January 20, 2021
COVID-19 in New Hampshire: Key information, maps, graphs

COVID-19 in New Hampshire: Key information, maps, graphs

COVID-19 in New Hampshire: Key statistics, maps, graphs

officials element variety of COVID-19 circumstances

we are ON THE AIR WITH BREAKING information. GOVERNOR SUNUNU IS UPDATING THE STATE’S CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE. LET’S pay attention IN. GOVERNOR: lots of STUFF TO cowl these days. I believe lots of first rate AND high-quality news. LET’S start WITH A PUBLIC health update FROM THE medical professional. >> thanks, GOVERNOR. respectable AFTERNOON. there is loads of STUFF TO cover. in terms of NUMBERS we’re REPORTING 667 NEW americans DIG NIECED WITH COVID-19 nowadays IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. 427 of those individuals established positive via PCR, 240,000 proven tremendous by using ANTIGEN checking out. THEN remaining WEEK. WE persevered TO general ABOUT 750 TO 800 NEW INFECTIONS PER DAY STATEWIDE THE current number of active INFECTIONS STANDS AT 64880, WHICH IS in step with the place WE were a couple of WEEKS in the past AND moreover THE check POSITIVITY cost OVER THE ultimate WEEKER there’s TAIN long past AND PCR examine POSITIVITY price mixed HAS AVERAGED 8.7% WHICH IS in step with where WE were. THAT verify price IS HOVERING around 9% nonetheless. HOSPITALIZATIONS HAVE long gone UP AS HAVE DEATHS DID OVER THE last FEW WEEKS, at present, 305 americans HOSPITALIZED STATEWIDE WITH COVID-19 AND sadly eleven NEW people that have DIED THAT WITH ARE REPORTING today. nine OF THE people ARE associated with WITH future CARE facilities. THEN closing WEEK, fifty seven total people that have DIED FROM COVID 189 IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. OVER 1360 THESE are not linked to THE long-time period CARE FA SHRILLTY AND TWO-THIRDS ARE associated with A THE long run CARE SO WE know THE DEATHS ARE taking place related to COVID-19 AND THE impact IS BEING viewed IN OUR community as well as long run CARE facilities. SO I want to HAND things OVER TO DOUG IN A MINUTE TO supply A VACCINE replace. ALLOT OF THE focal point presently moving TO MAKE VACCINES regularly are available AND until we have greater all over THE STATE WE proceed TO want people TOLL avoid THE SOCIAL AND group GATHERING. put on FACE MASKS AND IF AND WHEN a person is obtainable A VACCINE, WE’RE STRONGLY RECOMMENDING and encouraging THAT person TO GET VACCINATED IF THE VACCINE IS appropriate FOR THEM. WE even though THE VACCINE IS each safe and intensely effective AND WE need americans TO GET VACCINATED TO steer clear of AND control THE unfold OF COVID-19. thanks. >> exceptional. first rate AFTERNOON, everyone. SOL OVER THE remaining THREE WEEKS, we’ve DISINDUSTRY PUBBED 53675 DOSES OF VACCINE here IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. AND 300 5 individuals HAVE got the first DOSES OF COVID-19 VACCINE. THE department all started RELEASING THE records PUBLICLY ON OUR website final THURSDAY and you’ll discover THIS counsel IN aspect WHICH TINS HAVE acquired AND who’re ADMINISTERING IN OUR STATE. you’ve got also seen THAT CDC HAS BOW GUN THE STATE on-line AS neatly AND released THIS advice yesterday AND FOR the first TIME and you can SEE THAT NEW HAMPSHIRE became obviously heading in the right direction WITH MANY other STATES within the nation in terms of ADMINISTERING VACCINES AND truly, EVEN nowadays, they have HE’LL RATED NEW HAMPSHIRE TO sluggish demonstrate THAT WESTERN in the optimum agencies FOR ADMINISTERING VACCINE in the country SO it is definitely crucial AS YOU study those national records. THERE goes TO BE VARIABILITY FROM each day and demanding WE not OVERNEED A SINGLE DAY’S worth OF information. THERE ARE definite CAVEATS similar to SOME partners SHARE THIS INFORMATIONS WITH CDC a number of times every week SO THERE goes TO BE AVAILABILITY and think about THE facts AND THEIR crucial information and think about THEM OVER a few DAYS before WE birth deciphering THEM. THIS WEEK WE obtained further DOSES OF VACCINE WHICH can be USED TO proceed VACCINATING THE maximum possibility medical experts the primary REUPONNERS AND THE long run CARE RESIDENTS AND body of workers. we now have BEGUN RECEIVING 2d DOSES NOW since the FIRST DOSES OF RACK considered in the STATE have been ADMINISTERED THREE WEEKS in the past. those ARE BEING supplied TO THE websites THATTED A MUNSTERRED the first DOSE TO supply THAT TO those individuals WHO acquired the primary DOSES. WE are expecting TO get hold of similar amounts OF VACCINE subsequent WEEK AS smartly. OUR STATE-RUN fastened VACCINATION sites have been OPEN FOR ONE WEEK, correct? SO a complete OF 20,000 americans so far HAVE REGISTERED TO BE VACCINATED AT a kind of STATE-RUN fixed web site AND 5209 individuals were VACCINATED to this point AND additional 10,000 people ARE SCHEDULED TO receive VACCINES AT these sites. THESE websites ARE at present most effective OPEN TO americans IN phase ONE A WHICH once again includes OUR excessive chance AMBULATORY CARE providers AND FIRST RESPONDER AS WE circulation past WE we are going to LET the public understand AS THEY develop into ELIGIBLE FOR VACCINATION AT THESE websites. when it comes to update FOR THE long run CARE FACILITY PHARMACY PARTNERSHIP software. CVS AND WALGREEN’S CONTINUES TO VACCINATE THE long run CARE AND to date THEY completed sixty two VACCINATION CLINICS within the forms of FA SHRILLS and they HAVE additional sixty six SCHEDULED OVER THE subsequent WEEK SO THIS program is awfully a great deal UP AND operating and lengthening THE variety of amenities THEY have become. SO up to now, WE VACCINATED seventy three% OF part 1A individual force the first DOSE OF VACCINE. in accordance with THE VACCINE ALLOCATIONS we will BE received in the future WE offer OF those individuals IN phase 1A the primary DOSES through THE light OF within the OF JANUARY. that time. WEE predict THEM TO flow ON TO section 1B. these days we are organized TO ANNOUNCE WHICH agencies might be blanketed IN phase 1B AND HAVE A SLIDE TO THEIR assistance WITH ALL OF YOU. SO phase 1B is going TO include these americans who’re OVER THE AGE 75 AND OLDER. people who are MEDICALLY VULNERABILITY AT enormously bigger chance WITH HAVING TWO OR more situations which are ON a list we can MAKE obtainable ON THE web site. THESE styles of CONDITIONINGS consist of situations such as cancer, chronic OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY ailment. certain heart conditions, obesity, being pregnant, SICKLE cell sickness AND OTHERS AND MAKE THAT available on line. WE RAILROAD GOING TO BE OPENING VACCINATION TO team of workers AND RESIDENTS OF FA SHRILLS THAT SERVE people WITH DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES AS neatly. AND CORRECTION OFFICERS AND personnel WORKING IN CORRECTIONAL facilities. SO this is section 1B. WE’RE not THERE YET. we’re AT part 1A. however LOTING YOU comprehend WHO we will GET TO next AND will let you comprehend when we GET TO part 1B. we’re ready to SHARE WITH YOU THE leisure OF OUR ALLOCATION PLAN AFTER section 1B. next SLIDE. THE subsequent section AFTER THAT group we’re looking at approach OF attempting TO GET THE people who’re MOST at risk FOR constructing severe issues OF COVID-19 together with HOSPITALIZATION AND death. SO plenty OF OUR method IS based on THE AGE OF those individuals AND no matter if they’ve scientific issues. SO IN 1B WE’RE DOING those OVER THE AGE OF 757 AND THAT subsequent neighborhood WE’RE DOING GOING TO DO 65 TO seventy five YEARS historical AND also GOING TO include THE ok through 12 faculty, group of workers, baby CARE workforce. next SLIDE. 2B WILL THEN NATURALLY COME THE 50 TO 65-yr-ancient individuals. THEN, 3A, WILL encompass, birth IN TO encompass these PEOPLABLE THE AGE of 50, however before WE OPEN IT up to every person under 50, WE are looking to try TO GET those individuals WHO reasonably multiplied hazards FOR constructing severe problems OF COVID-19, once more, looking THAT checklist OF clinical situations we can MAKE attainable on-line. THEN THE remaining SLIDE IS everyone WHOLES HAS no longer BEEN VACCINATED. WE are expecting TO beginning VACCINATING those BROADER corporations beneath THE AGE of 50 a few MONTHS FROM NOW, LATE, IN may additionally, OR INTO THE summer time MONTHS. good enough. next SLIDE. VACCINES FOR individuals IN THESE organizations ARE GOING TO BE ADMINISTERED IN a variety of SETTINGS THAT consist of HOSPITALS, health professional workplaces, PHARMACIES, AND OUR STATE-RUN mounted sites, AND IF supplies permit WE need THE VACCINE TO BE AS convenient TO GET because the FLU SHOT SO WHAT YOU need DO THEN GOING ahead IS TO retain YOUR EYE OUT FOR counsel THAT might be SHARING WITH YOU AS WE open up to THE subsequent PHASES looking at suggestions ON OUR web site as the general practitioner WHO WILL LEAN ON TO assist US VACCINATE THE americans WHO AT high chance THE americans who’ve medical VULNERABILITIES AND GOING TO TAKE US several MONTHS TO GET everyone VACCINATED AND skill once again, because the doctor said, WE should continue to be VIGILANT TAKING these STEPS AS people TO steer clear of COVID-19. THANK YO >> thanks. I have a quick replace. TONIGHT i am saying THE CLOSURE OF THREE OUTBREAKS. ALL CLOSED OVER THE remaining WEEK OR SO. WE VERY 15 NEW YACHT BREAKS TO ANNOUNCE IN AISTED dwelling, BEDFORD HILL, BEL AIR NURSING domestic, KENT.LY COMMONS, branch OF CORRECTIONS, harmony buildings by using notwithstanding way, HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, residence OF CORRECTIONS, HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY NURSING home. PHEASANT timber center, RESIDENTS AT SALEM WOODS, ROCKINGHAM COUNTY NURSING domestic, ST. FRANCIS REHAB AND NURSING core, SULLIVAN COUNTY NURSING home AND timber CREST VILLAGE. it’s ALL I actually have. thanks. >> remarkable WORK. >> SO just a little BIT NORTHERN VACCINE. undoubtedly, I think THIS medical professional DID a very good JOB. THERE changed into lots of guidance THERE THAT WE presented AND TO again UP a bit BIT. in terms of the place we’re WITH THE DISTRIBUTION OF THE VACCINE. THEM were stories we’re behind. WE’RE forward. YOU obtained TO be careful THE photograph IN TIME. it really is crucial. probably the most CENT assistance ON THE CDC site ADENTFYING NEW HAMPSHIRE AS BEING the most PROACTIVITIES fantastic information AND preserve THAT UP. it is all VARIABLE depending on THE volume OF VACCINE are getting ON A SINGLE DAY AND most significantly, THE TIMING OF THE REPORTING lower back TO THE CDC AND STEINLES IF there is a DAY OR TWO prolong IN THERE and might warning LITTLE little bit of CONFUSION. SO a bit BIT greater IN SIGHT in terms of HOW we are settling on here businesses AS WE GO ON FROM 1A AND settling on THE agencies OF 1B AND 2A, 2B, THEN 3A, 3B. THE PHILOSOPHY IS fundamental and straightforward. WE are looking to make sure WE’RE TRANSFOR employ BEEN THAT. it is really THAT elementary and that i know there was discussion in regards to the thought AND TO establish particular person WORK agencies OR company organizations fundamental worker’s which are extra fundamental THAN OTHERS AND WHAT no longer. they’re THE only TWO groups we now have recognized AND we’re SEGREGATING OUT OF THE inhabitants in keeping with THEIR WORK OR health CARE providers FOR glaring motives people who ARE taking care of these at the maximum chance AND training team of workers, academics. AND DOING OUR gold standard TO make sure THAT schools CAN remain achievable AND OPEN AND FOR OUR college students GOING ahead as a result of it’s SUCH a vital a part of OUR inhabitants health. however once again, IN DOING SO IN comfortably LINING across each person UP. in case you think ABOUT THAT I WITH A INTERNALS OF THE optimum risk ONDONE AND MAKING certain we’re ADDRESSING those issues, FIRST, IT isn’t THAT one of the vital WORK WE’RANCE extra WHAT YOU may TECHNICALLY CLASSIFY because the greater essential FEELFIELDS of labor. no longer THAT WE do not want to PRIORITIZE THEM. IT isn’t A WE do not CARE TO VACCINATE THEM TO IT is not those people WE be troubled ABOUT or not it’s THE parents OR THE child OF THAT person who may HAVE A fitness circumstance. whatever thing OF THAT MATURE and those individuals WHO GET THE VACCINE FIRST AND basically ADDRESSING THE maximum risks on the CORE, in case you WILL. moving ON TO THE HOSPITALIZATION, AND once more, ALL OF THAT advice ON VACCINES will be obtainable ON OUR web page. THAT CHART is going TO BE MADE attainable. IT isn’t UP THERE simply YET. maybe nowadays OR EARLY tomorrow MORNING. notwithstanding CHART IS UP SO individuals CAN start DIGESTING a little BIT. UNDERTHAN THERE can be OVERLAP AS well. WHAM WE TRIED TO DO FOON RY ON VACCINES make sure teach companies 1B, 2A, 2B have been MANAGEABLE IN dimension. WE don’t wish to HAVE ONE neighborhood SO gigantic it is TAKE four TO five MONTHS TO GET throughout the neighborhood AND CREATE lots of QUESTIONS, I think, in terms of WHEN folks could REALISTICALLY expect TO GET THEIR VACCINE AND GETTING EXPECTATIONS correct FOR THE population, I think, is very essential OR HAVE A accepted feel OF WHEN THE TIME WILL COME AND lots of OVERPERHAP THE corporations AS well. whatever thing THAT QUALIFIES AND as much as THEM AS TO when they wish to become VACCINATED profit, THE RANG viewed is not MANDATED FOR any one however as it becomes accessible, and then THE remaining PIECE here IS figuring out when we focus on prone POPULATIONS, AND WE talk about the situations THE COMORBIDITY condition, cancer OR in any other case, things OF THAT NATURE THAT may MAKE somebody susceptible AND additional UP in the LINE IN group 1B OF THE VACCINATION, WE’RE at all times additionally GOING TO PROWERE VIDE FLEXIBILITY TO THE doctors AND medical PROFESSIONS AND suppliers IF THERE ARE excessive situations maybe IF someone HAS condition THAT may additionally now not BE LISTED predict ok ACON THE list all the time A medical issuer IS GRANTED the pliability TO MAKE THAT name TO MAKE choice TO be sure THAT IN these, in the other circumstances WE may also no longer HAVE PUT without delay ON THE PAPER AND THAT those folks CANS BE PRIORITIZESSED AS well. WE all the time desired to REFOR THE scientific experts THAT way. >> i am going TOO speedy. IF DAVID LOSES THE GLASS IT ability i’m speaking TOO quick. >> SO a little BIT ON THE HOSPITALIZATION. WE acquired SOME QUESTIONS THIS MORNING. WE want appropriate instantly address IT. standard THE HOSPITALIZATIONS HAVE TICKED DOWN a bit BIT. but they’re stable WITH W it’s respectable NEW. consider OUR daily IS neatly OVER 300 americans inside HOSPITALS which have verified COVID. again WE estimated and can GIGGED THAT quantity might GO UP. there is a LAG AND THE number of circumstances OF COVID appears TO HAVE STABILIZED a bit BIT. IT remains VERY, VERY high AND HOSPITALS IN steady COMMUNICATIONS WITH every different. WOE ARE IN steady conversation WITH THEM DOING THE premier AS equipment, AS a true STATEWIDE TESTIMONY system TO PAIGE the provision OF BEDS AND IF WE have been TO HIT A TIME WHEN WOE need to OPEN UP we’re organized TO do so. THE men AND UP WITH OF THE national safeguard STAND capable AND we are able to OPEN UP those amenities IN 4 TO forty eight HOURS but not THERE YET. THE HOSPITALS DESERVE loads of credit score AND DOING a great JOB MANAGING and dealing WITH now not WITH THE folks within the branch OF PUBLIC fitness however inside THEMSELVES AND THE system TO aid be sure there is potential THERE AND THESE want the most extreme health CARE based around COVID AND other conditions AS smartly. IT is going TO BE THERE FOR THEM. one more subject matter TO jump INTO a little BIT IS THE FEDERAL aid. an awful lot HAS long past in the past COUPLE OF WEEKS. THE CONGRESS DID flow an additional bill AND SIGNED by using THE PRESIDENT THAT changed into, THAT was brilliant to hear. I feel lots of US HAVE reduction THERE was SOME FEDERAL aid COMING. WE need to discuss what’s in the latest bill. WE would not have BEEN THE DEALLE TAUS in terms of THE rules AND guidelines OF HOW each dollar might be ADMINISTERED. obviously we are hoping FOR AS plenty FLEXIBILITY OB THE STATE stage AS feasible. TO provide you with frequent NUMB GERS TO talk about WITH HAVE ESTIMATES based on WHAT we now have viewed DESCRIBED within the FIRST DRAFT OF THE invoice within the bill ITSELF AS opposed TO THE information on the way to COME ON in the COMING WEEKS ABOUT 36 MILLION-dollar HAS BEEN allotted FOR VACCINE DISTRIBUTION in order to support US VACCINATE AS MANY AS feasible. 20 MILLION-dollar force infant CARE AND newborn CARE development AND within the kind of BLOCK gives you that is at all times first rate and gives a lot of FLEXIBILITY round newborn CARE AND ABOUT $one hundred fifty MILLION FOR education STABILIZATION FUNDING FOR THE basic THAN THE SECONDARY schools. SO it truly is awesome. one hundred fifty MILLION TOLL GO TO THE fundamental school equipment AND OUR SECONDARY schools out of the ordinary probability AND ROUGHLY 90 MILLION FOR greater education relief AND approximately OR I may still SAY simply OVER one hundred eighty MILLION FOR increased testing CONTRACT CHASING AND CONTAINMENT AND MITIGATION and those ARE more average health AND HUMAN service expenses which have been BORN in the course of the CARES ACT FUNDING TO IT DID and obviously WE’RE nevertheless neatly within the COVID disaster AS WE VACCINATE WE want lots of CONTRACT TRACING ANTEING AND issues OF THAT NATURE AND suggestions FROM THE FEDERAL executive IS obviously VERY much WELCOMED. approximately 200 MILLION that’s A LOFT money FOR EMERGENCY rent A.M. tips TO assist individuals live in their buildings specifically throughout the wintry weather MONTHS. SO SO vital AND again, WE have no idea exactly the rules AND THE DEFINITIONS around HOW THAT cash can be SPENT. we have performed OUR personal classes OF THAT THAT NATURE right here IN NEW HAMPSHIRE AND we have FLEXIBILITY that would BE mind-blowing TO enable people TO support observe FOR condominium suggestions and provide extra HOUSING and notice WHAT THE rules ARE AND FOR condo assistance AND HOUSING IS extra special THEN AND 40 MILLION FOR THE highway FUND TO OFF WITH SET THE profits exchange PRESIDENT AND renovation and turn BIKE suggestions. don’t believe OF TOO IT a whole lot. SO MANY folks within the yr FROM had been not ON. THEY were now not buying fuel. THEY have been not PAYING TOLLS AND THE profits HIT became SHARP TO THE highway FUND. further guide, I feel, goes TO PUTT US IN A HEALTHIAR place finally when it comes to MAKING bound THE ROADS will also be PLOWED AND THE POTHOLES will also be mounted. ALL of those WILL permit THE STATE TO increase checking out means AND invest infant CARE AND schooling AND RAMP UP VACCINE AND DISTRIBUTION and stop americans FROM losing THEIR domestic AND BEING OUT IN WHAT could be difficult economic times AND DOING well right here NEW HAMPSHIRE NO GOUT THAT but there is loads of households which are STRUGGLING AND suffering from COVID ECONOMICALLICALLY AND THIS, THESE, THIS suggestions offered by way of THE FEDERAL govt IS a great FIRST STEP now not TO HP THE STATE but TO help a lot of individuals AND OUR residents around OUR count number COMMUNITIES. a couple of QUESTIONS. A software IS SIGNED IN CONGESTION WITH THE bill AND IT changed into licensed IN CONGESTIONS WITH THE relief invoice PUT forward. NEW HAMPSHIRE WILL start ISSUING the new FLORIDA 00 these days. it’s amazing news. THESE payments should be CLAIMED FILED FOR the primary ELIGIBLE WEEKENDING JANUARY second AND in reality GOES lower back a week AND THE fact WE OUR system become ready AND GEORGE here at the CONGREGATE DID an outstanding JOB THEM AS MAKING bound THE device is ready. these days IS THE EARLIEST DAY THE STATES had been ALLOWED TO accomplish that AND PAID OVER 14,000 people THAT extra FLORIDA 00 nowadays. WHICH IS splendid. WE’RE OFF AND operating AND THE further UNEMPLOYMENT counsel. THEN eventually, an additional component WE HAD SOME QUESTIONS starting THE INAUGURATION. a lot of individuals were DISCUSSING THE change IN PLANS THAT WE had to MAKE FOR THE INAUGURATION goes TO take place THIS WEEK and may seem diverse THAN WHAT WE in the beginning anticipated regrettably. WE needed to CANCEL OUR outside PLANS AND WE planned TO DO IT outdoors TO BE SOCIALLY DISTANCED whatever thing distinct but unfortunately because of PUBLIC safeguard concerns AND MYSELF, MY family unit, ALL OF these, WE DID have to MAKE a change. I suppose it is — it’s pretty facts, lamentably, THAT individuals HAVE turn into much extra AGGRESSIVE AND goal THE inner most residence, MY wife, MY family and children. it is where they’re. and that i consider IT HAS BEEN reported reasonably WILDLY THE PROTESTS CROSSED the road AND it’s MY accountability TO deliver advantage whether OR not you have got BE ABOUT INTENDSANCE at the INAUGURATION SO IN LOU OF a larger outside CEREMONY we are going to hang AL SMALLER CEREMONY INDOORS WITH A SMALL neighborhood OF individuals SOCIALLY DISTANCED WHICH may be are living STREAMED FOR americans WHO WOULD want to TUNE IN. IT may be HELD AT noon AS at the start deliberate ON THURSDAY JANUARY seventh AND we’ll PUT OUT link FOR folk TO VIEW IT and then AT 7:00 P.M. THIS THURSDAY, LATER THAT night, i’ll convey A are living tackle and may no longer LASTS more than half-hour might not BE LIKE A PRESS conference. I PROMISE. and obviously WE HOPE THAT each person DOES HAVE a chance TO TUNE IN. THAT may be AT 7:00 P.M. AND once again we’ve A are living circulate hyperlink STREAMING IN AND also advised I think WMRU IS PLANNING ON CARRYING IT WHICH neatly BE A CARRYING. and i changed into questioning IF BRIDGE’S apartment may be place AND have you idea ABOUT THAT? >> IT can be. YOU know, seem. i discussed THIS a little BIT before. NEW HAMPSHIRE IS an awesome area in terms of ACCESSIBILITY TO management. no longer simply THE GOVERNOR. THE undeniable fact that, while, lots of folks HAVE NUMBERS AND THE STATE SENATORS HER TO GOVERNOR. a lot of individuals HAVE THAT. MY FATHER changed into GOVERNOR. lower back within the ‘880’S. after which lower back THEN. OUR phone quantity AND tackle FLEN cell publication. any one could decide on UP THE telephone book and speak to THE GOVERNOR. THAT ACCESSIBILITY IS a superb element. it’s an outstanding element TO HAVE. but it surely additionally HAS at all times COME no matter if WITH ITS MYSELF, MY FATHER, GOVERNOR LYNCH OR IT at all times COMES WITH, think I, A admire OF privateness. it truly is alas where the line HAS BEEN CROSSED as it COMES WITH households. people need to COME as much as THE STATE condominium. COME ON UP THERE. that you would be able to PROTEST in the PUBLIC’S concern. a lot of individuals try this. it really is PROPERTY THE applicable FLIES happen AS antagonistic TO RESIDENTIAL regional. AND unfortunately notwithstanding house IS unbelievable AND WE customarily earlier than COVID AND retaining IT OPEN FOR NONPROFIT corporations and folks to come AND USE IT AS a spot. AND IT isn’t extremely CONDUCIVE AND HAVING A family are living THERE FULL-TIME AND once more, WE are trying TO retain OUR LIVES AS common ASEPSESSABLE. SO NO, alas, suppose THAT isn’t rather AN option. >> TO observe had been UP, I actually have a question. I HEARD THERE WOULD PROTESTERS on the UNH tomorrow, individuals WITH DISABILITIES WHO consider THAT choice TO HAVE A pressure IN CEREMONY turned into no longer first rate. >> FOR THE LEGISLATURE. since the LG LEDGE ARE LEGISLATURE IS acting in the car, I accept as true with. here is something around THAT. good enough. >> ok. THE DISABILITIED suppose they’re BEING DISENFRANCHISED incidentally THE REPUBLICAN MAJORITY HAS decided TO grasp THIS and not supply AN option TO ATTEND well-nigh. DO you have got ANY touch upon THAT, THEY should still offered THE option OF virtual voting. >> YEAH. >> neatly, I wager i’d SAY ANY community in the STATE GIVEN WHAT SURROUNDS COVID absolutely I consider each AVENUE should BE PURSUED IN terms I have A LOYING AS plenty ACCESSIBILITY TO A PUBLIC MEET OARING listening to OR PUBLIC PARTICIPATION AS that you can. SO it’s VIEWING OR taking part well-nigh I always short smooth TO make certain. >> GOVERNOR, the holidays WE HAD THE capability TO end A MESSAGE TO, YOU understand, dwell secure around THIS TIME. YOU NO? HE and you don’t DO IT at all. NOW WE’RE sort of during this OPEN space AND THE SLY VIRUS IS running more RAMPANT THAN IT HAS BEEN earlier than. HOW DO YOU convince individuals and perhaps you can CHIME IN ON THIS AS smartly, reside THE route if you WILL, especially AS THEY birth to look VACCINATION NUMBERS GO UP, probably IN is going TO BE A HENTAL set off LIKE here’s GETTING more advantageous. i will beginning DOING XYZ again. YEAH. I consider THE aspect, IF i’ll, WE wouldn’t have vacation trips TO provoke THE MESSAGE round PER SAY. i might ASK individuals try this. YOU wake up everyone MORNING. you’ve got a little METRIC FOR your self. be sure YOU SOCIAL DISTANCE. put on YOUR masks DO everything that you could TO live secure. YOU can’t TAKE day without work. DAYS OFF. THERE are not. we will GET TO AN conclusion. AND AS I proceed to assert, now’s the inaccurate TIME TO loosen up. NOW some of the WORST instances TO GET COVID when we’RE SO near end but WE’RE no longer THERE YET. correct? YOU must finish, it’s a MARATHON. WE talked about THAT seeing that MARCH. WE KNEW IT changed into long HAUL. THEN final MILES. WE have not CROSSED THE finish LINE BAY ANY ability. SO folks in fact DO need to BE DISCIPLINED. we’ve AN AGGRESSIVE PUBLIC MESSAGE CALM PIN AND keep THAT UP WITH THE MEASAGING WE DO on the PRESS CONFERENCES WITH DIGITAL MEDIA and people kinds of things donning MASKS and you recognize, THAT PROVISION WE PUT IN location IN NOVEMBER is going TO dwell INTO location AND at the least in the near FUTURE and adhere TO THAT. we have advice WE REQUIRE whether it’s here AT a restaurant OR IN RETAIL. we’ve ALLOWED THE economic climate TO OPEN SO FLEXIBLY AND more FLEXIBLY ON THE EAST COAST AND done IT IN a secure means AND normal. THE NUMBERS ARE lower THAN THE national general if you happen to look at the number of folks that are CONTRACTING COVID AND SO WE ALLOWED THAT TO OPEN however every little thing HAS GITTANCE round IT. THERE ARE SOME obstacles THERE AND IF WE ADHERE TO THAT, THEN, we can, YOU understand, maintain GOING amazing, AND SO, AND SO it is WORKING as a result of WE AS A collect RIFF DOING THE appropriate things TO MAKE IT WORK, soon now not accidentally. IT isn’t by using coincidence AND AS a whole lot AS we will IN insurance folks TO dwell authentic THAT MESSAGE, dwell DILIGENT WITH YOURSELVES, YOUR family unit AND cherished as soon as. don’t LET UP NOW. >> i am SORRY. REPORTER: AS medical professional talked about, keep WATCH WHEN THE VACCINE can be available. all and sundry ELSE now not VACCINATED. WHEN may still THEY birth FOCUSING? WHEN? >> will we GO DOOR TO SLIDES. THAT become incredible. SHE DID a superb JOB via THAT. this is the place we are. this is ONGOING. all of the FIRST shots about one hundred,000 people AND the primary shots IN THAT NA want IT via MID JANUARY OR SO. 2d OR THIRD WEEK IN JANUARY. THEN WE start. 1B. can’t SEE IT TOO neatly. it’s a rough guess FRANKLY. 225,000 individuals IN group 1B. once more. OVER 75 YEARS old HAVING A significantly larger chance FOR A scientific circumstance probably AND CORRECTION group of workers AND staff AND RESIDENTS AT OUR IDDA SILLITIES. gain WE ESTIMATE THIS TO TAKE COUPLE OF MONTHS. JN TRIER MARCH OR in order YOU GO TO phase ONE AND SORRY phase 2A. one hundred seventy five,000 VEDS AND it is tough NU AND WE have no idea HOW quick THE VAC mean TO seen is going TO are available in FEBRUARY AND MARCH and not sure SO WE RETHINKING ABOUT across the MARCH excellent may additionally TIMEFRAME right here FOR part 2A THEN section 2B. THE MARCH APRIL may also TIMEFRAME 200,000 americans here AND occurring TOLY could GET THE VACCINE blameless NOW WE comprehend now not everyone WILL GET THE VACCINE. possibly 50 TO seventy five%. perhaps those ARE rough NUMBERS OF path. it’s rough NOW. THEN part 3A THEN ultimately phase 3B AS WE HIT might also AND INTO THE summer season. AND assess THIS OUT. which you could SAY, i’m IN section 2B. check in WITH THE suppliers. we’ll BE presenting extra advice TO THE medical doctors AND OVER THE next COUPLE OF WEEKS. they can RESERVE THE FLIES GET and how THE doctors WILL GET THE VACCINE allotted TO THEM AND HAVE extra guidance FOR THEM and then folks CAN keep check in at the site FOR details AND SO nonetheless a lot more suggestions TO BE supplied. what’s next it really is WHAT THE query. WHAT DO DOW NOW. THEN, it really is A LOGICAL query. and some WE wanted to be certain individuals know we have EYE EYE DIDN’TED by THE THE businesses can be. we will BE offering more tips as the PRESS GROANSES GO UP AND maintain UPDATING THE site because it becomes greater purchasable. one of the crucial simply, i will GO further WITH THE reply in case you do not intellect. as an instance one of the most QUESTIONS i was ASKING AS we now have BEEN DISCUSSING THE final COUPLE OF WEEKS WITH IS here’s NEW ENGLAND. we now have a lot of fitness CARE people THAT may reside IN VERMONT but WORK IN NEW NUM SHIR AT medical OR DARTMOUTH and so they ARE part of THAT group TECHNICALLY VERMONT RESIDENTS but GETTING VACCINATED NOW WHICH IS fabulous as a result of they are CARING. WE may also HAVE CROSSOVER WITH folks. perhaps YOU have been in one STATE but company EN an extra. SO we are going to BE WORKING WITH OUR SURROUNDING STATES TO aid also determine WHAT class OF counsel AND regulations we are going to PUT around A O AND NEW HAMPSHIRE RESIDENT right here IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. NO, doubtless now not. THERE must be SOME FLEXIBILITY THERE AND SO a good deal CROSSOVER WITH STATES. SO MY element IN THROWING THAT available was just a few particulars here TO BE FINALIZED TO make certain AND a part of it is IN NEW HAMPSHIRE however talking TO OUR companions IN different STATES SEEING HOW they’re deciding on THE businesses 1B WHAN no longer. every STATE goes TO BE distinctive however TRAY TO MAKE IT AS SEAMLESS AS viable A TAKE FEW TO WORK those OUT. 1B WILL no longer birth until MID JAR JANUARY. 2A won’t delivery except AFTER THIS. WE ASK individuals TO preserve CHECKING IN AND keep folks updated. THE next few WEEKS should be PIVOTAL AS WE NAIL DOWN SO THE consumer THE devour EARN THE residents IT BAILS EXPECTATION. >> hello. >> THERE YOU GO. >> what is the RATIONAL behind waiting except FACE 2A section 2A TO VACCINATE trainer, infant CARE group of workers AND effect SO MANY individuals throughout THE STATE? >> YEAH. when you seem — WE’RE LINING folks UP ON simply according to risk OF fitness. LET’S GO lower back TO MARCH you’ll. here is ALL ABOUT MAKING certain THE fitness CARE gadget doesn’t GET OVERRUN AND MAKING bound we now have AS A TY in the HOSPITALS AND MAKING certain probably the most prone ARE covered AND SO that is in reality WHAT we’re IN section Z1A AND 1B. and people POPULATIONS ABOUT one hundred,000 AND ABOUT 200,000 SORE IN 1B THEN WE GET THE handiest other skilled community THAT we are SEGREGATING AND picking out IS instructor as a result of WASN’T THEM schools TO live OPEN FAN those academics IF AVENUE in the lecturers ARE MEDICALLY VULNERABLABLE OVER 57 OR some thing IT can be. OF route THEY GET MOVED UP. they’re AT better hazards SO IT basically IS MAKING certain THE DIRECT people on the maximum chance ARE taken care of FIRST then you definately start building up FROM THERE in terms of WHO may are available CONTACT WITH those individual and so forth and so on. RETURN ARE THERE enormous variety of health CARE laborers who are REFUSING THE VAC suggest? can you retain music OF THAT? >> THE question changed into around VACCINE UPTAKE among fitness CARE worker SO WHAT WE HEARD FROM THE sanatorium companions that’s BETWEEN 70 AND 85% DID HE PENDING ON the facility fitness CARE people ARE ACCEPTING THE VACCINE AND GETTING VACCINATED and that is just THEIR preliminary NUMBERS FROM the primary WEEKS OF THIS CALM PIN AND predict THAT AS americans americans SEE THEIR COLLEAGUES GETTING VACCINATED these NUMBERS WILL raise WITH TIME. SO it is round 70 TO eighty five% IN those fitness CARE worker’s and may BE reduce AND DEN RAL population AS WE flow FOR war AND FIRST RESPONDERS WHO were VACCINATED NOWING. HOW it is TO YOUR goal against THE group OF individuals. smartly, WE bathroom toilet LIKE greater than 7% OF people TO GET VACCINATED IT YOU is looking corresponding to what number of people GET VACCINATED each yr right now. it will SEE HOW THAT plays GO OUTGOING forward TO GET adequate MINE TY within the COME-TIBBS TO avoid COVID AND frequent COVID-19 TRANSMISSION WE want ABOVE THAT 70% AND seventy five% OF people VACCINATED. >> IF I have one other element. AS A REMINDER when you are IN neighborhood 1A and judge now not GET THE VACCINE FOR THE intent, DOWN THE impolite CAN GET IT. right. IT doesn’t mean THERATION CUTOFF YOU HAD YOUR chance AND OUT OF THE combine which you could GIT AS extra individuals, YOU be aware of, more individuals may also COME though long term CARE PA SUL THINKS OR become A NURSE OR fitness CARE employee ON THE front strains. there’s an opportunity FOR any person TO GET IT DOWN THE road. >> I even have a question FOR THE COMMISSIONER ABOUT long run CARE. drawn to understanding, firstly, IF AH WROUGHT damage IS HAS befell, YOU cannot GET THE VAC suggest? WILL THAT BE SLOWING town? WILL OUTBREAKS BE SLOWING DOWN THE CLINICS across THE STATE? >> believe I THE dedication FROM THE PHARMACY companions THIS RE GOING TO HAVE diverse CLINICS AND IF individuals HAD COVID they’re LETTERS chance FOR CONTRACTING THE VIRUS AFTER they’d COVID, SO IT is set PRIORITYING who is GETTING THE VACCINE FIRST AND MAKE THOUR certain THERE ARE CLINICS installation and not only for RESIDENTS FOR workforce indicates became THEIR break day. YOU understand WHAT we’re listening to FROM THE long run CARE PA CYCLE there is AND THE PHARMACY companions THERE ISAR N centered RELATIONSHIP THERE TO make certain THERE ARE CLINICS deploy. i would not SAY it’s gradual okay DOWN. IT is simply, it is REQUIRING that you PUT more CLINGS ON THE BOOKS. >> IF WE GET some extent where we have all of the people THAT VACCINATE WILL WE BE capable of OPEN THE doors up to extra household AND extra actions AND whatever FOR THEM TO seem to be ahead TO TO GET US via? >> I suggest, this is THE choicest purpose, correct? TO give protection to THE ELDER LERLY AND GET THEM back INTO THEIR SOCIAL CIRCLES AND GAGED WITH THEIR families SO I think, YOU understand, once we examine OUR purpose FOR COVID VACCINATION typical, it is likely THE population THAT essentially the most concerned ABOUT THAN WE need desirable GET VACCINATED AS OUR aged specifically those IN future CARE SO customarily we are saying AFTER THE 2nd DOSE PLUS 14 to 15 DAYS in case you expect TOK HAVE THAT MINE TY SO we’ll BE REEEL VAL WITH A waiting IT. this is THE aim. you have got a number ON THE OUTBREAK OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY CORRECTION AND THE variety of INMATE AND THE americans THERE WITH COVID? >> it’s a FLUID number i will offer you WHAT we’ve NOW. SO WE DID checking out ON WEDNESDAY and then once again ON SUNDAY AND well BE A DOING trying out again THERE LATER THIS WEEK SO at the moment we have approximately a hundred RESIDENTS THERE which are COVID nice AND approximately 27 team of workers, these NUMBERS ARE likely GOING TO EVEN BE changed by the point I go away the rostrum as a result of that are ACTIVELY working look at various IN OUR LAB AS WE talk. >> HOW ARE YOU WORKING WITH THE SUPERINTENDENT all over THE OUTBREAK IN what is the INTENTION ON THE PROTOCOLS. >> YEAH. WE TRANSITIONED TO US ON THURSDAY night SO just before THURSDAY HILLSBORO COUNTY residence FELL below management OF PUBLIC fitness AND WE FIRST acquired THE initial COUPLE OF instances AND WE really recommended THAT WE GO IN AND test a whole UNIT WHEN THAT UNIT got here lower back AND several POSITIVES WE DID SAY FLE GOING TO TRANSITION IT OVER AND we’ve nearly day by day CALLS WITH THEM AND SHARING PUBLIC fitness advice simply HAVING a person detailed FOR THEM TO name WHEN they’ve QUESTIONS AND WE deploy A FULL checking out experience ON SUNDAY the place every INCARCERATED adult become offered THE probability TO test after which, THEN WE may be, WE established body of workers ON a few of EFFECTED units additionally OVER THE WEEKEND AND HAVE A FULL body of workers checking out experience approaching in the OF THIS WEEK SO really, WORKING TWO THEM HAND-IN-HAND given that THURSDAY SUNS WE TOOK IT OVER. >> THERE ARE V BEEN different CORRECTION OUTBREAKS AS smartly. ANY experience OF THE number OR diploma OF INMATE OR team of workers who are significantly unwell WITH COVID. MANY no longer seriously sick. >> smartly, SO, i know THAT, IN distinctive CORRECTIONS you have, you have got SOME in the LONGER reside CORRECTIONS. i am not bound? this is THE right term. YOU might also HAVE OLDER individuals that have greater UNDERLYING conditions. the place because the COUNTY JAILS, HAVE SHORTER term RESIDENTS the place THEY might also HAVE SENTENCES OF 90 DAYS OR SIX MONTHS and never HEARD I have A LOFT HOSPITALIZATION OUT OF THE COUNTY jail OUTBREAK AND HAVE HEARD OF a couple of HOSPITALIZATION OUT OF both THE PRISONS IN BERLIN AND IN concord AND SO, SO in reality SOME critical disorder AND THE JILL IS A MICROSOME OF OUR SOCIETY WHEN IT involves enviornment IN lying conditions you have INMATES that have DIABETES AND AT MASS and people situations SO PUT THEM on the equal chance OF anyone ELSE and doubtless more SO because they’re IN A CONGREGATIONED surroundings where SOCIAL DISTANCINGS is awfully intricate. >> anything THESE could HAVE completed differently TO just about M THE spread OF THIS earlier than WE started to look instances IN SLAV a number of ON? >> YEAH. I consider, YOU comprehend, I believe THE CORRECTIONAL FA nevertheless THERES RUN INTO THE same problem THAT each ON BREA GOINGAL OR CONGREGANT surroundings HAS WHICH IT is awfully I actually have problematic TO SOCIALLY DISTANCE THEY do not need BEEN THE choice OF STAYING domestic and not INTERACTING WITH THE different people THAT live THERE AND THEIR protection personnel. SO different PA SULLY IS based on THEIR SETUP AND THEIR actual constitution had been in a position to tackle IT IN different ways. you have SOME JAILS AND PRISONS THAT HAD THE physical house TO set up A QUARANTINE UNIT. this is I DEAL FOR certain. and you comprehend, DEF LINT THE SCREENING at the DOOR. THE typical SURVEILLANCE trying out. WE HAD A COUNTY prison IN STRATFORD condition THAT i was DOING checking out ON THE group of workers lower back IN AND had been and may AND contracted TO try this. SO each person dealt with IT in another way. each person obtained THE equal advice. SOME DID MOST DID WHAT changed into indispensable but I don’t suppose there is the rest necessarily TO steer clear of IS IT FROM stepping into. you have got INMATES that are COMING out and in AND just in keeping with OUR diploma OF group TRANSMISSION you’re going to see IT GET INTO THE penitentiary AND THE goal IS HOW DAIKON IN THAT spread as soon as it is IN. AND in fact first rate QUARANTINE FA SUL THINKTIES HAVING A SEPARATE UNIT AND SEPARATE CELLS AND PUNK BANKING ARRANGES IS in reality KEY. it is really KEY. >> WE DO, GOVERNOR. >> THE next query HOLLY FROM THESIDE PRESS. HOLLY. REPORTER: hello, THANKS. I actually have ONE question ABOUT CONTACT TRACING THEN an extra query in regards to the INAUGURATION. MY query ABOUT CONTACT TRACING. IT PAIRS THAT day by day UPDATES OVER THE final a few WEEKS now not include tips ABOUT what number of people ARE BEING display screen and that i expect THAT alternate PRINE ORTIZING TO GET CONTRACT TRACING AND a person AND GET’S sense OF how many people you’re DOING CONTRACT TRACING FOR at the present time THEN MY question about the INAUGURATION adjustments and that i understand THERE turned into ONE BORNE became ARRESTED but WHAT selected evidence IS THERE THAT PUT PELL PROTESTERS at the GOVERNOR’S home were ARMED OR THAT ARMED PROTESTERS were PLANNING to go TO INAUGURATION. >> good enough. i’ll HAVE THREE talk concerning the CONTACT TRACING. >> SO THE reason WE DISCONTINUED REPORTING ON THE people who are BEING MONITORED FOR ISOLATION AND QUARANTINE TEEN WE STOPPED MONITORING individuals right through THE total direction OF THEIR ICELITION AND QUARANTINE duration SO now not DOING THAT MONITORING AND WE still attain OUT TO individuals WHO were recognized AS shut DON’TS and supply THAT AND allow them to be aware of in the event that they HAVE QUESTIONS and not DOING THAT DALLY CALLING WE once were. in a similar fashion FOR americans who’re BEING lower back TO US who’ve COVID-19. we’re REVIEWING CASE THAT receives ALL RIGHTED US TO AND seem through the guidance AND picking these individuals who’re are attempting MR. OI PRIORITIZED AND in response to THE tips WE SHARED ABOUT WHO it’s. THEN we will investigate these CASE after which again NOTIFY THEM and ensure they’re aware of THE ISOLATION guidance but now not CALLING THEM day by day right through THAT ISOLATION length SO THERE isn’t any MONITORING occurring. time period INS OF what number of people have been INVESTIGATING DUR purpose LIT IS likely around QUARTER FO a 3rd OF ALL situations THAT GET mentioned TO US in keeping with OUR PRIORITIZATION. >> well, thank you. thank you. SO THE question HAS TO contend with THE INAUGURATION and a few OF THE safety SURROUNDING THAT AND THE THREATS SO, i would with ease SAY THAT THE, I think, THE query was, WHAT evidence do we HAVE? changed into THIS THE query, HOLLY? >> HOLLY? >> WHAT lead to THE idea that there have been viable PROTESTERS ARMED on the home OR varied ARMED PROTESTER TERSE were PLANNING? to head. >> bound. because it PERTAINS choice TO MAKE became not accomplished LOOTINGLY and never fully accomplished since the PROTESTER AT MY domestic AND IT became VERY giant CONTRIBUTING AFFECTEDDOR AND THERE other VIR DECT THREATS which are MADE lamentably and that they have been ESCALATING when it comes to concerns OF THE THE PROTESTER AT MY home AND refer to YOU THE SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS and encouraging OTHERS to come back ARMED. these ARE THE POSTS. I ASK YOU YOU DAN confer with those at once. past THAT. >> GOVERNOR THE subsequent query COMES FROM PAUL HAYS WITH THE CALEDONIA checklist. PAUL, PLEASE GO AHEAN AND ASK THE question. REPORTER: I have TWO QUESTIONS. FIRST, in case you VIEW THE present NUMBERS FOR THE middle IN LANCASTER, AND IN second, THE ABOVE NOR simply give update ON THE STATE POLICE ADOPTION OR USE OF physique. >> next. >> SUR >> nation VILLAGE center, right now, WE 9 RESIDENTS AND EIGHT staff FOR complete OF 17 people fine FOR COVID-19. >> THE question, I consider THE 2nd question includes round subject OF physique CAMERASS FOR THE STATE POLICE. THE subject I actually have BEEN WORKING WITH COMMISSIONER QUINN FOR FOR a while and that i consider THEY at last got RFP OUT. maybe DECEMBER. can be OUT FOR THE REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR SOLICITATIONS TO purchase THE physique CALM AS THERE WOULD GO together with IT. they’re IN method AND GET THEM UP AND operating AS we can. FRANKLY. >> THE subsequent query COMES FROM MICHAEL GRAHAM AT NEW. SHIR JOURNAL. MICHAEL, PLEASE GO AWHALED THE query. >> THANKS SO lots. a few VACCINE linked QUESTIONS AND the primary ONE HAS TO DO WITH THE version around the nation were YOU HAD individuals THAT HAD VACCINE DOSES THAT could not BE REREFRIGERATED as a result of THE SHORES HAVING TO cope with TEMPERATURE AND GOVERNOR CUOMO all started risk continuing IF somebody WOULD provide VACCINE AND that would trigger issues. have they got A PLAN, A policy FOR if you have THESE DOSES which are IN danger AND time table americans had been showing up to DO whatever WITH THEM whether they GO TO ISRAEL TO droop man outdoor OF THE health center. THE guy LEFT. as a result of THE enjoyable challenge OF coping with THE DOSES THAT should BE kept AT tremendous LOW TEMPERATURES. HOUR. I even have THE doctor talk about THAT. >> SO here’s a very good question. absolutely the way THE VACCINE COMES WITH assorted DOSES IN A SINGLE VIAL THERE is a few possibility and a few EXING TATION THERE can be SOME DOSES THAT DO GET UNUSE AND EXPIRE earlier than they’re capable of BE USED AND WE actually are looking to retain THIS AS SMALL NUMBERS AS possible AND SO WE DO HAVE PLANS IN region considering concerning the future CARE FACILITY PARTNERSHIP program and dealing WITH those TO be sure they’d TOO MANY DOSES FOR health center and they’re able to supply these VACCINES AND USE THEM on the STATE fastened websites LIKEWISE THE STATE HAS last VACCINE they’re WORKING WITH NARE native companions TO bring in people who have section 1A LIKE A waiting record OF CALLING UP THE local POLICE branch OR hearth branch and they HAVE people whole HAVE MOT BEEN VACCINATED YET. HE PLEASE send THEM OVER. we now have additional DOSES LEFT AND THE HOSPITALS who are DOING THE ADMINISTRATION NOW AND in a similar fashion ARE GOING to make use of THE DOSEST this may ON these AT highest chance A IN may additionally stream TOLL THE subsequent neighborhood AND a brand new DOSES AFTER THE cling and also you ARE IN THAT moderate chance neighborhood and you ARE acceptable FOR VACCINATION IN phase 1A AND VACCINATE YOU subsequent as a result of we have A DOSE FOR YOU we now have PLANS IN place THAT retain these NUMBERS VERY LOW. >> brilliant JOB. >> provided that YOU point out long term CARE as a result of one of the vital other SHORES BEING DEBATED IS TO DISTRIB BOOT THE short deliver VACCINE in the FIRST round OF DOSES TO PEM ON THE front LINE AND greater likely to encounter THE VIRUS however healthier VERSUS OLDER individuals entire ARE much less more likely to come upon COVID AND appears SPREADS THEM around AND as opposed to ANSWERING query WHO HAVES THE extra critical precedence AND AS YOU recognize, THE CDC HAS guidelines on the grounds that updated FOR CRITICIZED because THEY included THE recommendation THAT SOCIAL JUSTICE issues should still BE applied AND therefore since the NURSES AND front LINE people are typically RATIONALLY different AND PRIORITIZED OVER THE aged WHO are usually greater at the moment AND SOCIAL US simply IS aspect you take INTO conversation ET CETERA AND A formulation FOR entrance LINE workers remember CERTIFICATES THE aged knowing IF AN OLDER person gets prone to DRY COVID. sure. WILL TAKE THAT second question FIRST. AND OUR PLANS IN TERMING OF AL LE INDICATING and sure quantity OF VACCINE TO make sure equity AND throughout THE STATE and a few OF THE LESSER SERVED COMMUNITIES AND. AND because it PER TAUNS TO health CARE. WHEN IT involves THE provide we are providing FOR THE ELDER LIR and people which are OLDER in the MEDICALLY FRAIL in the long-term CARE AS neatly because the front LINE WOE, AND split IT a bit BIT since the front LINE worker’s you are right, THEY could be more youthful AND more healthy and they are available DIRECT CONTACT AND vital FOR THE CARE OF those that ARE VERY inclined SO surely, whereas THEY THEMSELVES can also now not BE AS excessive risk they are extraordinarily excessive risk FOR TRANSMITTING THE VIRUS AND COMING INTO CONTACT WITH those and also you know, it is the way it TENS TO unfold commonly inside MANY future CARE facilities AND it is ASYMPTOMIC worker AND some thing IT may be THAT comes in ANOHOW that can GO. IT may also be a tricky circumstance. SO WORKING WITH OUR partners AND assisting be certain they’ve adequate AND meeting THE QUOTA vital and that they HAVE adequate TO GET INTO THE long run CARE amenities OR THE RESIDENTS AND THE personnel OF those. and then, THEN, at least via 1A the bulk OF REMANNER GOING OUT although HOSPITALS FOR probably the most part AND that would ADMINISTER TO THEIR entrance LINE WOE, THEN eventually THE fixed web site WE set up TO care for the first RESPONDERS SO IT in reality IS A concerning the MOST prone AND MOST vulnerable to loss of life and those THAT focus on essentially the most susceptible AND THE I risk OF loss of life AND talking concerning the 1%. 1 ON. SOL we have A commitment OF EQUITABLE ALLOCATION OF VACCINE AND a part of THAT PLAN includes assembly THE pace KNEADS OF those individuals IMPACTED through COVID-19 AND contains americans entire ARE IN RATION AND KNICK MINORITY corporations TO GET TO those POP LAGS YOU could be tougher TO reach FOR US AND GOING TO WORK THE REGIONAL PUBLIC health NETWORKS TO supply SOME VACCINE TO THEM ABOUT 10%. AND TO go out to meet americans where they are AT. AND either distinct group group units the place they’re going to COME together and working WITH those community LEADERS AND TO motivate UPTAKE OF THIS VACCINE AND SHARING MESSAGES OF THE protection AND EFFICACY IN TRYK TO GET AT those people once more WHO have been PAGED by way of COVID-19 AND WORK ON GETTING THE aged VACCINATED AS right now AS viable IN these in the SETTINGS it’s going on IN place AND OUR lengthy TERMING CARE software HAVE THE DOSES a hundred% OF THE DOSES IT KNEE KNEADS TO carry out those people VACCINATION FOR these people AND NOW smartly HE BE relocating ahead WITH attempting TO GET ATS THIS individuals within the RATION AND ETHIC MINORITY companies. >> outstanding JOB, thanks, BETH. THE next query ON THE phone COMES FROM TODD WITH the public RADIO. TODD. PLEASE GO ahead THE question. >> thanks. thank you. WHAT part each STATE and local BE VACCINATED. ESTHETING. AND COMMISSIONER talked about. YEAH. SORRY. >> WHAT was. we are going to deal with THEM LIKE everyone ELSE in the event that they ARE excessive chance AND VACCINATED. right. SO DOUBLE-confer with THE doctor. AND comparable to all and sundry ELSE in the event that they ARE elderly AND medical VUL NER TCTS AND FALL IN those categories AS we have described. >> AND GOVERNOR, ARE OUR next COMES FROM TONY WITH PATCH. TONY PLEASE GO forward WITH THE query. >> thank you VERY plenty. i would like to understand WHEN, TWO quick things. WHEN IF IT AL ALL FA FATALITY counsel ON the entire CITIES COVID-19 will be purchasable TO the general public AND the clicking. notably, A BREAKDOWN OF CO MORBIDITIES similar to if you appear on the approach THE STATE experiences OVERDOSES DEATHS WE GET TOX manage giant information FOR every class OF DRUG THAT may additionally OR may additionally not OR a combination OF THE drugs THAT could HAVE led to THE demise and i feel, AND THE CIRCLES TO THE 2d question THE reason IT can be respectable HAVE THIS principally FOR one of the crucial reduce AGE corporations the place it’s reason for WHY THE people ARE death AND IS that you simply STATE fitness officials GAVE WARNINGS ABOUT now not GOING TO GATHERINGS AT THANKSGIVING AND WE SEE THIS big SPIKE ON DECEMBER second. AND a big quantity considering THANKSGIVING we have seen THESE. THE largest thus far IS OVER 1600 ON DECEMBER twenty third AND well-nigh A MONTH AFTER THANKSGIVING however before CHRISTMAS WHEN have been there have been likely a lot of household GATHERINGS AS saw pointed out, to move ahead. SOP ANY specific OUTBREAKS that you should GET. and might YOU GET THE suggestions ABOUT CO MORBIDITY SO while WE basically STAYING AT home, we can inform people when you’ve got these items AND IN THESE AGE agencies AND GET contaminated THE likelihood is SLIM and you are going DIE. THANKS. >> sure. well, leading, i will be able to ASK THE doctor to return as much as discuss THAT. i’d inform you think we’ve BEEN CLEAR. you’re bigger risk. when you’ve got health conditions you are AT bigger chance and likely health circumstances may well be RIGS KIER THAN OTHERS. ANY fitness circumstance AND THE SLIGHTEST kind can be A risk so that you recognize, YINDER STAN THE deserve to need to narrow IT all the way down to SAY THESE fitness conditions ARE dangerous WITH COVID AND THESE circumstances don’t seem to be, I have no idea IF i might SAY ANY UNDERLYING fitness situation THAT isn’t A CONTRIBUTING factor OR doesn’t carry TO YOU higher possibility AND SAY THAT AS GOVERNOR not AS AS medical professional and that i do not know ANY further COMORBIDITY suggestions THAT HE may well be supplied beyond THAT. >> YEAH. sure. COME ON UP, medical professional. >> SO WE DO examine the entire DEATHS THAT GET stated TO US AND tips ON THE CO MORBIDITIES AND cautious BILLION SHARING ANY skills self belief advice may additionally PER TINE a specific individual however possible TO provide tips AND mixture SO motivate YOU TO reach HIT TO PUBLIC counsel office WOULD you love greater particular assistance primarily based WHAN we can SHARE WITH YOU THAT isn’t picking out THEN end terms OF THIS question around DECEMBER twenty third OR ANY real DRIVERS TO THAT. in terms of OUTBREAKS, NO. THEM have not BEEN ANY tremendous OUTBREAKS aside from THE once you HEARD BEEN IN metropolis FUSIONAL atmosphere it is THE COMMISSIONER SHARED WITH YOU AND WE’RE SEEING those raises occur IN OUR ON BRE GATE atmosphere looks THE JAILS, PRISONS AND OUR future CARE AND THERE were SOME quite large OUTBREAKS IN those SETTINGS that allows you to ON PRN TOOT IN time period OF THE popular inhabitants WE HAD SMALL CLUSTERS OF individuals associated with private GATHERINGS IN once more REEN FORSES THAT it is crucial THAT WE support VOW VOID these WHEN they’re SMALL AND SEEING TRANSMISSION ensue IN these SETTINGS. >> GOVERNOR OUR final query ON THE phone COMES FROM STEVEN WITH sea coast online. STEVEN, PLEASE GO forward WITH THE query. >> thanks SO an awful lot. I actually have TWO QUESTIONS. the primary ONE IS A follow-UP ON THE TIMELINE THAT THE doctor OUTLINED earlier. AS WE TEN ENTER part 1B AND THE PHASES THERE AFTER, WHO WILL MAKE A decision AS as to if somebody QUALIFIES THEM FOR VACCINATION below THAT part. AND if it is A place, HOW WILL THE STATE be sure those DETERMINATIONS ARE BEING MADE CONSIST constantly throughout THE BOARD? >> well, SO THE reply IS sure, THE PHYSICIANS HAVE THE choice 6:00 but LIKE WE mentioned we’ll provide THEM THE FLECT ON THE BIDDANCE WE supply THEM INTERNALS OF THE AREAS OF maximum chance AND THE AREAS AND THE CDC HAS OUTLINED AND HAS THE most desirable surroundings. >> S WITH THERE A second query STEVEN. >> neatly, actually, the first query, though. WHATWHAT IS THE TECHNICIAN FOR assurance AND FROM ONE position THE subsequent. we have shelter ONE AS OF YET. consider, THERE is going TO BE SOME INCONSISTENCIES AND PHYSICIANS could make DETERMINATIONS in response to WHAT THEY SEE WITH THEIR affected person’S historical past and every patient HAS distinctive clinical history. each level OF every person medical problem THAT may also COME UP, each MET call THAN can be, may also HAVE THE personal SEVERITY. YOU could HAVE individuals WITH severe MASS. STAGE TWO melanoma, STAGE four cancer, a lot of different factors IN THERE, SOB there’s a LOFT grey area FRANKLY AND once more, WE leave IT up to THE top-quality AND THEBRIGHT AND OUR docs, OUR health professional and those who understand THE sufferers THE surest TO MAKE THAT determination based on THE instructions WE avoid THEM. >> thank you. thanks. THEN another question. i know GOVERNOR, YOU mentioned NOW is not THE TIME TO LET UP ON PRECAUTIONS LIKE donning masks AND retaining DIF DISTANCE. once a person HAS BEEN ULFULLY VACCINATED CAN THEY BE CAUTIOUS. DO YOU still recommend THEY continue TO comply with THEM. THEY have to follow THEM. ABC LOU THERE. I feel AS WE GO DOWN. THERE can also be A TRANSMITTER potentially nonetheless. there’s CITIESLESTILL chance THERE. once more, just GET in the course of the FIRST WEEKS OF THE VACCINATION AND definitely, the first people NEIGHBOR WEEK AND EARLY next WEEK WILL GET THE second DOSE SO TKCALLY ON THE STATE IS absolutely VACCINATED YET AND actually long gone OUT YET SO WE’RE EARLY ON here. one of the issues well BE A AS WE GO forward ARE those further PROVISIONS AND again, ARE FOR EX PEAL. travel ROW imaginative and prescient, right. WILL THERE BE changes FOR RECK leisure go back and forth FOR these VACCINATED and consider DOWN THE street and not AT THIS element through ANY capacity and everyone needs to be VIGILANT ON wearing MASKS. LET UP ON NOTHING as a result of THAT class OF LAXED attitude CAN CREATE EVEN bigger SPIKE and that i mean expectantly OUR NUMBERS seemed to HAVE STABILIZED they are excessive. THEY looked as if it would HAVE STABILIZED. NOTHING to assert IF WE LET UP THEY are not GOING to go larger. SO WE RAIN region the place we can MADGE PAIGE NOW. still. we now have IT A LOFT OUTBREAKS AND long run CARE. AND WHAT no longer. nonetheless PAIGEING a lot ON THE PLATE TO make sure AND WE aren’t OUT OF THIS FOR an extended SHOT. it is, WITH it is JANUARY 5th right. MAN, WE acquired, WE GAT long way to head AND people ought to respect THAT. >> a superb ad. WE’RE hearing ABOUT problem STAFFING THE CLINICS THE VACCINATION CLINICS AND THE PHARMACY web page and those. anything else THE STATE CAN DOP TO assist THERE OR just a MATTERED of labor drive? >> NO, always. so that you i do know, ONE aspect WE DO. WE DO maintain constant communique WITH OUR PHARMACY suppliers which are offering THAT AND DISTRIBUTION OF THE VACCINE IN a long TEM CARE. AND AS always THE opportunity in the event that they want WORK drive AND WORK to look WHAT may be feasible and provide. we now have OUR fixed web page VES THE guys and girls OF OUR country wide shelter on the able AND HELPED US a lot WITH an awful lot. we will coach THEM UP AND extra body of workers is needed SO SO there is most likely A fitness CARE STAFFING CRUNCH throughout THE whole nation AND MONITORING these cases AND THE first rate news is this OIS NEW HAMPSHIRE AND cope with THEM ON THE ONE-TO-ONE foundation and i understand THE flow BEEN WORK RINCON simply those individuals as a result of WE wish to make certain WHICH GO to 2 OR 4 LANES directly AND WE give you the option TO accomplish that AND however, certainly, YOU know, each condition could be a little distinct. each and every vicinity OF THE STATE could be diverse. we’ve a brand new ADMINISTRATION COMING IN WASHINGTON AND PROMISING greater REBUST FEDERAL RESPONSE. you have A PLAN here AND LAID IT OUT. IF THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION SAYS WE want to TAKE THIS OVER AND stream quick. DO YOU REL WELCOME THAT? >> I don’t believe THE FEDERAL executive is going TO circulate faster. SO. I mean, appear. WE WORK WITH THEM. WORE brilliant companions WITH THE FEDERAL govt and you recognize, hello, I THE FEDERAL finished TRACT WITH CVS within the future CARE REQUIRE IS A LOFT OVERSITED. >> by means of though teams AND SPOSSED TO BE DIRECT FEDERAL consistent. WE’RE IN constant administration OF THAT TO be sure ANY TIME THE FEDERAL government IS IN DIRECT control, there’s a way WE GET removed from IT a little BIT AND THAT ACCOUNTABILITY can not BE THERE AND WE are looking to dwell VERY ACCOUNTABILITY TO IT AND THE most efficient option to allow STATES THE FLECT to administer IT A AS THEY SEE fit and wish AS plenty ON THE ADMINISTRATION GOING ahead AS possible. >> I noticed that you have been snowboarding THIS past WEEK all through the vacation and that i questioned WHAT YOUR IMPRESSIONS OF MU THE business IS ADAPTING TO THE COVID PROTOCOLS. >> THE SKI trade IN specific. >> TOUR. >> I YEAH. feel TOURISM HAS BEEN DOING well when it comes to ADAPTING AND we’ve IN vicinity FOR THE COVID PAN DEG i will be able to inform you. I have seen SOME studies OF SKI inns which are providing THEIR own checking out FOR individuals WHO COME UP and may want A look at various before THEY GO lower back across THE BORDER. I think THE SKI motel AND THE other wintry weather activity websites AND TURRISM websites HAVE DEAN good JOB trying TO BE PROACTIVE. appropriate. VERY thoughtful. DY no longer GO TO the bottom lodges. I failed to SEE THAT. a few DAYS. I did not GO though BASE lodges CUE SEE backyard WHAT changed into going on. MONITORING THE NUMBERS and see internal folks WITHNGS were DOING a very good JOB BETWEEN events and not perfect OF direction. they’ve satisfactory TIME to plan AND DID every thing they can. because WE kept AND raise THE whole TIME AND STAYED within the sparkling AI BOY YARR TICKETS MOUSE. >> GOVERNOR IT NOW it is COVID connected THERE changed into FEDERAL LAWSUIT today. country wide organization WITH THE STATE companions AND RERE GUARDING younger ADULTS AND PLACEMENT AND FOSTER homes and powerful LANGUAGE AND we are going to pointless WAREHOUSING OF folks ON SOCIAL MEDIA YOU HAD SOME mighty RESPONSE AND a chance TO focus on IT here. it is NATIONALLY popular FOR PRAYING FRANKLY ON THESE types of programs THAT DEAL W THE DIVISION OF toddlers MOUTH adolescence AND households AND seek SET SETTLEMENTANCE long term KAY PAYOUTS if you WILL AND we now have MA MADE more revolutionary REFORMS IN OUR infant WELFARE equipment here in the past COUPLE OF YEARS AND THE historical past OF THE STATE AND WE HAD a true disaster after we got here IN AND dealt with IT. WE JUMPED ON precise OF IT. WE introduced IN NEW individuals AND THE variety of individuals YOU be aware of, LEAVING FOSTER CARE IS going down. NOW FOR the primary TIME AFTER YEARS AND YEARS OF increasing THE variety of CASELOAD FOR each CASE worker IS DOWN radically OR MANAGEABLE AND ONE-ON-ONE AND GOTTEN first-rate effects AND THIS NEW ny group wants to are available AND PUSH around AND inform THE STATE of new HAMPSHIRE the way to manipulate A device we’ve accomplished exceptional REFORMS WITH. IF anything i’m MOST DISPINED WITH the new HAMPSHIRE companions which have HELPED THEM FILE THIS SOLUTE because THEY recognize. THEY know THE REFORMS WE introduced IN right here. WE be aware of WHAT a pretty good JOB AND COMMISSIONER AND THE entire team continued TO DO and people individuals have not SLEPT IN TWO YEARS AND GOING AFTER THE every day conveniently TO deliver more advantageous services FOR THESE youngsters. AND proper believe THIS community OUT OF new york THAT PREYS ON THE device goes TO are available in HER AND PUSH around the STATE of latest HAMPSHIRE and produce OUR REFORMS TO A GRINDING HALT WITH SOLUTES absolutely no longer. THEY bought, NO. NO. I received IT. i am going to drag lower back THERE because I GET VERY NATION NATE ABOUT THAT as a result of WE PUT SO a great deal EFFORT ON IT. WE PUT all the right individuals ON KNIT. WE DID LET POLITICS GET within the way. WE DID LET average limitations AND EXCUSES cease US FROM DOING what is correct by OUR system. AND, AGRAIN IS IT excellent. NO, IT isn’t ultimate. WE’RE all the time challenging OURSELVES TO GET TOT 100% OF IN SUCH a tricky equipment and also you ARE talking ABOUT ABUISTED youngster and finally putting IN PREVENTION services THAT were no longer THERE AND FOR YEARS. we now have accomplished THAT. really no longer handiest seeing that. we’ve performed THESE. we are SEEING consequences in case you appear at the information DASHBOARD THAT DCYF PUT OUT. I believe that’s PUBLIC. which you can SEE information GETTING improved AND greater IN ALL different METRICS SO soon superb path HER AND WE just, I GET annoyed WHEN THESE outdoor corporations are trying to find additional cash hunting for SOME money. AND IT will not be correct. well, IF WE HAD important problems continuing IN OUR equipment and never in a position to MAKE REFORMS AND have been now not SEEING THE consequences, I believe they’d HAVE A though STAND ON. TO come in TO are attempting SUE US and convey TO IT A GRINDING HALT on the rate OF THE kids WHO ought to go through WHAT they are going via each day WE aren’t GOING TO GET PUSHED OVER ON THEM. >> HE mentioned WITH A SMILE. >> I DID. thank you. >> sure. >> WE talk yesterday ABOUT HOW THE STATE IS RECEIVING THE VACCINE AND THE NEIGHBORS OR IT became. WHAT DO YOU SAY TO health CARE workers WHOS ARE VEFFING THE VACCINE AND GETTING give AT lower charges THAN expected? >> smartly, again, I suppose, AS WE TRIED TO tackle previous, feel THAT ONE image WITH THE CDC OF THE CDC AND looked at IT today. YOU IS distinct NOW one of the STATES AGGRESSIVE when it comes to GETTING THE VACCINE OUT. so you bought TO be cautious not TO seem to be at the photo AND MAKE TOO MANY ASSUMPTIONS AND DOING well. GETTING IT OUT IN time period OF WHAT changed into anticipate ANG GO GOING again TO WHAT WE had been told IN NOVEMBER. THIS turned into problem in case you remember a few WEEKS before CHRISTMAS. THE FEDERAL government came OUT AND usual AND OUR ADMIRAL got here OUT AND pointed out sure. SORRY. YOU be aware of. WE will not have at the AS SAY degrees OFLY AS WE DID. AND here is what WE assume COMING. I suppose FROM THAT we now have learned WE GET A name if you WILL OR document FROM WASHINGTON AND here is what you’ll GET subsequent WEEK AND predict FOR the most part THAT HAS BEEN capable of COME through. WE are getting a good SHARE AND PERTAINS AND essentially the most vital aspect AND GETTING THE VACCINE OUT AS APTED IN terms schedule AND additionally good information and provides US a lot of self belief TO discuss WHAT WE talked about these days when it comes to WHAT the place 1A, 2A, 2B. IT FLIES WID. THEM A HAS completed extra special JOB AND IN phrases GEVING IT OUT AND THE health CARE worker’s in the HOSPITALS HAVE completed an excellent JOB. and i at all times GO again TO HEIDI WHEN SHE STOOD UP THERE as the FIRST individual TO GET THE VACCINE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE AND THAT MIC DROP second AND WE STAN here AND THE VACCINE IS protected. it’s so vital. in case you WALKED THE SHIFT IN HER shoes AS SHE spoke of. AND saw WHAT SHE HAS considered and i suppose every person WOULD be mindful THE significance OF BEING safe AND GETTING VACCINATED SO I suppose THE crew IS DOING a pretty good JOB AND reside ON IT. IF FOR SOME motive WE basically SEE NUMBERS losing under OUR NEIGHBORS OR no longer GETTING THE fair share and that i obtained pretty much everybody’S cellphone NUMB BURNER WASHINGTON THAT WE need. AND so as to GET THE right individuals ON THE telephone TO PUSH THE BUTTON WES want PUSH TO make certain WE’RE BEING treated fairly LIKE each person ELSE. to date we’ve BEEN. AM well, WHAT turned into the overall volume THE STATE acquired and you’re feeling it truly is satisfactory FOR NOW. >> well, OUT OF THE invoice THAT turned into SIGNED. YEAH. for those who ADD everything IN. I mean, WE HEARD a number of about $2 BILLION AND ADD IN. THAT contains every little thing FROM abilities FOR OUR SHARE OF UNEMPLOYMENT assurance AND locate! FUNDING OUT OF THE PPP program AND THE FEDERAL govt THEN THE different SUBPROBLEM programs on no account rather bound HOW we’ll GET OUT OF THE coverage. AND stay STEAD I DY AND $300 PER WEEK. how many WOULD practice and people are only ESTIMATES AND in line with those ESTIMATES WHAT WE saw THAT IN previous AND in the REM OF $2 BILLION and you just don’t know. YOU be aware of? >> HOW lengthy it’ll closing US. neatly, LIKE, these, those THE funds. smartly, it is range OF diverse classes THAT can be SPENT as a minimum through 2021 and i think SOME classes THAT may GO beyond just like the training cash I believe may additionally GO beyond THE college yr GOES INTO 2022 AND SO I suppose THE schooling dollars can also be USED neatly INTO 2022 AS neatly. sufficient FOR NOW. >> FOR colleges? >> YEAH. FOR schools. IN regularly occurring. >> have been UP SHALL UM, DOES THAT seem to be sufficient in the I consider WHAT THEY supply FOR THE VACCINATION FOR instant needs OF THE COVID crisis and that i suppose THEY VERY accomplished AND respectable JOB BE WITH THAT. I think WE had been HOPING to peer something IN STIMULUS bucks AND bucks THAT HAD BEEN mentioned ON A WASHINGTON. a bit BIT ON TRANSPORTATION and not SO a good deal ON JOB CREATE alternatives AND capable of DO lots right here AS YOU be aware of AND STIMULATE. AND manner THAT LIMB MILTED TIMEFRAME AND DO an additional EIGHT WEEK application AS THEY DID earlier than. WHAT HAP HAPP PENS AFTER means WEEKS and come back AT one hundred ten%. THATTIC not THE CASE. SO MY feel IS, YOU comprehend, PRESIDENT BIDEN HAS not, PRESIDENT-elect BIDEN HAS not are available in YET, appropriate. HE turns into PRESIDENT. he will PUT HIS STAMP ON THE COVID difficulty AS well AND THE feel is that they could be SUBMITTING SOME category OF invoice via CONGRESS AND STATE OF THE aid bill OR extra economic PACKIC BE A interesting to see WHAT it is. i’d BE shocked in the event that they did not DO the rest right. they’re going to want to DO THEIR personal issue AS expected WITH THE ADMINISTRATION AND WE have no idea WHAT on the way to look like. THERE TOO could be more possibility DOMING COMING. IF NOTHING ELSE came, I feel, they have got finished AND decent JOB LAYING A floor WORK AND FRAMEWORK TO GET US through iciness AND SPRING AND focused ON NOW. >> ok. smartly, exceptional. THANKS, individuals. I ask for forgiveness FOR GOING a bit long. amazing TO BE returned THEN SWING OF things. an extended way to head. THE VACCINE IS BEING DISRUB BOOED WE desired to GET tips OUT TO folks in order that they recognize WHAT group they could appear forward TO AND proceed TO provide more information in terms of WHAT next in terms of THE residents OF THE STATE if they recognize THEY RAIN certain community WHAN CAN PECTED FROM THE health CARE PREVEERED AND ENTER AND THE sites ARE WORK AND nevertheless lots of WORK TO BE performed AND


COVID-19 in New Hampshire: Key statistics, maps, graphs

officials element variety of COVID-19 situations

Get the newest tips beneath about the COVID-19 pandemic and its outcomes on New Hampshire. This web page is up-to-date every day. *Full press convention within the video above changed into held Jan. 5, 2021*>> down load the FREE WMUR app New Hampshire facts:variety of americans diagnosed with COVID-19: fifty two,307Most-fresh day by day PCR verify positivity rate (data launched 1/eleven): eight.three% number of deaths attributed to COVID-19: 869Number of lively circumstances: 6,118Number of patients who’ve recovered: 45,320Number of latest hospitalizations: 267 variety of complete PCR tests for COVID-19: 545,955 number of complete antibody exams: 35,235Number of MIS-C circumstances: 1 ** town-through-city COVID-19 case information **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can not see the map and graphs above? talk over with this link and scroll down. VACCINE INFORMATIONEstimated Distribution TimelineThe following is an estimated vaccine timeline for distribution from the state (up to date Jan. 5, 2021):phase 1-A: Underway now via January (about a hundred and ten,000 americans)excessive-risk health workersLong-time period care residentsFirst respondersPhase 1-B: January to March(about 225,000 americans)individuals 75 years historic or olderMedically susceptible at enormous larger possibility, including household caregivers for those below 16Staff and residents of IDD facilitiesCorrections officers and team of workers phase 2A: March to may(about 175,000 people)people sixty five-74 years oldK-12 academics, school team of workers, child care workersPhase 2B: March to may additionally(about 200,000 people)individuals 50-sixty five years oldPhase 3A: may additionally and past(about 325,000 people)Medically prone people 50 years of age and younger who are at a average risk section 3B: might also and past(about 325,000 people)each person else who has not yet been vaccinatedVaccine web page abstract (via Dec. 30, 2020)Hospitals: 23,a hundred and seventy doses attainable; 18,935 doses delivered; 13,366 doses administered to patientsLong-time period care amenities: 24,375 doses attainable; 14,625 doses delivered; 5,065 doses administered to patientsState-managed mounted websites: 14,360 doses obtainable; 14,260 doses delivered; 2,253 doses administered to patientsRegional public fitness community cellular sites: 1,420 doses accessible; 500 doses delivered; 153 doses administered to patientsOther: 1,500 doses attainable; 300 doses delivered; 289 doses administered to patientsPhase 1A Allocation summary (via Dec. 30, 2020) high-chance health facility medical examiners: 19,270 doses allocated; 20,694 estimated americans in group (ninety three% of necessary volume allotted)moderate-chance health center medical experts: 0 doses allotted; 5,417 estimated individuals in neighborhood (0% of necessary volume allocated)high-risk ambulatory care medical experts: 13,250 doses allotted; 34,201 estimated individuals in community (forty% of necessary amount allocated)average-risk ambulatory care health workers: 0 doses allotted; 3,963 estimated americans in community (0% of crucial volume allotted)long-term care amenities in federal program: 24,375 doses allotted; 33,150 estimated individuals in neighborhood (seventy four% of crucial quantity allocated)long-term care facilities now not in federal software: 980 doses allocated; 980 estimated americans in community (one hundred% of crucial quantity allotted)First responders: 5,010 doses allotted; 12,890 estimated americans in neighborhood (39% of vital quantity allocated)Public medical experts: 520 doses allotted; 520 estimated people in community (100% of needed quantity allotted)State reserve for outbreaks or emergency needs: 1,a hundred doses allotted; 1,one hundred estimated individuals in neighborhood (one hundred% of mandatory quantity allocated)active OUTBREAKS AT facilities IN STATEThe following facilities have viewed validated circumstances in residents and/or workforce in fresh days or perhaps weeks, according to officials: The Arbors at BedfordAurora Senior residing of DerryBedford Hills middle in BedfordBel-Air Nursing domestic and Rehab middle in GoffstownBenchmark Senior living at Nashua Crossings in NashuaBentley Commons at BedfordCalemut condo (NH department of Corrections) in ManchesterCedar Healthcare center in Keene Colonial Poplin Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility in FremontCommunity Bridges ConcordCountry Village CenterCourville at Bedford (Carlyle region) in BedfordCrestwood core in Milford Elms center in MilfordEpsom HealthCare center in EpsomFairview Senior residing in HudsonGolden View fitness Care core in MeredithGreen Mountain medicine core in EffinghamHanover Hill health Care in ManchesterHanover Terrace fitness and Rehabilitation core in HanoverHarmony homes by the Bay in DurhamHarris Hill middle Hillsborough County condominium of Corrections in ManchesterHillsborough County Nursing domestic in GoffstownKeystone hall, Cynthia Day program Lakes vicinity group core (Fairview domestic) in LaconiaMerrimack County detention center Merrimack County Nursing domestic in BoscawenMt. Prospect Academy Seacoast remedy & Stabilization center Nashua Crossings Benchmark New Hampshire State prison for men in ConcordNew Hampshire Veterans home in TiltonNorthern NH Correctional Facility in Berlin Pheasant timber center in PeterboroughPines of NewmarketPleasant View middle in ConcordResidence at Salem Woods in SalemRiverside rest home in DoverRockingham County Nursing home in BrentwoodSt. Francis and Rehabilitation and Nursing core in LaconiaThe comfortable Psychiatric Unit at the branch of CorrectionsStrafford County reformatory Sullivan County Nursing home Warde Rehabilitation & Nursing middle in WindhamWentworth Senior living Woodcrest Village Assisted dwelling in New London HOW NEW HAMPSHIRE COMPARES TO THE leisure OF THE UNITED STATESDaily U.S. Deaths: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7-Day standard for U.S. situations: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(Are you unable to look the above maps? seek advice from this link and scroll down) KEY local INFORMATIONLATEST news: Coronavirus insurance from WMURTOWN-with the aid of-city: city-by way of-town coronavirus casesQUARANTINING: guidance for quarantiningTESTING: information about coronavirus testingMASKS: Statewide mandate | instructions announced in April local RESOURCESDHHS assistance: Coronavirus in New HampshireVolunteering opportunitiesHow to donate PPEsNATIONAL RESOURCESLatest worldwide coronavirus dataInteractive map from Johns Hopkins UniversityCDC instructions on coronavirus TIMELINE: extremely good DATESOn Jan. 5, the state launched an up-to-date vaccine timeline. Scroll up to see it above or seek advice from this link.On Dec. 15, Elliot health facility ICU nurse Heidi Kukla grew to become the primary adult in New Hampshire to be vaccinated for COVID-19.As of Dec. 5, the state has briefly paused each day monitoring of individuals who might have been exposed to COVID-19. On Dec. three, the state up-to-date its tips for quarantining, reducing the 14-day window for most cases right down to 10 days. On Nov. 19, the governor introduced a statewide masks mandate, advantageous Nov. 20. anybody over the age of 5 in a public house, indoors or outside, who cannot bodily distance from others now not in their own household shall wear a mask, based on the emergency order.On Nov. 12, the state introduced that each one interstate youth hockey competitions in New England and New Jersey have been suspended unless Dec. 31 on the earliest. Plus, due to a rise in instances, state officers observed they are going to not behavior contact tracing for each case and as an alternative will focal point on certain populations. On Oct. 23, the state released new information for indoor hockey and ice rink actions that includes obligatory testing for all those concerned.On Oct. 15, the governor introduced that every one indoor hockey activities could be paused for two weeks after officials noted extended group transmission that is likely related to hockey.On Oct. 2, health officials began adding antigen examine consequences to the totals because the rapid exams are getting more well-known. That resulted in an obvious spike in wonderful situations, as effective antigen checks from over the path of the pandemic had been added. One extra dying and 5 hospitalizations regarding tremendous antigen checks were additionally brought.On Sept. 24, the governor said that every one eating places can circulate tables closer than 6 ft so long as there is a defensive divider in place between tables.On Aug. 21, the governor announced that all New Hampshire eating places could open at a hundred% capability, although they nonetheless have to following distancing and masks guidelines.On Aug. eleven, the governor announced that masks could be required in any respect scheduled gatherings of a hundred or greater individuals.On June 15, the reside-at-home order expired and became replaced by way of a safer-at-domestic advisory. A key change is that the requirement that all agencies need to be fewer than 10 americans is no longer in area.On might also 22, officers introduced the state’s first case of MIS-C in a baby.On March 23, officers introduced the state’s first loss of life of a patient diagnosed with COVID-19.On March 13, the governor first declared a state of emergency, which ensures components should be in a position so the state is in a position to reply immediately, as crucial. This has been renewed and is currently active. It needs to be renewed each three weeks whereas an emergency is ongoing with a view to remain active. SYMPTOMSOfficials noted symptoms could seem in as few as two days or as long as 14 days after publicity.indicators consist of:Fever or chillsCoughDifficulty respiration or shortness of breathFatigueMuscle or body achesNew loss of taste or smellSore throatCongestion or runny noseNausea or vomitingDiarrhea in accordance with the CDC, emergency warning signals for COVID-19 encompass:problem breathing or shortness of breathPersistent pain or force in the chestNew confusionInability to wake or reside awakeBluish lips or face retaining YOURSELFThe best approach to keep away from disease is to evade being exposed to the virus, officers spoke of.here are how to provide yourself with protection:conventional hand-washing with soap and water (or hand sanitizer with at the least 60% alcohol) for at the least 20 secondsAvoid close contact through social distancing (as a minimum 6 ft from somebody)live homePREVENTING THE SPREADThere are steps that can also be taken to stay away from spreading coronavirus:protecting coughs and sneezes after which washing palms afterwardStay home and evade public places when sickAvoid being within 6 toes of someone when sickDisinfect frequently touched surfacesAvoid sharing drinks, smoking/vaping contraptions or other utensils or objects that may additionally transmit saliva wear fabric face coverings when near different people in public present checking out procedures>> more guidance about checking out << trying out is attainable for energetic COVID-19 infections and for antibodies, which would indicate proof of past an infection.All Granite Staters, whether they’ve symptoms or no longer, are allowed to get proven and are being encouraged to accomplish that. discuss with this hyperlink to be trained more. QUARANTININGThe quarantine period is now 10 days, down from 14 days as become previously required with the aid of the CDC and state fitness officials. right here’s what you need to find out about each situation that might result in being requested to quarantine or isolate.UNEMPLOYMENTTens of lots of Granite Staters have filed for unemployment, and a whole lot of millions of bucks had been paid out. a way to practice: visit https://www.nhes.nh.gov/ — Claims may also be filed 24/7File an initial claim: https://www.unemploymentbenefits.nh.gov/file-my-initial-claimFile a weekly persevered claim: https://www.unemploymentbenefits.nh.gov/file-my-weekly-continued-claimCheck existing declare reputation: https://www.unemploymentbenefits.nh.gov/determine-my-existing-declare-statusOr name 603-271-7700 — Hotline open eight a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday via Friday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and SundayThe state has launched a domain to reply unemployment-related questions. visit https://www.unemploymentbenefits.nh.gov/.recent insurance** See the latest headlines at this hyperlink. **you are also encouraged to subscribe to the each day coronavirus newsletter to get the latest updates on your inbox.countrywide UPDATESThere had been more than 22.4 million COVID-19 cases in the country and more than 374,000 individuals have died, according to records from Johns Hopkins school.The nation has averaged 2,982 deaths a day over the last week — the highest determine of the pandemic, in line with Johns Hopkins. This week also noticed the primary time the U.S. stated greater than 4,000 coronavirus deaths in a single day, on Thursday.President-select Joe Biden will release most accessible COVID-19 vaccine doses to pace start to more americans, a reversal of the Trump administration coverage, his office pointed out. below the old administration’s method, the executive has been keeping back a give of vaccines to be sure that americans can get a 2d shot, which offers maximum protection against COVID-19.only 29 people have skilled severe allergies to the coronavirus vaccine, making it a infrequent outcome, the U.S. centers for ailment handle and Prevention observed. within the first week and a half of the U.S. COVID-19 vaccine effort, the CDC mentioned there were 21 extra verified situations of extreme allergy symptoms called anaphylaxis, bringing the total situations to 29 out of 1.9 million doses administered.

Get the newest suggestions under about the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences on New Hampshire. This web page is up-to-date daily.

*Full press conference in the video above turned into held Jan. 5, 2021*


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New Hampshire facts:

  • variety of americans diagnosed with COVID-19: 52,307
  • Most-contemporary daily PCR verify positivity fee (records launched 1/11): 8.three%
  • number of deaths attributed to COVID-19: 869
  • number of active instances: 6,118
  • variety of patients who have recovered: 45,320
  • number of present hospitalizations: 267
  • number of total PCR tests for COVID-19: 545,955
  • number of total antibody tests: 35,235
  • variety of MIS-C circumstances: 1

** town-by using-city COVID-19 case statistics **

can’t see the map and graphs above? discuss with this link and scroll down.


Estimated Distribution Timeline

right here is an estimated vaccine timeline for distribution from the state (updated Jan. 5, 2021):

phase 1-A: Underway now via January
(about one hundred ten,000 individuals)

  • excessive-possibility health workers
  • lengthy-time period care residents
  • First responders

section 1-B: January to March
(about 225,000 americans)

  • people 75 years historic or older
  • Medically inclined at enormous larger risk, including family caregivers for those below sixteen
  • staff and residents of IDD amenities
  • Corrections officers and workforce

section 2A: March to may additionally
(about 175,000 americans)

  • people sixty five-seventy four years ancient
  • ok-12 teachers, faculty body of workers, newborn care workers

section 2B: March to can also
(about 200,000 individuals)

  • individuals 50-sixty five years historical

part 3A: can also and beyond
(about 325,000 americans)

  • Medically inclined individuals 50 years of age and more youthful who are at a reasonable chance

part 3B: may additionally and beyond
(about 325,000 americans)

  • everyone else who has not yet been vaccinated

Vaccine web site abstract (through Dec. 30, 2020)

  • Hospitals: 23,a hundred and seventy doses obtainable; 18,935 doses delivered; 13,366 doses administered to sufferers
  • lengthy-time period care amenities: 24,375 doses accessible; 14,625 doses delivered; 5,065 doses administered to patients
  • State-managed fastened sites: 14,360 doses purchasable; 14,260 doses delivered; 2,253 doses administered to patients
  • Regional public fitness network cellular websites: 1,420 doses available; 500 doses delivered; 153 doses administered to sufferers
  • other: 1,500 doses obtainable; 300 doses delivered; 289 doses administered to sufferers

part 1A Allocation summary (through Dec. 30, 2020)

  • high-chance sanatorium medical examiners: 19,270 doses allotted; 20,694 estimated americans in group (93% of vital amount allotted)
  • reasonable-risk health center health workers: 0 doses allotted; 5,417 estimated people in community (0% of needed quantity allocated)
  • high-chance ambulatory care medical experts: 13,250 doses allocated; 34,201 estimated people in neighborhood (forty% of obligatory quantity allotted)
  • moderate-risk ambulatory care medical experts: 0 doses allocated; three,963 estimated americans in neighborhood (0% of vital volume allocated)
  • long-time period care facilities in federal program: 24,375 doses allocated; 33,one hundred fifty estimated americans in neighborhood (seventy four% of vital volume allocated)
  • long-time period care facilities not in federal software: 980 doses allotted; 980 estimated people in group (100% of necessary volume allotted)
  • First responders: 5,010 doses allotted; 12,890 estimated people in group (39% of essential amount allocated)
  • Public health workers: 520 doses allotted; 520 estimated people in community (one hundred% of obligatory quantity allocated)
  • State reserve for outbreaks or emergency needs: 1,100 doses allotted; 1,a hundred estimated americans in community (one hundred% of obligatory quantity allotted)

lively OUTBREAKS AT facilities IN STATE

right here facilities have seen established situations in residents and/or staff in fresh days or weeks, in keeping with officials:

  • The Arbors at Bedford
  • Aurora Senior living of Derry
  • Bedford Hills middle in Bedford
  • Bel-Air Nursing domestic and Rehab center in Goffstown
  • Benchmark Senior dwelling at Nashua Crossings in Nashua
  • Bentley Commons at Bedford
  • Calemut condominium (NH department of Corrections) in Manchester
  • Cedar Healthcare middle in Keene
  • Colonial Poplin Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility in Fremont
  • community Bridges harmony
  • country Village core
  • Courville at Bedford (Carlyle area) in Bedford
  • Crestwood core in Milford
  • Elms middle in Milford
  • Epsom HealthCare core in Epsom
  • Fairview Senior residing in Hudson
  • Golden View fitness Care center in Meredith
  • green Mountain medicine center in Effingham
  • Hanover Hill health Care in Manchester
  • Hanover Terrace fitness and Rehabilitation core in Hanover
  • concord buildings by the Bay in Durham
  • Harris Hill middle
  • Hillsborough County condo of Corrections in Manchester
  • Hillsborough County Nursing domestic in Goffstown
  • Keystone hall, Cynthia Day program
  • Lakes vicinity neighborhood core (Fairview home) in Laconia
  • Merrimack County penal complex
  • Merrimack County Nursing home in Boscawen
  • Mt. Prospect Academy Seacoast remedy & Stabilization middle
  • Nashua Crossings Benchmark
  • New Hampshire State prison for men in concord
  • New Hampshire Veterans domestic in Tilton
  • Northern NH Correctional Facility in Berlin
  • Pheasant timber center in Peterborough
  • Pines of Newmarket
  • pleasurable View center in concord
  • residence at Salem Woods in Salem
  • Riverside rest domestic in Dover
  • Rockingham County Nursing home in Brentwood
  • St. Francis and Rehabilitation and Nursing center in Laconia
  • The relaxed Psychiatric Unit on the department of Corrections
  • Strafford County penal complex
  • Sullivan County Nursing home
  • Warde Rehabilitation & Nursing core in Windham
  • Wentworth Senior dwelling
  • Woodcrest Village Assisted residing in New London


daily U.S. Deaths:

7-Day general for U.S. circumstances:

(Are you unable to see the above maps? consult with this hyperlink and scroll down)

KEY local suggestions

local supplies

countrywide components


  • On Jan. 5, the state launched an up to date vaccine timeline. Scroll up to see it above or talk over with this hyperlink.
  • On Dec. 15, Elliot health facility ICU nurse Heidi Kukla grew to become the first person in New Hampshire to be vaccinated for COVID-19.
  • As of Dec. 5, the state has temporarily paused each day monitoring of americans who could were uncovered to COVID-19.
  • On Dec. 3, the state up-to-date its suggestions for quarantining, decreasing the 14-day window for most situations right down to 10 days.
  • On Nov. 19, the governor announced a statewide mask mandate, useful Nov. 20. any person over the age of 5 in a public area, indoors or outdoors, who cannot physically distance from others no longer of their own family shall wear a mask, based on the emergency order.
  • On Nov. 12, the state introduced that all interstate early life hockey competitions in New England and New Jersey had been suspended until Dec. 31 on the earliest. Plus, as a result of a rise in circumstances, state officers observed they are going to not behavior contact tracing for every single case and as a substitute will focal point on certain populations.
  • On Oct. 23, the state launched new assistance for indoor hockey and ice rink activities that contains mandatory testing for all those concerned.
  • On Oct. 15, the governor introduced that all indoor hockey actions can be paused for two weeks after officers stated extended neighborhood transmission that is probably going linked to hockey.
  • On Oct. 2, health officers started adding antigen examine effects to the totals because the swift assessments are becoming greater usual. That resulted in an obvious spike in positive cases, as nice antigen assessments from over the route of the pandemic had been introduced. One further loss of life and five hospitalizations related to tremendous antigen exams have been also brought.
  • On Sept. 24, the governor observed that all restaurants can movement tables nearer than 6 ft so long as there’s a shielding divider in area between tables.
  • On Aug. 21, the governor announced that all New Hampshire restaurants could open at 100% means, though they still need to following distancing and mask guidelines.
  • On Aug. 11, the governor introduced that masks would be required at all scheduled gatherings of a hundred or extra individuals.
  • On June 15, the dwell-at-home order expired and changed into changed by a safer-at-home advisory. A key change is that the requirement that every one agencies should be fewer than 10 people is not any longer in vicinity.
  • On might also 22, officers announced the state’s first case of MIS-C in a child.
  • On March 23, officers introduced the state’s first loss of life of a affected person diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • On March 13, the governor first declared a state of emergency, which ensures components might be equipped so the state is capable of reply straight away, as essential. This has been renewed and is presently lively. It needs to be renewed each three weeks whereas an emergency is ongoing so as to continue to be energetic.


officers talked about indicators may seem in as few as two days or provided that 14 days after publicity.

symptoms encompass:

  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • difficulty respiratory or shortness of breath
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or physique aches
  • New loss of taste or odor
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

according to the CDC, emergency warning signs for COVID-19 consist of:

  • issue respiratory or shortness of breath
  • Persistent ache or drive in the chest
  • New confusion
  • lack of ability to wake or dwell unsleeping
  • Bluish lips or face

holding yourself

The most beneficial technique to evade ailment is to avoid being exposed to the virus, officers mentioned.

here are ways to guard yourself:

  • regularly occurring hand-washing with cleaning soap and water (or hand sanitizer with as a minimum 60% alcohol) for at the least 20 seconds
  • evade shut contact via social distancing (at least 6 toes from someone)
  • stay domestic

preventing THE unfold

There are steps that can also be taken to avoid spreading coronavirus:

  • covering coughs and sneezes after which washing palms later on
  • live domestic and stay away from public areas when unwell
  • evade being inside 6 feet of an individual when ill
  • Disinfect frequently touched surfaces
  • steer clear of sharing drinks, smoking/vaping devices or other utensils or objects that may transmit saliva
  • put on cloth face coverings when close different individuals in public

existing testing techniques

>> extra assistance about testing <<

trying out is accessible for lively COVID-19 infections and for antibodies, which would indicate evidence of past an infection.

All Granite Staters, even if they have indicators or not, are allowed to get validated and are being inspired to do so. consult with this hyperlink to gain knowledge of more.


The quarantine period is now 10 days, down from 14 days as changed into up to now required by the CDC and state health officials. here’s what you should know about every situation that may result in being asked to quarantine or isolate.


Tens of lots of Granite Staters have filed for unemployment, and hundreds of millions of greenbacks were paid out.

a way to apply:

The state has launched a domain to reply unemployment-linked questions. consult with https://www.unemploymentbenefits.nh.gov/.

fresh insurance

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country wide UPDATES

There have been more than 22.4 million COVID-19 cases in the nation and greater than 374,000 americans have died, in response to facts from Johns Hopkins school.

The country has averaged 2,982 deaths a day over the final week — the optimum determine of the pandemic, according to Johns Hopkins. This week also saw the primary time the U.S. suggested greater than four,000 coronavirus deaths in a single day, on Thursday.

President-opt for Joe Biden will liberate most purchasable COVID-19 vaccine doses to velocity start to greater people, a reversal of the Trump administration coverage, his office pointed out. below the old administration’s approach, the government has been maintaining lower back a deliver of vaccines to ensure that americans can get a second shot, which gives maximum insurance plan against COVID-19.

simplest 29 people have skilled severe allergies to the coronavirus vaccine, making it a rare outcome, the U.S. centers for ailment manage and Prevention spoke of. in the first week and a half of the U.S. COVID-19 vaccine effort, the CDC stated there had been 21 further verified situations of severe allergic reactions known as anaphylaxis, bringing the overall circumstances to 29 out of 1.9 million doses administered.