component ABOUT HAVING a restaurant surroundings here IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, and not PUSHING THE CURFEW point, IS THAT eating places FOR essentially the most part ARE DOING a great JOB OF observing THEIR counsel, MAKING sure people ARE SITTING DOWN, maintaining THE number of individuals limited. WE do not allow simply STANDING IN colossal GATHERINGS across the BAR area OR anything else LIKE THAT if you happen to’RE IN THAT RESTAURANT surroundings YOU DO HAVE guidelines which are IN place that may allow individuals TO BE SOCIAL a little bit however nevertheless inside the instructions THAT we’ve — AND THE PARAMETERS now we have PUT forward AND hence eating places HAVE accomplished a pretty good JOB AND WE do not SEE lots of those tremendous SPREADING movements. appear, IF NASHUA desires to CREATE THAT. it is THEIR choice to accomplish that. I do not know IF it is going to HAVE a major affect ON THE NUMBERS as a result of once more you’re nonetheless GOING TO GET lots of SOCIAL GATHERINGS just no longer AT eating places but, YOU be aware of, returned AT domestic. >> DO you have one other ONE? >> GO forward, MIKE. >> I have a selected question FOR YOU, GOVERNOR, concerning the economic system and the way NEW HAMPSHIRE IS DOING AND whether OR no longer you might be GETTING SOME help FROM GOVERNOR BAKER, as a result of MASSACHUSETTS should be considered one of just THREE STATES that’s getting into THE TRANSPORTATION climate INITIATIVE. YOU introduced IN 2019 YOU aren’t GOING TO BRITO AND TOOK a lot of CRITICISM. NOW A PLAN THAT turned into supposed to reach FROM NORTH CAROLINA TO MAINE most effective HAS THREE STATES IN IT. EVEN NEW JERSEY, PENNSYLVANIA, AND the new DEMOCRATIC GOVERNOR IN MAINE HAVE CHOSEN now not TO ENTER IT. had been YOU correct, AND DO YOU count on A benefit TO NEW HAMPSHIRE’S economic system once we need IT all over COVID FROM MASSACHUSETTS raising gas expenses? >> changed into I correct IN HAVING US reside OUT OF THE TRANSPORTATION climate industry. absolutely. THERE is not any DOUBT ABOUT THAT. THE economic affects OF THAT INITIATIVE ARE massive and that’s WHY lots of RURAL STATES, REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRAT, ARE asserting NO. it’s not FOR US. SO effectively, THAT software WOULD ASK a lot of RURAL STATES TO SUBSIDIZE a lot of THE greater MASS TRANSPORTATION INITIATIVES OF STATES LIKE CONNECTICUT AND MASSACHUSETTS AND long island, AND once more, IF these folks are looking to REBUILD THE MBTA AND ALL OF THAT, I think it truly is terrific. however THEY may still PAY FOR IT. HOW DYE A TAXPAYER IN FRANKLIN TO GET an extra 20 CENTS A GALLON ON THEIR gas TAX with a purpose to SUBSIDIZE THE DEBT service ON THE BOSTON MBPA device. THAT does not MAKE ANY sense TO anyone, SO OF path, WE were the primary STATE TO STEP UP AND STEP OUT OF THAT. i know different STATES ARE look TOGO forward WITH IT. it truly is THEIR option. ARE WE GOING TO benefit FROM IT ECONOMICALLY? I’VE received TO inform you, IF MASSACHUSETTS GOES forward WITH IT, YEAH. I have no idea HOW WE wouldn’t and that’s no longer WHY WE’RE STAYING OUT OF IT. WE’RE STAYING OUT OF IT so as now not TO PENALIZE OUR citizens UNNECESSARILY, however THERE is not any DOUBT THAT in case you delivery, YOU understand, placing 20 OR 25 CENTS OF further gasoline TAX, principally around the BORDER towns OF MASSACHUSETTS, LAWRENCE, HANOVER, THERE is not any DOUBT folks WILL COME throughout THE BORDER TO GET gasoline AND purchase THEIR GROCERIES AND GET anything ELSE they’ll BE buying, AND we’ve got always BEEN forward OF THE online game IN THAT area AND NOW it be GOING to position US THAT a great deal extra ahead. SO, then you definitely ADD ON THE data THAT WE’RE IN an exquisite large financial crisis during this country. I’VE all the time said THE ultimate aspect be sure you BE DOING IS PULLING one other BUCK OUT OF individuals’S POCKETS if you happen to desire THEM TO HAVE SOME financial steadiness FOR THEM AND THEIR households. then you ADD ON THE aspect THAT WE’RE NOW — greater people ARE far off WORKING, right? SO all the fiscal ESTIMATES OF HOW tons funds THAT gasoline TAX became GOING TO usher in ARE probably GOING TO FALL short as a result of extra people are only WORKING REMOTELY AND therefore, they’ll COME returned and raise THE TAX YET again. SO this is a type of instances THAT might definitely SNOWBALL OUT OF control IN a really dangerous way ECONOMICALLY. I be aware in the event that they want to DO IT for their INFRASTRUCTURE AND VOTE. S, it really is THEIR option, by means of ALL skill. however, YOU comprehend, it be in fact now not satisfying, I think, one of the most ideas of getting ALL of those STATES IN IT collectively AS turned into originally expected, AND in an effort to HAVE a really bad have an effect on ON THE funds AND THE truth of constructing a few of those classes COME TO FRUITION. >> WE’RE ALL SET. >> I failed to know WE have been GOING TO talk about TCI’S. >> just to follow UP ON VACCINE DISTRIBUTION, we now have lots of folks in the STATE THAT HEAD SOUTH. IF THEIR simple CARE medical professional IS UP right here AND THEIR TIME involves GET VACCINATED HOW DO YOU suggest THEY do this? may still they come back domestic, WAIT unless THEY RETURN in the SPRING OR find a location where they are? >> that is a very good element. luckily, WE nevertheless HAVE a bit TIME TO WORK THAT OUT. THAT will be extra section 2 AND section three OF THE regularly occurring PUBLIC. IS THAT THE answer FOR the most half? >> sure. >> WHAT we will DO IS WE’RE GOING — THE docs ARE really GOING TO ENTER into a equipment to assert, sure, WE want to acquire SOME VACCINES, after which we are going to talk TO THEM WHO gets PRIORITIZED AS part of THAT, after which a part of THAT conversation, these fitness ADVISORY NOTICES, WILL consist of one of the strategies AND counsel, in case you WILL when it comes to the way to cope with individuals THAT could be traveling, might also no longer BE again within a undeniable WINDOW OF TIME for their 2nd SHOT OR whatever thing IT can be. thankfully within part 1-A, THE NURSES ARE THERE. THE individuals AND CONGREGANT IN long term SETTINGS ARE THERE SO or not it’s much more convenient TO manage AS WE ROLL THIS OUT. ONE element WE’RE IS WHAT THE UPTAKE? a lot of people ARE COMING IN TO GET THE VACCINE WHICH IS decent news however ALL OF those VARIABLES WILL COME INTO location AS WE GO in the course of the PRIORITIES, SO THE rare situations where THEY may additionally not accessible for their 2nd SHOT OR nonetheless seeking to GET THEIR FIRST SHOT CAN, THEY GET IT IN one more STATE and the way exactly WOULD THAT WORK? okay. super. THANKS, each person. WE need all and sundry TO HAVE a secure AND suit AND happy CHRISTMAS, exceptionally if you’re speakme day without work. WE THANK everyone FOR THE SACRIFICES they are MAKING, just assembly, HAVING THEIR CHRISTMAS GATHERINGS WITH THEIR instant family unit in general AND WE just desire individuals TO reside protected. WE’RE in the beginning OF THE conclusion TO be certain. THE team HAS executed a great JOB. there is a LATE on the end OF THE TUNNEL. 2020 will be OVER quickly satisfactory AND we’ll BE IN an improved position TO MAKE 2021 a hit. NO PRESS conference subsequent WEEK except whatever DRASTIC HITS. WE comprehend a lot of people will be traveling. thanks GUYS VERY lots. >> SO THERE you’ve got IT. GOVERNOR SUNUNU speakme concerning the CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE here IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. LET’S TAKE a glance AT one of the vital BULLET aspects THE GOVERNOR HIDDEN. FIRST, some of the records. right now we have 624 NEW situations. 6,458 active cases. it’s A decrease OF ABOUT 203. complete cases in the STATE of latest HAMPSHIRE NOW AT 37,528. AND WE currently HAVE 297 present HOSPITALIZATIONS. TAKING a glance NOW AT NO NEW DEATHS FOR A 2nd DAY IN A ROW. 656, though, complete DEATHS TRAGICALLY across NEW HAMPSHIRE considering THE PANDEMIC began. fifty two DEATHS in the last SEVEN DAYS. also. MODERNA VACCINES NOW IN area IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. 24,200 DOSES in the STATE. HALF OF those NOW GOING TO THE HOSPITALS. HALF TO fastened AND cellular websites. it’s LAUNCHING TUESDAY. high-possibility suppliers not IN HOSPITALS, AND FIRST RESPONDERS RECEIVING THAT 2d HALF DOSAGE. additionally one other VACCINE. THE PFIZER VACCINE, WE DO HAVE eight,875 DOSES in the STATE THIS WEEK. MOST ARE GOING NOW TO long term CARE VACCINATION programs. NOW, additionally, so far as FUTURE VACCINATIONS ARE concerned, WE’RE anticipating ABOUT 18,000 DOSES IN NEW HAMPSHIRE every WEEK OVER THE following couple of WEEKS. section 1 VACCINATIONS expected TO closing until MID TO LATE JANUARY. and those FOR HEALTHCARE laborers, long run CARIES — CARE RESIDENTS AND FIRST RESPONDERS. FUTURE PHASES no longer YET announced however with the intention to turn up AS WE continue TO MARCH DOWN THE road. so that you can DO IT FOR NOW. we’ll HAVE FULL insurance O


COVID-19 in NH: town-through-city coronavirus instances

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right here is a town-with the aid of-city list of COVID-19 instances in New Hampshire (the interactive map may also be discovered below the listing). Fewer than 5 complete or existing situations are being reported through fitness officers as “1-4,” and case statistics for cities with below a hundred residents don’t seem to be being reported.Acworth: 0 lively; 1-4 total (0 new)Albany: 1-four energetic; 10 total (0 new)Alexandria: 5 energetic; 22 total (0 new)Allenstown: 18 lively; 180 complete (3 new)Alstead: 9 energetic; 18 total (2 new)Alton: 12 lively; 156 total (1 new)Amherst: ninety active; 321 complete (10 new)Andover: 1-four active; 45 complete (2 new)Antrim: 7 active; 53 total (0 new)Ashland: 1-four energetic; forty one complete (1 new)Atkinson: 28 lively; 257 total (4 new)Auburn: 18 energetic; 233 complete (2 new)Barnstead: eleven energetic; 111 total (1 new)Barrington: 27 energetic; 215 complete (10 new)Bartlett: 1-4 energetic; 30 total (0 new)bathtub: 0 active; eight complete (0 new)Bedford: 149 energetic; 1188 total (19 new)Belmont: 33 lively; 257 complete (6 new)Bennington: 1-4 active; 24 total (0 new)Benton: 0 energetic; 1-four complete (0 new)Berlin: fifty six active; 292 complete (1 new)Bethlehem: 1-four lively; 17 total (0 new)Boscawen: 13 active; 121 complete (1 new)Bow: 25 active; 226 complete (three new)Bradford: 1-four active; 30 total (0 new)Brentwood: 12 lively; 110 total (3 new)Bridgewater: 0 active; 5 total (0 new)Bristol: 10 lively; sixty five total (0 new)Brookfield: 1-four active; 32 complete (0 new)Brookline: 36 active; 141 total (5 new)Campton: 1-4 energetic; 67 total (2 new)Canaan: 11 active; 50 total (0 new)Candia: 27 lively; 174 complete (1 new)Canterbury: eight energetic; 60 complete (1 new)Carroll: 1-4 energetic; 7 complete (0 new)core Harbor: 6 active; 50 total (0 new)Charlestown: 19 energetic; 61 total (2 new)Chatham: 0 active; 8 complete (0 new)Chester: 16 active; 179 complete (three new)Chesterfield: 15 lively; seventy three total (0 new)Chichester: 14 lively; seventy five total (four new)Claremont: sixty one active; 158 complete (13 new)Clarksville: 0 active; 13 complete (0 new)Colebrook: 1-4 energetic; 86 complete (1 new)Columbia: 0 active; 5 complete (0 new)harmony: 306 lively; 1793 total (30 new)Conway: 35 active; 207 total (0 new)Cornish: 1-4 lively; 1-four complete (0 new)Croydon: 1-four active; 6 complete (1 new)Dalton: 1-4 active; eight complete (0 new)Danbury: 1-four lively; 26 complete (0 new)Danville: 13 lively; 133 total (3 new)Deerfield: 17 energetic; 145 total (1 new)Deering: 1-four lively; 24 total (0 new)Derry: 144 lively; 1509 complete (21 new)Dorchester: 1-four lively; 1-four total (0 new)Dover: 230 lively; 1096 total (34 new)Dublin: 1-4 active; 29 total (0 new)Dummer: 1-four energetic; 1-four total (0 new)Dunbarton: eleven active; ninety seven total (0 new)Durham: 52 lively; 640 complete (4 new)East Kingston: 5 active; sixty one total (1 new)Easton: 0 energetic; 1-4 total (0 new)Eaton: 1-four lively; 1-four complete (0 new)Effingham: 1-four active; 32 complete (three new)Enfield: 19 lively; 56 complete (0 new)Epping: 21 active; 252 complete (three new)Epsom: 31 energetic; 228 total (2 new)Errol: 0 lively; 1-4 total (0 new)Exeter: 44 energetic; 390 total (four new)Farmington: 18 active; 195 complete (4 new)Fitzwilliam: 6 energetic; 32 total (1 new)Francestown: 1-4 energetic; 12 complete (0 new)Franconia: 0 active; 17 total (0 new)Franklin: 20 lively; 260 total (5 new)Freedom: 0 active; 21 complete (0 new)Fremont: 22 lively; 153 complete (5 new)Gilford: 30 active; 219 complete (5 new)Gilmanton: 10 lively; seventy seven total (1 new)Gilsum: 5 energetic; 18 total (0 new)Goffstown: 109 lively; 862 total (eight new)Gorham: 15 energetic; fifty seven total (1 new)Goshen: 1-4 lively; 10 total (0 new)Grafton: 1-4 lively; 13 total (0 new)Grantham: 1-four active; 30 total (0 new)Greenfield: 6 active; 32 total (1 new)Greenland: 17 active; one zero five total (four new)Greenville: 6 lively; 47 total (0 new)Groton: 0 active; 1-4 total (0 new)Hales vicinity: 0 lively; 1-four total (0 new)Hampstead: 46 lively; 303 complete (9 new)Hampton: 50 lively; 606 total (9 new)Hampton Falls: 9 energetic; seventy three complete (1 new)Hancock: 1-4 lively; 21 total (0 new)Hanover: 20 active; 174 total (3 new)Harrisville: 1-four lively; 13 total (1 new)Haverhill: 1-4 lively; 32 total (0 new)Hebron: 0 energetic; 7 total (0 new)Henniker: 12 active; one hundred thirty total (2 new)Hill: 1-4 active; 29 complete (0 new)Hillsborough: 15 energetic; 128 complete (1 new)Hinsdale: 15 lively; sixty six total (three new)Holderness: 1-4 lively; 34 total (0 new)Hollis: forty two active; 206 total (eight new)Hooksett: 77 energetic; 716 complete (6 new)Hopkinton: 25 energetic; 161 complete (4 new)Hudson: 152 energetic; 1161 complete (23 new)Jackson: 1-4 lively; 6 complete (0 new)Jaffrey: 19 lively; one hundred twenty total (5 new)Jefferson: 1-4 energetic; 7 complete (0 new)Keene: 50 lively; 479 total (12 new)Kensington: 1-4 active; 47 total (1 new)Kingston: 19 energetic; 198 total (5 new)Laconia: 75 energetic; 480 total (6 new)Lancaster: 19 energetic; 50 total (1 new)Landaff: 0 lively; 1-4 complete (0 new)Langdon: 0 active; 1-4 total (0 new)Lebanon: 23 active; 139 total (0 new)Lee: 7 lively; 104 complete (0 new)Lempster: 1-4 energetic; 12 complete (three new)Lincoln: 1-four active; 27 complete (2 new)Lisbon: 1-four active; 20 complete (0 new)Litchfield: forty five lively; 338 total (6 new)Littleton: 6 lively; 50 total (0 new)Londonderry: 132 lively; 1124 complete (15 new)Loudon: 17 energetic; 135 complete (1 new)Lyman: 0 energetic; 1-4 total (0 new)Lyme: 1-4 active; 17 total (0 new)Lyndeborough: 1-four energetic; 38 total (1 new)Madbury: 1-4 lively; 39 total (1 new)Madison: 1-four energetic; 35 total (0 new)Manchester: 674 active; 7012 total (ninety one new)Marlborough: 5 active; 36 complete (three new)Marlow: 1-four lively; 10 total (0 new)Mason: 1-4 active; 16 total (0 new)Meredith: 68 lively; 326 total (2 new)Merrimack: a hundred thirty five active; 921 total (24 new)Middleton: 6 energetic; forty one total (1 new)Milan: 7 lively; 20 complete (0 new)Milford: 101 energetic; 589 complete (9 new)Milton: 16 lively; 107 total (4 new)Monroe: 0 energetic; 1-four total (0 new)Mont Vernon: 14 lively; sixty six complete (2 new)Moultonborough: 11 lively; 129 complete (1 new)Nashua: 524 lively; 4238 total (sixty nine new)Nelson: 0 energetic; 10 total (0 new)New Boston: 17 active; 154 total (four new)New citadel: 1-4 lively; 16 complete (0 new)New Durham: 8 energetic; eighty two complete (0 new)New Hampton: 1-4 energetic; 58 total (1 new)New Ipswich: 14 active; 127 total (4 new)New London: 16 lively; sixty seven complete (eight new)Newbury: 1-four energetic; 47 complete (1 new)Newfields: 1-four lively; 37 complete (0 new)Newington: 0 active; 7 total (0 new)Newmarket: 38 lively; 276 complete (5 new)Newport: 10 energetic; 123 total (2 new)Newton: 18 energetic; 176 complete (5 new)North Hampton: 10 lively; 118 complete (1 new)Northfield: 24 lively; 136 complete (2 new)Northumberland: 1-4 lively; 10 complete (2 new)Northwood: 18 energetic; 128 complete (5 new)Nottingham: 12 lively; 109 total (4 new)Orange: 0 lively; 1-4 total (0 new)Orford: 1-4 energetic; 10 complete (0 new)Ossipee: 13 active; 104 total (three new)Pelham: ninety one active; 648 total (14 new)Pembroke: 21 active; 248 complete (5 new)Peterborough: 38 energetic; one hundred fifty total (5 new)Piermont: 1-4 energetic; 8 complete (0 new)Pittsburg: 0 active; 20 complete (0 new)Pittsfield: 11 lively; 95 complete (2 new)Plainfield: 1-4 active; 15 total (0 new)Plaistow: 38 lively; 367 complete (2 new)Plymouth: 20 energetic; 207 total (6 new)Portsmouth: 97 energetic; 728 total (17 new)Randolph: 1-4 energetic; 6 total (0 new)Raymond: forty two lively; 364 total (four new)Richmond: 1-four active; 13 total (1 new)Rindge: eleven energetic; 154 complete (three new)Rochester: 146 active; 834 complete (21 new)Rollinsford: sixteen lively; sixty three complete (0 new)Roxbury: 1-4 active; 1-four total (0 new)Rumney: 5 energetic; 29 total (0 new)Rye: 9 energetic; 108 total (2 new)Salem: 153 energetic; 1527 total (29 new)Salisbury: 0 active; 25 complete (0 new)Sanbornton: 15 energetic; 92 total (1 new)Sandown: 31 active; 256 total (6 new)Sandwich: 1-four active; 23 total (0 new)Seabrook: 33 active; 344 total (four new)Sharon: 0 lively; 1-4 total (0 new)Shelburne: 0 energetic; 1-4 total (0 new)Somersworth: 57 lively; 312 total (14 new)South Hampton: 0 active; 12 total (0 new)Springfield: 0 lively; 9 complete (0 new)Stark: 1-four active; 6 total (0 new)Stewartstown: 0 lively; 92 complete (0 new)Stoddard: 1-4 energetic; 15 complete (1 new)Strafford: 18 active; 96 total (three new)Stratford: 1-4 lively; eight complete (0 new)Stratham: 26 lively; a hundred sixty five complete (11 new)Sugar Hill: 0 lively; 1-4 complete (0 new)Sullivan: 1-four energetic; 1-four total (0 new)Sunapee: 9 energetic; 51 total (3 new)Surry: 1-four energetic; 13 complete (1 new)Sutton: 5 active; 18 total (1 new)Swanzey: 14 lively; 127 complete (1 new)Tamworth: 1-4 lively; fifty seven total (1 new)Temple: 1-4 lively; 22 total (1 new)Thornton: 1-four lively; 27 complete (0 new)Tilton: 13 energetic; 241 complete (0 new)Troy: 9 energetic; 30 total (0 new)Tuftonboro: 1-four active; 38 complete (1 new)solidarity: 1-four energetic; 1-4 complete (0 new)Wakefield: 16 active; 88 complete (1 new)Walpole: 13 energetic; forty seven complete (5 new)Warner: eleven energetic; 107 complete (0 new)Warren: 1-four active; 17 total (0 new)Washington: 1-four energetic; 20 complete (0 new)Waterville Valley: 0 lively; 11 complete (0 new)Weare: 51 energetic; 306 complete (4 new)Webster: 1-4 active; forty one total (1 new)Wentworth: 7 active; 17 total (1 new)Westmoreland: 1-4 energetic; 25 total (0 new)Whitefield: 9 energetic; 24 total (2 new)Wilmot: 1-four active; 12 complete (0 new)Wilton: 24 active; ninety complete (2 new)Winchester: 8 lively; fifty seven total (2 new)Windham: 90 energetic; 779 complete (7 new)Windsor: 0 energetic; 1-4 total (0 new)Wolfeboro: 5 energetic; 130 complete (0 new)Woodstock: 1-4 lively; 19 total (1 new)connected: latest coronavirus coverage | essential information^^ in the video above, see probably the most contemporary (Dec. 22) COVID-19 briefing held with the aid of state officialsINTERACTIVE MAP AND GRAPHS beneath: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(don’t see the map and graphs? visit this hyperlink and scroll down previous the town record)